Tether, a company many of us are familiar with, announced today that they have finally released their Android beta to the public. For many this news is warmly welcomed, since the beta that was announced a while back was limited and not everyone got to get in on it. If you are not familiar with Tether, they are a company that offers a paid tethering application which on the Android has seen speeds around 40 percent higher then their competition offers. Many of you that are converting to Android from BlackBerry may already have a license for this application, and Tether has provided a statement about transferring these license's and how they will handle these customers.

The number one question we've been asked is will existing customers need to purchase a new Android license.  Our team has decided, after much debate, that existing Tether customers will be able to get the Android version with a huge discount. The pricing will also be different than our current BlackBerry solution, for a number of business reasons.  Keep in mind that your Android version will be transferable to any other Android, should you upgrade, change or lose your phone in the future for no cost.  Exactly how our BlackBerry version currently operates.

But for now the Android Beta is available at no cost until we officially launch it.

So, what are you waiting for? Head over to Tether and sign up for your free trial of the application now!


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Tether beta goes public with a trial


Got my email today too!

"How good is it? I'm glad you asked! In our latest tests, on average we've consistently clocked 40% faster than our competition.

A lot of major bugs and issues have been worked out. So, now we can focus on features like Bluetooth, Mac Version and hopefully even WiFi. These features will come out fast and furious now that the major component is stable."

hey, sorry for my n00b questions:

(1) The beta is working great on my droid; when the official launch comes, will I not be able to use the beta anymore? That is, will I have to buy the app from the market to tether?

(2) How much does everyone think it will cost? How much does it cost for BB?

I use Azilink on my stock G1. (not in market. Google Azilink) & it works great. So I don't know why I would pay someone to tether?

This is better because FroYo's features will be controlled by the service provider but this works just like an app that is funneling data to your USB connected device. I had this when I was unfortunate enough to have a BlackBerry and this app is worth the price.


Seriously though, they probably don't want to support every hacked together distro out there. I'm sure you could get it working with the right driver.

Wow, I didn't expect this kind of article from you guys. As someone who doesn't know what 'tether' for the Blackberry is or does, I've arrived at the end of the article still completely in the dark. Why should I care that they have a beta, or that they have discounted their mysterious product for Blackberry customers?

Is this 'tether' thing useful for me? I still don't know!

Do you know what 'tethering' is? If you do, this post is pretty self-explanatory. If not, in the time it took you to post this "witty" comment you could have searched Google and discovered what it is real quick.

Sounds like a lot of smoke.. 40% faster than what? Can you prove it? Got Wifi tether for Root users installed on EVO why would I want this app? Also if im not mistaken it says I have to install some sort of program on the computer I want to use? Why cant they just have a simple tether app that doest require this non-sense, not worth the download even if its free, well unless you just arent man enuff to root.

Yeah no joke, i used the tap method to root my Evo with unrEVOked.. and then got this. Was soooooo simple.

So why would anyone with Froyo need this? Even better, why would anyone with a rooted Droid need this when they can have free Wi-Fi tethering? I guess this is for non-rooted Android 2.1 or lower devices. They need this more than pity.

Why buy this when the market place has pda.net for free. Works just fine for me. Maybe most people just don't know? Any how check it out.

Sooo...I can get a "free trial", and eventually pay, for an app that only does wired tethering, when I can do *wireless* tethering with a free app?

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