Although there has been a leak available for a few days now, Telus customers will be pleased to know the roll out of Android 2.2 (Froyo) for the Samsung Fascinate is rolling out to customers. As noted in our forums, Samsung has updated their device upgrade page to advise users of how, exactly to do the upgrade through Kies. If you're not running the leak already, you'll want to be sure to grab the update and get your Froyo on. [Samsung]


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Telus Fascinate Android 2.2 update now available


Well, here we go. Telus is up. Sprint's phone in a few days, right? Fascinate HAS to be around the corner. Right? I hope the phones don't get bricked like the the Canadian Vibrants.

My Canadian Vibrant didn't get bricked. Running 2.2 sweet and fast. My theory is all the bricks are from user incompetence. Probably unplugged the phone before they were supposed to or got freaked out by the long startup after the upgrade and did a battery pull out of panic.

I hope you guys down south get your Froyo soon, Sammy did a great job, added some nice touches and honestly it blazes. It makes my girlfriend's Desire look like a Pinto. XD

Like, i understand that they have to right the code of each phone but y even go through all that when a new update is coming out a month later then they have to wait longer to get that update on that phone. I'm glad like every1 else that has phones like the evo and others that get these new updates as they roll out and not 8 months later. this y it pays to get the best when you can if you can....

What?! Verizon, what the H?!?! I wish they'd tell us what's taking so long. Good to hear for our Canadian neighbors, I guess...

So,by the time Verizon and Samsung get around to getting us our Froyo, the Moto Droids will probably be getting their Gingerbread.

I hope that means my Fascinate w/ Verizon will be getting an update soon! Got my fingers crossed! I was hoping that perchance Samsung would come out and say: "Sorry for all the waiting y'all have been compensate you we're going to skip straight to Gingerbread!"....aaaash! we can dream can't we....

Kinda sick of all this upgrade bs...

I dont give a F what Im running
just as long as GPS and email would
work, if nothing else, at least as good
as my old storm 1. Pathetic that there is
ANYTHING that the S1 can do better.

omg.. this froyo update bricked my phone .. :( What should I do?

I updated through kies and now it bricked it.

Keeps making weird vibrations.

EDIT: fixed. no problem with froyo.

Most likely Verizon Fascinate is delayed by testing with Bing. It's a trick to shoehorn in a replacement for something so integrated as search. No one asked for Bing. Bing is a way for Verizon to take some money from AMicrosoft at their customers' expense. (We've seen this from MS before.) I have no customer loyalty to Verizon, that much I can tell you. I knew going in I'd have to re-image if I ever wanted an up to date OS.

As stated above, I want flash, GPS working properly as well as my email fixed on my fascinate. To wait this long for 2.2 is simply inexcusable.

my gps is accurate, lock within 10sec, flash works perfectly.

telus fascinate, froyo updated.

Just an FYI. Guys... the Telus Fascinate is more like a T-Mo Vibrant.. HSPA+ not CDMA... its a GSM phone. So this means nothing for the Verizon Fascinate.

This article (and even how its posted on Samsung's website) is miss-leading. There should be a much higher emphasis that this is NOT for the Verizon Fascinate. Telus network ONLY.

LOL it says Telus Fascinate. I don't see it saying Verizon anywhere. That should tell you right there. You probably the very person that bricks their phone and start complaining

Just switched from a BB Storm, my experience with Verizion for years is that they will be the last to update any phone, so don't expect anything soon.

Well, since verizon are verizon, the question is can we get the Telus Fascinate update to work on the verizon fascinate?
is anyone here good at that kind of hacking?
a fascinate is a fascinate, and who knows, maybe with the Telus Fascinate Froyo we'll really get rid of Bing