On My Way

TeleNav has released its OnMyWay application for Android in the Market. OnMyWay is an easy-to-use application that will let a person or group know your travel status and estimated arrival time.  Very popular on the BlackBerry platform, this should prove to be a popular item and a must have for travellers.  Buy another bag of ice for the cooler, Phil -- looks like I'm going to be late.

After the break we have the app's description as a mini press release from TeleNav, a video showing it in action, and the download links.

YouTube link for mobile viewing


  • OnMyWay is a simple-to-use notification application that automatically alerts a pre-determined person or group of people of the sender’s trip status and estimated time of arrival (ETA). Drivers can quickly set an OnMyWay notification prior to getting on the road and the application will automatically send travel time updates based on location to designated contacts via text and/or e-mail.
  • To create an OnMyWay notification, a user inputs a destination, enters a scheduled appointment time, selects or enters one or more phone numbers or e-mail addresses to send alerts to, and then hits start. The user’s address book is automatically integrated into the application to simplify information input. In addition, the sender has the option to attach a personal message to each notification.
  • OnMyWay automatically notifies recipients of the sender’s ETA by text or e-mail so the user can focus on driving. It delivers an initial notification alerting the receiver when the driver has started his/her trip and includes an anticipated ETA based on GPS location. Following the initial alert, up to three additional status messages might be automatically sent based on the sender’s preferences. Additional alerts sent to the recipient include notification if the sender will be late for the appointment (with a new ETA), when the person is a pre-determined time (in minutes) away from the destination, and one minute from arriving. OnMyWay does not share the user’s specific location in any of the notifications. 

Reader comments

TeleNav introduces OnMyWay for Android


Does it have to send all those notifications? Or can it just send a specific type? The app seems a little chatty for my taste.

This seems very similar to Glympse application. That one just seems simpler, and it actually shows you on the map for the duration you preset.

Incidentally, there's another Android app called "On My Way", which seems to do the same thing (though isn't as polished).
Very confusing.

Why would I want another app for this. Its built into Google Maps.
Menu, my location, tap, send to others, done.

Any one of 5 or 10 free GPS apps have a share function built in, and many of those will work with mapping turned off (for when you are driving thru EDGE or GPRS land).

Another app Sorry2BLate, same idea but other implementation, works whatever means of transport you take with Gps On or off (Wifi / Cell network).
Glimpse is quite good but just a location sharing, no message to recipients who are not connected on internet.

What's the trick to getting this app to actually run? I open it and it just sits there at the splash screen.

While the app itself seems cool, I was honestly more interested in the fact that you (or the photographer of the above photo at least( is travelling here...to Pensacola.

Mostly, I'm sorry.