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A few days back a leaked T-Mobile USA inventory screen seemed to suggest several of the carrier's mid to high-end Android phones would soon be reaching end-of-life (EOL) status. Today, however, an updated inventory screen has emerged over at TmoNews, indicating that the HTC Sensation 4G, myTouch Q and myTouch 4G Slide still have a few months of shelf life left in them. The devices are marked as "sell through", meaning that they haven't yet reached EOL, but that production will soon be coming to a end.

There's no such luck for the HTC Amaze 4G or LG DoublePlay, though, as today's leaked screenshot reveals that those devices have now reached EOL. But as we said earlier this week, EOL status doesn't affect software updates or warranties, and really isn't worth worrying about in our opinion. Your phone doesn't suddenly become any less awesome because of three letters in a spreadsheet, and we'd still expect devices like the Amaze to get ICS in due course.

Source: TmoNews


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T-Mobile's Sensation 4G and myTouch not quite ready for EOL


This is interesting, I wonder if the Amaze just isn't selling, to the best of my knowledge the Amaze is basically a newer version of the Sensation with better specs.

It does probably mean that we'll never see any Amaze-specific accessories, however. I really would have liked an Amaze desktop dock like the one I have for my EVO 3D.

It's really strange the Amaze didn't get more consumer support; it's a great phone imo, fantastic camera and dedicated shutter button, but it does suck the battery juice harder than it should.

The Amaze is a good phone but the SGSII is marginally better and thats all it takes. I suspect a Krait based replacement will be announced at MWC and go on sale quickly afterward.

They probably didn't sell well, due to being released a couple months after everyone bought the Sensation. If I had known the Amaze was coming out so quick, I would have waited....Lame!

Yup and there's the XE version we could import which was what our sensation should have been in the first place. I would bet T has a top shelf HTC Phone coming if their pulling the amaze. Wonder if its going to be the quadcore setup we have seen. T has a tendency to get the really badass android phones that all the other carriers wish they had. Really at the end of the day would you really want a HTC top shelf phone or some crappy droid. Ontop of that the sensation has become a Rom flashers dream phone. It's almost the HD2 of "today" which frankly I don't think HTC was expecting this much mileage and interest with handset. So with that said T I guess still wants to keep a now midrange phone on thier list. Plus at the end of the day the difference between my SG2 and my sensation is just the screen size. Apps, shell, folders, etc are all the same for me. I use SPB Launcher so layout on each device is synced up. So its just the screen like I said. ICS doesn't offer me much but it does take away a lot of features we can on ginger but not on ICS.