T-Mobile's new plan accommodates larger families

T-Mobile already has a special promotional 4-line family plan with unlimited text and talk along with 10 GB of data total, and now it seems that the un-carrier network is launching an even larger family plan to accommodate groups of up to 6. The 6-line plan is similar to the 4-line plan and will cost $120 per month.

Like the 4-line plan, each of the 6 lines will come with unlimited talk and text along with 2.5 GB of data during the promotional period per line, for a total of 15 GB across all lines.

The promotional data will last until 2016, after which the data allotment per line will drop down to 1 GB for each line, for a total of 6 GB across all 6 lines.

The previous maximum for T-Mobile's family plan was 5, and according to a leaked report that was obtained by TmoNews, it looks like T-Mobile may be eyeing family plans with up to 10 lines total in the future, which could stretch out your single plan to accommodate an even larger extended family. It appears that T-Mobile is eyeing a Framily feud with rival Sprint, which currently maxes out with 10 lines.

Are you looking forward to adding more family members to your plan on T-Mobile?

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T-Mobile's new plan accommodates larger families


How about this? How about three and a half gigabytes per line for the same price for as long as you pay your stinking bill? Why does every big cellular company in the US have to be bait and switch? Americans have the highest cellular bills with the lowest amount of usable service in return. Forget about Obamacare, how about passing a cellular Care Act?

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Obamacare is a terrible terrible thing, why would I want the samething happen to phone? What like forcing everyone to own a smartphone and pay extra tax on it monthly? And if you don't own a smartphone you have to pay a penalty ($600 a year). No thanks.

Yep...as I said, the business model is unsustainable... good luck with the unlimited data....go check the verizon thread to see how to get around it...

I like the way you write, I can tell you think carefully about what your writing, but I've been a bit puzzled by this sentence each time you've said it. The business model is unsustainable, why? For every customer that Tmobile pays the termination fee for, it gains a postpaid customer which is now there for another 2 years, assuming all goes well. During this time, they are buying Tmobile devices, insurance, accessories, services, etc. All money in tmo's pocket. I look at MetroPCS, having unlimited everything for 60, holding prices that remain cheaper than Tmobile with their same exact network and service, a network that, as you're aware, is rapidly expanding and improving, even though it's not everything to everyone yet (no illusions here, there are always places where service on a certain carrier isn't great.) And Metro is not having any sustainability issues, nor was it having it before merging with tmobile, but actually was doing great, even being the very first carrier to ever build LTE towers at the dan of LTE, So what is unsustainable in it? As the customer base gets larger and their loyalty increases by feeling special due to all the differences of the uncarrier to other carriers (unlimited fast lte, no overages, free music streaming, etc.) Referrals increase, causing more customers who then buy more phones, sign up for more plans, purchase more stuff, and give tmo back more money, with which to fund their customer acquisition and improve their network. As the base grows, investors are intrigued, so they pour money as well, so that ultimately the cash is revolving, and postpaid customers generate steady income even as prepaid comes and goes. If anything, Metro thrived and is thriving under this system, and Tmobile has even more supporting rebar to keep It going. And Metro is an internal miniture money maker for tmobile as a seperate brand inside Tmobile US. Awaiting your thoughts, sir.

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The cost per customer acquisition has gone up tremendously and the the money coming in per customer has gone down. They are working on trying to overcome that with quantity, but that is going to catch up with them. The network is not all that great and with all these new customers coming on board, they are going to run into needing upgrades (lets not even talk about expansion but it is another factor) of both equipment and bandwidth. Last I knew T-Mo
was still running a negative cash flow (I could be wrong and I am not going to look it up) so that is not going to really help them much when it comes to buying things.

You do bring up very very good points but I just think that at some point it is going to collapse under its own weight and have to raise/change prices and with as many prepaid that they have they could have a mass exodus

Given the acquisition volume recently, I'd say the fact that the network is holding up as well as it is right now is promising. As far as negative cash flow, I'm also unsure but I thought that T-Mobile has returned to profitability as of about 3 months? I could be wrong.

The network will undoubtibly need upgrades and further expansion, but then again, so does every network, and while their profit margin is substantially less than Verizon, I'd say the pocket money takes the hit much more than network upgrade or customer acquisition funds.

Keep in mind the massive machine that is investor interest. Given how minor the hit to T-Mobile's shares was compared to Sprint's after the deal died, I'd keep an eye on that one.

So far as I can tell, T-Mobile is doing to Verizon and AT&T a similar thing as Samsung at first and later, Google, did to Apple. Rather than making 300% profit, they were content with only 150% profit. Still a good amount, but causing vastly cheaper prices (now, the Google Moto and Nexus devices would be the ones I'm talking about.) T-Mobile is getting much less pocket money than the others per customer, but if it continues gaining the way it is, 150% profit x double the customers = much better shape, and as postpaid customers sign up, there are other fees they are paying that go back to T-Mobile.

As you mentioned, prepaid is key and the most dangerous one to mess with, and its where T-Mobile is strongest. Risky? Absolutely. Cause for concern right now? I wouldn't say so. I love how the company is handling it so far, and I see no reason that they can't beat Verizon in a few years with some luck and continued momentum.

Collapsing under its own weight is certainly possible, but should only happen if there is no structure to hold it up. I'd say its gaining structure, and if it can build its nationwide framework during this honeymoon period, it can outlast the rest.

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It's pretty much been plain and simple for me since June 2012 nothing beats T-Mobile period.

They are the carrier game today nothing else matters.

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Richard you hop around so much on every bandwagon you should just be banned from all tech sites for your complete incompetence.

Your an idiot. At least back up your statement. I said it once and I'll say it again, my 4 year old has more meaningful comments than you yarell. I would hate to have a conversation with you.

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5 lines is $110
6 = $120
7 = $140
8 = $160
9 = $180
10 = $200

More than 6 lines is in store/over the phone, or online with approved credit.

Its unlimited.. its just full speed for that many GBs.. and select musuc services doesnt decrease it... i have the unlimited plan so i always get 30-54 mbs download speed depends on how many bars i have.. data thst continues even on a phone call..

Must admit if you have good TMO coverage in your areas this is a great deal. Sold a Xperia Z2 on Craigslist here in the Dallas area last week and when we put his TMO SIM into the Z2 it lit up with LTE immediately! Pretty good! I did not even know they had LTE in the DFW area! Neither does my wife who is rocking a S3 on TMO, shhhhh!

I used to live in DFW and TMO was the only carrier where I had guaranteed service while out there no matter where I went, not having LTE out there would have hurt TMO more than they could bare at the time

~My $0.02~

If you're in a good T-Mobile area, then the service can be really good. Otherwise it can be horrible. However, this is a fantastic deal - of course this assumes you bring your own phone or buy one outright, but that's really the way to go anyway. This comes to $20 per person, no other carrier comes close.

This is great but the limit of 2.5 GB per line is the only catch. They are targeting att with this and yes it is cheaper. However att is a pool of data that I use for my wife myself and our tablet. 10 GB and since she is home most of the time we can balance the data between all 3 devices. I pay 130

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Or a little love for just my wife and I. The four person is cheaper than my two lines.

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Okay... Cool... So the average smartphone on T-Mobile's finance plans are 24 to what?.. 30 bucks?.. Let's assume everyone gets a Note 4 for 30 bucks a month. That's roughly about 220 bucks a month. Sheesh, I wish this came out before I signed up for Verizon Edge... Now the question is does this include the "JUMP!" or no?

So 260 compared to 280? Plus insurance with Verizon at 8 buck per a line that's 312 before taxes. Still a 52 dollar difference... I'm kicking myself right now. lol

give your family the 6 lines, keep the unlimited plan for yourself

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I have the 70$unlimited everything plan on T-Mobile. I use about 15 to 25 GB a Month.

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WOW !!! T-Mobile doing just that, cheap plan price and bad network service out the big city in most cases. and people love them for it... HUMM. No complain.
I have a cousin switch from AT&T to T-Mobil and he travel from Detroit area to Milwaukee, WI, most the trip he can`t get internet nor good service... That` throw me out wondering what`s the point to get a cheap price if you are not get what you pay for. T-Mobile it`s a stationery network, it`s not good for who`s traveling ( driving) a lots.Maybe in couple years or so they`ll be at this level, now they`re spending the money they took from AT&T and I hope they`ll succeed one day. I`m on Sprint now I had T-Mobile before doesn`t work for me, but Sprint does.

Sorry you don't live in a major city. I use it all over southern California with no problems. My Verizon service was much worse.. Their 3g is unusable.

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So T-Mobile doesn't work for you. It does for other people. Why put them down? If someone lives in an area with good coverage, and isn't concerned with travel this is a great family plan.

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I'm so tired of these "I spend my life in the sticks" replies on T-Mobile threads. If you don't live in a city, T-Mobile is not for you. It. Is. Not. For. You.

Why would a person who is driving on rural expressways be on the internet? Driving 80 miles per hour and trying to Facebook and Snapchat is the height of irresponsibility.

I myself just drove through the wilds of Pennsyltucky and Ohio, and had Brightspot (via T-Mobile) signal for 500 miles. Admittedly, in large portions of the highlands, my data option was GPRS (the original 2G), but my only use for data was Google Maps. I'd already cached the travel route, so there were no constant updates going on.

Additionally, when I crossed the border into Ontario, Brightspot/T-Mobile immediately roamed for voice/text onto MVNO Wind as well as on Rogers.

Well, if they manage to roll out anything higher than 2g by that time in my city, then maybe.

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it'd be cool if you could decide where the data went.
such as:
15 GB
Line 1 6 GB power user
Line 2 4 GB teenager
Line 3 4 GB teenager
Line 4 150 MB grandfather
Line 5 750 MB wife/husband
Line 6 100 MB grandmother

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6 lines is not enough we have 2 family plans with a total of 7 lines. If Sprint lowers their framily plan rate I may switch. Paying over 200 a month is getting out of hand!

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But the coverage and data speeds and amount that you get for your money is so amazingly good......anywhere civilized outside America I mean.

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Like the capital of Pennsylvania that has terrible coverage. It's coming soon though so maybe I will be able to jump on it. Oh wait, they said that 5 years ago

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T-mobile will let you sign up for up to 10, go to a store if your account doesn't let you sign up for more.

You can get up to 10 lines and 5 tablets/hotspot devices.

I'm not sure about Verizon or At&t. I have sprint and for me if I wanted 6 lines it would be around $304 that is including the equipment protection plan for each phone. I didn't calculate that in with the tmobile deal so you would actually be around $330 somthing. All I saying is they should do a better job of explaining the actual plans to people instead of this front of only $120 when normal American phone users are use to paying for a phone at a reduced rate for a 2 year contract and then all they pay is a monthly rate on their actual bill and not an extra 25 bucks a month for the phone as well.

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It's a good deal if you have the coverage.

Around here we don't,and they aren't getting many new towers put up so unless T-Mobile gets to piggy back,coverage won't get any better.

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If fake, tell me why he came to visit my location because we're so ****ing awesome. Selfies on my phone with him and everything. Not supposed to discuss undiscussed stuff to the public so I'd rather keep my job.

T-Mobile is making all the right moves to give us some financial relief. Sprint will announce this week a large price cut that will beat T-Mobiles prices love this price war it's a win for all consumers.

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I'm sorry. Who buys the most expensive phone for every member of their family? Buy your family moto G's, Moto X's, Nexii or a One+ (if you can find one). I never buy insurance. It's a scam and a ripoff.

You people act like your concerned about paying too much and then let the manufacturer s rip you off for an $800 phone.

Me thinks you just want to bitch Cuz you don't like T-Mobile.... Wah!

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Agreed! For all lines, Buying the latest and greatest and insurance is ridiculous. There are great less expensive phones such as Moto X, LG G2, and good deals on Note 3.

I hope with all tmobile is doing they work on increasing their coverage especially for phone calls (you know what we got these things called phones for supposedly). I want to have coverage when I need it even if traveling. I can do with out data but I need phone coverage.

T-Mobile has free roaming and free wifi calling. You have to be on some dirt road 20 miles from Nowhere, Wyoming to not have call service. I use roaming all of the time. With it I can piggy back off of ATT and have better phone service than Verizon.

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Waiting for AT&T to respond. Here, TMo is only marginally better than pitiful Sprint.

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Yeah, I like AT&T's single bucket of data approach better than a given allotment per line, all other things being equal.

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The 1st and 2nd line equal to $80...then the rest are just $10 each; I wish they would lower the initial two lines, I have a two-line family plan with T-Mobile, and it would be a nice saving (I'm sure this is the lowest within all 4 carriers, but still).

If you sign up for a 10 line plan your bill will look like this. $100 for 4 lines then $10 through lines 5-6 then $20 per line 7-10. So the total would be $200 for 10 lines with 25 gigs of LTE and unlimited music streaming for 5 specific music companies and unlimited 2g internet! It's the Shit!

This plan sucks. Unless you can add unlimited data to it after the promotion then it's really not worth it.

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While I have TMobile and am a big supporter of the company, they MUST fix the issue with EDGE being the data network for huge swaths of the country. Take a trip outside most big cities and you'll find yourself on the EDGE network.