T-Mobile G3

How much difference can the network make?

T-Mobile recently sent us an LG G3 to look over. We didn't need another G3 to look at — we've pretty much been over everything there is to know about the LG G3 more than once. But I was delighted to get it for a week or so anyway, because this sort of thing gives us an opportunity to compare the same phone on multiple networks.

I've got the AT&T G3 here that Mobile Nations bought. I use it as my "full-time work-phone", at least for a little while. I'll likely have to change that when the next round of new phones comes out, but for now it's always on my desk or in my pocket. That gave me an excellent chance to see what difference the network makes when you're using the same phone in the same places.

And it can make a huge difference.

Most things are the same

T-Mobile G3

The G3 is an excellent Android smartphone

If you didn't see any carrier logos on the the G3, you would be hard pressed to find the differences between them. LG has done an excellent job of putting the same model out for just about everyone, and aside from a few minor software differences (and major carrier bloatware differences) the US versions all look and feel alike.

You have the same great design that fits the 5.5-inch screen in a relatively small frame, the same QHD display with it's uber-dense 534 pixels per inch layout, and the same surprisingly capable Snapdragon 801 and 3GB of RAM to power it all. The cameras are identical. All models have a removable 3,000mAh battery and an SD card slot for expansion. Everything you love about one model is present on the others, too.

It's not perfect, but the vast majority of us who are using a G3 think it's a very nice Android smartphone. There's a good reason for that — it is a very nice Android smartphone.

But of course, on the network side things can be very different.

T-Mobile's two killer features

T-Mobile G3 wifi calling

The best thing about any Android phone that has the word "T-Mobile" silk-screened on the back cover is wifi calling. If you're not familiar with how it works on T-Mobile, I'll explain. With a correctly provisioned SIM card and a phone with the necessary software installed, you make calls over your wifi data connection instead of the normal voice connection. These calls don't count against any minutes if you're not on an unlimited plan, and it works anywhere in the world as long as you have a wifi connection. And the call quality is incredible.

Wifi calling is so good everyone is trying it now

In my basement office, behind the brick walls and dirt and lovely hedges that my wife insists I keep trimmed, cellular signals are bad across the board. But my wifi router is in the same room, so I have an excellent wifi signal down here. With my AT&T G3, that means my data is fast but any calls I make or receive sound pretty poor on both ends unless I move upstairs. On the T-Mobile G3, calls are crystal clear on my end. Calling my wife on her HTC One on T-Mobile while she's connected to wifi at work sounds just like using a landline or better. Even if you rarely talk on your smartphone, when you do it's nice to be able to understand what you're hearing and have what you're saying be understood. I use T-Mobile for one of my lines, but I'm that (arguably wrong) guy who only buys unlocked phones so I forgot how nice having wifi calling was. There's a reason Sprint and Apple are integrating wifi calling into their services, and once you get used to it you'll not want to get rid of it.


T-Mobile's other killer feature is simple. An unlimited data option. I can never give T-Mobile and Sprint enough credit for giving folks the means to use all the awesome features and apps that come with the smartphones they sell without micromanaging how much data we use. People on Verizon have found ways to finagle the system to try and keep it, because it's awfully damned important for a lot of us. I can make my limited plan on AT&T work, but with T-Mobile I can just do what I want and not have to care. I like not having to care.

with T-Mobile I can just do what I want and not have to care about data caps

This is even more important with the G3, because you're going to be watching HD (or higher) resolution video on the thing. Those bits and bytes add up quickly, and it's easy to burn through a 2GB data cap in just one evening with YouTube or Netflix. I use wifi when it's available (we all probably should) but with T-Mobile I can watch video, or stream music, or just goof off on the Internet without caring how much data I'm using no matter where I am.

I can understand why a base data plan would have a data cap, and I understand that for most people, a few GBs a month is sufficient. But I also think it's a shame that companies will sell you a device designed to burn through data and not offer a plan with an unlimited option. Call it a power-user plan or an advanced plan, or even a OMG Y U SO DATA HAWG plan. Just offer me one. I'm happy to pay a premium for it, and I know plenty of the rest of us would, too. Until AT&T can do that, for me the T-Mobile G3 is the better option.

Try everything at least once

T-Mobile speedtests

The T-Mobile G3 works better for me than the AT&T version because I live and work and play in places with excellent T-Mobile coverage. I know that's not the case for everyone, but for me I have a stronger data signal with faster speeds, which turns into even better battery life because I'm searching for a signal less. You may have the same situation and get the same results. Or you may not. But you'll never know unless you try.

Don't be afraid to try new things

The oft-typed comments about T-Mobile only working in the city are bunk. I can get great speeds — sometimes LTE, other time HSPA, but always more than sufficient — while sitting along the side of a back-country road with the tourists, watching the elusive albino deer come out of the woods at dusk. The fact is that T-Mobile works in a lot of places, but it doesn't work in a lot of other places. The same can be said for every other carrier.

Ignore the typical Internet carrier fanboy who will tell you only their carrier is worth a shit because everyone else is lacking in network speed or coverage. You have to get the service yourself and try it. T-Mobile wants you to try it, and their T-Mobile Test Drive is also a great way to see what using an iPhone 5S is like — something plenty of us would never spend money to find out. What works for me may not work for you, but what you've never tried will never work.

I'm not your typical Internet T-Mobile fan. I like to use T-Mobile because their service works for me. If someone else's service worked better, I would use it. I have an AT&T line because I need to be able to use AT&T Android phones. Sometimes, I end up somewhere where 2G on AT&T is the only service available. If I were there often enough, I would use AT&T more. I'm not blindly loyal.

You shouldn't be blindly loyal, either. Don't be afraid to try new things, like T-Mobile's service for example. If you do try it, and it works for you, the LG G3 is a great way to use it.


Reader comments

T-Mobile's LG G3


I had one for a week and just recently sold it. Wasn't a big fan of the lag. Never had an issue with the battery or it overheating though.

I keep hearing about lag but I have not had this problem nor has any of my friends or family

Posted via the Android Central App

Lag is often more perception than fact. To some unless it's as instant and snappy as the iPhone then it "lags like crszy" I haven't noticed anything I'd consider lag either.

I picked one up to play with it at Best Buy and the jittery and laggy UI was the first thing I noticed..

Agreed. Going from an app to the Home screen, or vice versa, the screen jitters just enough to notice then goes away. I have an N5 as my daily driver and it's easy to take for granted the buttery smoothness of Nexus devices.

There is an easy fix. Just don't use LG's software. Coming from the Nexus 5, one of the first things I loaded on was Nova Launcher. All the settings I had on my N5 transfered over to my G3 and I can tell you, my G3 is much faster than my N5 and just as smooth.

Yeah it is more stuttering for the most part, have seen some lag but nothing big

Posted via Android Central App

I have the samsung s5 and it's the first samsung phone I've owned,the lag or whatever you choose to call it is bad swiping between screens,it's not a responsive phone . I owned the HTc1 prior and I wish I'd kept it. I own samsung laptop , tv and figured the phone would be a nice feature, mistake.

It's always been pretty plain and simple with me since June 2012 nothing beats T-Mobile period they are the carrier game today.

From my Galaxy Note 3 on T-Mobile via Android Central App

I've been accused of carrying T-Mobile water before, unfairly, but you are just a douche-nozzle. Who do you think you are convincing with your boiler-plate posts? How does it feel when people on this board predict before you even post exactly what you are going to say on a T-Mobile or Samsung thread? That must be disconcerting.

Weird. No lag on my wife's g3 from Sprint. I have heard of lag on the g3 from AT&T because of all the bloatware. But my friend rooted it and removed the bloat and instead of the phone using around 2.7 gigs of ram it now uses only 1.8 gigs and no lag.

Posted via Android Central App

I’ve had the at&t version of the G3 since July 11th. I have yet to experience any issues with lag. I guess depending on what you do with any phone you can experience a bit of lag.

In many cases the lag is the app you are using. Case in point, Chrome lags like crazy while the Chrome beta works flawlessly. Chrome is the only place I noticed any lag.

Had the G3 and sold it since carrier phones are not for me. Using the unlocked M8 and OPO currently. But have to agree on T-Mobile, it works best for me as well in Seattle area plus unlimited data which is awesome.

WiFi calling is also awesome but I wish it's not baked into their phone instead have it as an app in the play store and work on any unlocked phone on their network.

Posted via the Android Central App

Over the weekend I spent a few days inside a friends house in an older neighborhood with huge mature trees and I had either 1 bar or no bars on Tmo LTE and my speeds were still 6Mbps with 80ms ping and it never dropped connection I was amazed

I'm very ready to get back to T-Mobile pre-paid tomorrow. I had it for a while, but switched it for for Straight Talk because T-Mobile had absolutely no coverage while I was on vacation at my parents'

I don't have coverage when visiting sister.
Solution: don't visit sister.

Jk, but no one ever calls me so I'm ok with not being covered at her house. Strangely were only ten miles apart.

Just curious...does the Sprint variant offer WiFi calling too? Seems like it would since its available on the gs5

Posted via Android Central App

I dropped T-Mobile for Verizon when the G3 came out. I was tired of not having data in the areas I work (in the country). Sure, T-Mobile is nice if you're living in a city, but once outside of it, it's horrible.

Jerry you just said it, What is works in your area might not work somewhere else. I had T-Mobile for two years but, never worked good for me. I travel a lots. And I bet you T-Mobile have done a lot to their networks in the last year or so.

You will be welcomed to their network everyday/time with the ugly Verizon logo.

Posted via the Android Central App

Dropped Verizon for T-Mobile. Verizon has no coverage at my workplace. 15 minutes from downtown Atlanta. Twice as cheap. All Unlimited. Wi-Fi calling.

No throttling on "congested" towers, free music streaming (for non-unlimited users), larger variety of devices, unlocked bootloaders, better battery life than CDMA...the list goes on and on.

Sometimes. I've had very clear Skype to Skype calls, but I've also had pretty poor ones. I think the fact that T-Mo and Sprint have their systems setup for voice calling on the data channel makes a difference somehow.

I think it's time to ask Mickey.

What ever happened to Mickey anyway? I know he does his own site but he went from being on most of the podcasts (back to the first one) to gone with no explanation.. For that matter so did Corey.

I know I'm way behind the times in the smartphone world, (still rocking the Galaxy S3 but mine is the 4G LTE version on T-Mobile) but I have to admit that I love the Wi-Fi calling feature and having unlimited data as well. I actually left Sprint a little over a year ago for T-Mo and I've been quite happy. I had looked into AT&T and Verizon but realized that the tiered data plans wouldn't work for me seeing as I go through a lot of data. Just in the last month or so I burned through about 5 gigs so having unlimited data is a godsend

Glad T-Mobile works well for you but as someone that travels all across this great country with regularity, T-Mobile blows. I currently have service with both T-Mobile and Verizon. Big Red never let's me down no matter where I'm at.

Wrong. I travel constantly all over the country for work and have been very impressed with Tmobile's nationwide coverage. I'm usually flying into major cities but even the smaller to medium sized cities have been fine. Bonus: Tmo even works overseas for free. I traveled to Australia and even though my phone is unlocked I didn't feel the need to buy a SIM because I was pulling ~1mbps in Melbourne, Sydney and Cairns. Not super fast (they throttle you to 2g) but usable and considering it was free, I was very happy.

Way wrong. I actually travel all over the country and T-mobile service is nothing compared to AT&T and Verizon. Not even close. In some big cities T-mobile is fine but in the suburbs forget about it.

Super wrong! (is that what comes next?) As it's always been with any carrier, it comes down to where exactly you are. Every carrier has weaknesses in coverage. Anecdotal evidence will always skew one way or the other. What I was pointing out was that tmobile can work very well for someone who travels all over the country. It may not work as well for where you're specifically traveling but the same could be said for every carrier depending on where you're traveling. I also carry an ATT phone with me when I travel and have seen no noticeable differences in nationwide speeds/coverage overall. Sometimes one works better than the other but as a whole I consider them on par. I could not say the same about sprint, who I dropped about a year ago. Haven't tried Verizon.

No what you were trying to do was to point out that cj100570's experience is wrong. That they actually had service where they saw zero bars. I sell phones and the company that I hear the most complaints about is T-mobile. Not that I haven't heard bad things about all the carriers. The only industry with more complaints is the automobile industry.

Please don't try to tell me what I was doing. cj100570's stated, "..as someone that travels all across this great country with regularity, T-Mobile blows." I was pointing out that this is not necessarily the case for everyone. My Anecdotal evidence vs. his/her anecdotal evidence. I wasn't saying their experience was wrong, just the blanket statement.

More wrong? When was the last time you used Tmobile? I have Tmobile (since the N4 came out) and a Verizon work phone. Other than the obvious use case for encrypted email, clients, and colleagues I almost never need to use my VZW cell when traveling. As the deuce mentioned the value Tmobile adds abroad is invaluable for many. One way or another Tmobile is the carrier shaking things up and making moves which forces the other carriers to play along as best as they can. For that fact everyone should be routing for them. As Jerry put so well, I'll go to whichever carrier suites my needs for the lowest price. Loyalty is to my own wallet. The wealthiest people in the world tend to be the biggest sticklers. Sure, buy a few million dollar yacht, but haggle the hell out of dealerships till you get it as cheaply as possible lol.

Loving my g3 on sprint. I have lte all over but only 1-3 bars. Still fast, so no complaints.

Posted via Android Central App

Haha, well you mentioned Tmobile and Sprint in the same comment. So you did by default. Faux G (HSPA+) is often much faster than VZW LTE. Sprint 3G seemed fine on a N5 in Philly (not my sim).

Ask for a Air Rave device from sprint. They are free(they do have to returned if you cancel service). You only get 3G data but you'll have full bars. it's worth it if your at home.

I have att G3. What makes me jealous about other variants is wireless charging. Still I don't see any back cover other than folio case which supports wireless charging for att g3 :(

Posted via Android Central App

They all do. Every carrier model but AT&T uses the qi standard. AT&T uses Powermat. No phones have it out of the box here in the US if I remember right... My Verizon one didn't.

Posted via Android Central App

Yes but those of us on Verizon can get one off eBay ($30-40) that will work on ours since we use Qi. Our AT&T friends don't have that option.

You can also get just the NFC/Qi "sticker/chip" for under $15. Just peel off the current NFC chip and replace with the NFC/Qi version. I've done that with my VW G3 without losing the factory battery cover with that great VZW logo on it. (The logos on VZW don't bother me.)

One fun thing about the T Mobile G3 is that it is the only G3 variant right now that has an unlocked bootloader...

Which is funny considering the whole Xperia Z1S bootloader fiasco.

Hi Jerry,
Could you remind people that this is not the 855 like in Europe and Verizon here in the states. Thus it doesn't have an FM tuner.
I wonder why of you want to speak about the different carrier phones, why you would leave this out?

Or, am I wrong and Verizon is not the 855?

let's also not talk about wireless charging, and the different types with carriers on the G3. It's clearly not important. /sarcasm now turned off

Posted via Android Central App using the all new HTC One (m8)

No, that's not what I ment.
But since you only want to compare it to a GSM model only, I guess I'll just shit here and wonder why you talk about sprint but not Verizon as well.

As for my sarcasm, it would include the other GSM model from AT&T about wireless charging. Unless you now don't want to compare GSM models.

So let me be clear about your new set of rules about comparing phones on US carriers... Why are you so picky about what you are going to compare to?

Posted via Android Central App using the all new HTC One (m8)

So why compare phones at all if this is about T-Mobile only, dear sir?

Posted via Android Central App using the all new HTC One (m8)

Settle down dude :-) Verizon model is LG-VS985 and as you indicated there is no tuner. US carriers pretty much universally disable radio tuners if a device has them. It would be a story if they DIDN'T disable or remove it

As I've said, there is a clear difference in what wireless charging types are used with the G3 based on what carrier you are on. This defies what Jerry said in the article.

As stated, I wasn't sure about Verizon.

But since Jerry compared the features in his article to ALL phones when he discussed the features, I was wondering why he left it out.

I'm calm, and my questions were legitimate. No need to be rude to me.

Posted via Android Central App using the all new HTC One (m8)

Edit: oh, and I'll tell my m8 that has a working FM tuner, that it should be disabled as you say.

The only carrier in the workd to NOT use Qi AT&T. Verizon, t-mobile, Sprint, GSM unlocked all use Qi AT&T just had to be different. And I'm not being rude, just presenting facts. Your initial post came off snotty and if you'll read the other comments you'll see I'm not the only one who saw it that way. That's why Jerry was a little snotty in his response. It would probably be best if everyone just took a deep breath an moved on.

I totally agree with you, I did come off as being a drop rude.
I'm not worried about how Jerry came at me. I respect the man highly. But his response doesn't jive with what he wrote in the article and seems to now be making excuses.

I'm sorry to all for any misunderstanding on my part. I just hold members of the AC staff to a higher standard then the rest of phone fan sites. My bad. I should have known better.

Posted via Android Central App using the all new HTC One (m8)

First, Sarcasm doesn't play well in the written word. Unless you're good at it. Second, this article was not a comparison of all the LG G3 versions. It was a quick review at some of the distinguishing features included in the T-Mo version. Your tantrum may play better in an AT&T store.

I think the article was about this experience with the TM G3 compared to the att line he also has. This was a piece about his personal experience, not a compare all other sites do. If you are a follower here you should know they do that a lot.

Posted via Android Central App

I'm sorry, I disagree with you. Jerry stated " If you didn't see any carrier logos on the the G3, you would be hard pressed to find the differences between them. LG has done an excellent job of putting the same model out for just about everyone, and aside from a few minor software differences (and major carrier bloatware differences) the US versions all look and feel alike...... Every thing you like about one model is present on the rest. "

That sounds like he just compared every carrier model of the G3 to me.

Posted via Android Central App using the all new HTC One (m8)

Thanks for the review, Cowboy. I've been seriously thinking of switching to T-MO from Sprint, due to performance issues. I currently have a Note 3 and waiting for the Note 4. But the G3 is a possibility. Thanks again.

Best article that I've read in very, very long time!!! Shout out to whoever wrote this!!! T-Mobile is the shit!!!

Posted via My Galaxy S5 and soon to be Galaxy Note 4...

Sorry, I've forgotten the answer to this among all of AC's excellent G3 coverage: if I'm on Tmo, do I have any G3 option other than to buy the Tmo G3? Is there an unlocked G3 that has the right bands? Thanks.

WOW...you sound like all T-Mobile had to do was by you dinner...and you talked them all the way to the top of the charts! I would too I suppose if it meant more free dinners in the future :)

Posted via Android Central App

T-Mobile isnt yet available in my area but to be honest I get 25-50 mbps in my area consistantly from AT&T. I really just wan unlimited LTE thats relly the only reason I want to give T-Moble a try.

I'm not one to complain about any articles that android central posts but this article holds really no value. If you have terrible signal then you should have probably checked the coverage map before choosing.

For people complaining about lag I've had my device for 1 week. Zero issues. Disabled the bloat. All is good. Secondly, most new phones have their kinks and usually get worked out with a software update.. Patience is usually key here.

Posted via the Android Central App

Jerry it's great that t-mobile works great for you but the fact that t-mobile only works well in large cities may not be universally true, but it's far from bunk. I live in Duluth, MN the 4th largest city in Minnesota and it's crap here. I test a t-mobile prepaid SIM about once a year in the most up to date device I have with t-mobile bands (Nexus 4 last time) and got no service or EDGE everywhere I tried. I know that phone does not support LTE but it should at least get H+ I also tried it in the Brainerd /Baxter area which is supposed to be stronger t-mobile service area and got signal in more areas but still only edge. My point is you combat blanket statement but make them of your own. T-mobile works well for some people yes but not so well or at all for many more.

I live in Harrisburg... It's only the state capital I know and service is crappy if you go more than a few miles away from the downtown area.

Been that way for at least 5 years, don't see it changing anytime soon.

Posted via Android Central App

It's revenge for Superbowl XL. Now that the Seahawks have won it all, I'll go down the road and have a chat with the T-Mobile folks and maybe they'll improve the coverage in Pennsylvania.

Great article. I will be trying T-Mobile out when the nexus 6 comes out. I also use ATT and it works great where I live but I would love to save some money on my mobile family share plan for equivalent coverage. I have 5 smart phones which are all finally off contract so I'm free to switch carriers. Smart phones and there OS have come along way and I remember my first one was a Motorola that ran froyo and it was buggy.It seems like all these new flagship phones are all really good. Keep up the great work it really helps out on my purchase considerations. I have 3 kids that all want new ones heck even I want a new one.

Love my g3, had lg flex before, the only problem is with my battery life, im on sprint network, getting 71mpbs in my area, love it,

Posted via Android Central App

I switched from VZW to T Mo about seven months ago. Dropped my 3 person family unlimited plan in the process and couldn't be happier. Saving a boat load of money and WiFi calling is awesome. I have the G2 now and am on the Jump program. The G3 may be my next phone.

Posted via Android Central App

I have been using a T-Mobile LG g3 for a couple weeks or more and have not had any issues with lag. I really do like T-Mobile, their plans offer the most bang for my buck! Coverage is fine most places I travel.

Great article Jerry!

Posted via Android Central App

I gotta say, for a nice, tidy little article about a phone that's already had thousands of words written about it on this site, you're getting a lot of action Jerry!

Thanks for your typically thoughtful article.

I live in western Colorado and I can tell you that big red's coverage is far better out here than t-mobile, which i put my wife on in anticipation of also switching. after a few months, we decided i should stay with vzon because of the need for coverage in remoter areas. i sure wish it weren't the case, but it is.

Fun fact. Hangouts on iOS has already had the ability to call over WiFi and data since October of 2013. I don't care about getting it first, but nearly a year?! C'mon Google. Especially since Google killed the ability of 3rd party apps like Groove IP to tie into the backend of Google Voice. Only thing missing on iOS Hangouts in the ability for Hangouts to send Google Voice texts. Weak sauce.

I haven't experience any type of lag. I was hesitant to buy the phone because of people making that comment.

If there is any lag it must be with the LG launcher because I replaced it for my favorite launched immediately after buying the phone and haven't experience and lag.

This is android people. There's a world as options and customization out there. In this case I think it's laughable that people are returning this awesome phone before trying a different launcher.

The sim card and SD card slots are right on top of each other. The sim is on the bottom, and the SD right on top of it. It's not obvious when you look at it, even with the little diagram on the plastic covering the phone comes in on. It took me a couple of minutes to figure out how to install my 64gb sd card.

Jerry forgot to mention that streaming music does not count against your data allotment. Maybe he does not listen to music on his phone, but that is a huge plus for many T-Mobile users.

He also didn't mention that they're starting to throttle file-sharing users next week. What group of data hawgs is next? So much for "unlimited."

You should do a little research, their only throttling p2p downloaders, not cutting their data. Their data will still be unlimited. Data speed has nothing to do with the amount of data you get.

Please don't tell me to do my research when you didn't comprehend my message. I specifically said "file sharing users", which is what P2P is.

Whether or not throttling someone is limiting "unlimited" data plans is a matter of opinion, yours and mine don't agree. I look at it this way: if my 50Mb/s data connection can download a bajillion files running 24/7 for a month, and then T-Mobile throttles that connection to 5Mb/s speed, I would only be able to download 1/10th a bajillion files. They have limited my service relative to the amount of data I can pull using that service.

I agree it's a violation to use P2P and they can do this, but you missed my point. I believe this is the first step towards limiting other types of service. You start by going after a small group, then expanding.

I don't use P2P, so I personally don't have any skin in the game in that regards, but what happens when they decide that my streaming 1440 YouTube files onto my LG G3 QHD screen is too much and start throttling YouTube?

Week just have to agree to disagree if I haven't swayed your point of view.

Posted via Android Central App

I didn't mean do your research on the "file sharing users" part. I meant it on the unlimited part. And sorry for it coming of rude. I just mean to have a conversation and see how others think. What I meant was, tmobile users still have unlmited data whether their being throttled or not.
I also understand the part of them starting with p2p and then doing the same thing to other users. But the way I see it, companies will do what they can until someone stops them. so at this point going after p2p sharers is not too bad. Yes, net neutrality is most likely being violated but in the end, if you stop a user who is using over 50gigs of data just to download torrents while the one that is using it normally is suffering then I see it as a plus. But I definitely see your point.

And his pont was that throttled data is no longer unlimited. It's not the same as capped or tiered but it's not really unlimited anymore. And I agree this is just the beginning.

Posted via Android Central App

If you use a certain app (show square) to stream movies to your Chromecast. Even though you are not "downloading" I think they will target you as a p2p user.

Posted via Android Central App

Actually that would be using Wi-Fi now that I think about it. Yay

They have the technology to tell what type of traffic is what. This is the reason why landline companies send out letters to those downloading illegal files or copyrighted files. They wouldn't be doing this if that was the case.

I'm pretty sure that the internet service providers that give warnings about downloading copyright material without the owners permission aren't doing it based on the fact that you were using bittorrent, they're doing based on how torrents work.

When you torrent, everyone you pull a file from gets your IP address. Movie studios set up sting torrents where they're part of the torrent swarm, then record the IP address of all the users and send a complaint to the internet service provider.

Let's not forget that there are very legitimate reasons to use P2P torrents. Many android ROMs, Linux distros, and even independent movies are released on torrent as a free way to legally share stuff the creator wants shared.

You may not assume it, but many people assume that the only reason to torrent is to steal copyrighted movies and the like. That is a bad assumption.

Posted via Android Central App

I never assumed anything. I know about torrents as I used to use them myself and I also know about the stings. I also know that its not the isp who sends out those letters on their own. They only do it because a certain party asks them to do so and even then your personal data won't be given up unless it is ordered by a court order. All I am saying is, torrenting should not be done over cell phone traffic as this will ruin the network for everyone else. I have no problem with them doing this, the only problem is that it can start jumping to other types of traffic which can then be a problem. At this point everyone has an opinion on the matter so there is no point in going back and forth because in the end the companies are going to do what they want.

But what is the difference of streaming netflix vs. torrent as far as ruining the network goes? I am only talking about those who torrent on par with netflix. Not the ones who constantly torrent all day and night.

There really is no difference since data is data. The only difference in tmobile's eyes is many torrenters don't just torrent a 1 or 2 gig file here and there. They leave their phones connected to torrent all day and night. This is the one's they are going to go after. Its this type of data hogs that clog it for everyone else. I don't think people watching netflix are streaming a show for 12 hours at a time.

Right, but they are grouping all of those torrenters into one group. Maybe that is the only way to get the big abusers. I really don't have a problem with it as long as they do not overreach and start denying legitimate services that can not offer a aspect of criminality as torrents can.

I think they are going after the "abusers" or those that use an extreme amount of data a month torrenting. Although they may go after all torrenters since it is in their "TOS" that torrenting is not allowed. I guess we will see

T-Mobile will throttle people that use P2P apps, which is a violation of terms of service. They actually have every right to completely suspend or terminate service for such activity.

They should, it's written on their plans that is not allowed, they just never did anything about it. T-Mobile has real unlimited data plans with free music streaming and Netflix as well. They even throw in a couple of gb of tethering a month. That is a damn good data plan.

WiFi calling is great, but I believe the minutes DO count against your plan if you're not on an unlimited plan. The major advantage is that it works where signal is low and, most importantly, it works out of the country as if you're still at home. It still counts against your minutes, but it only counts against your domestic bucket, even if you're abroad. Pretty sure this is the case.

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Just checked and while using wifi calling no minutes are used and it doesn't matter which plan you have. I think it was changed when this whole uncarrier thing started.

Been a T-Mobile customer for a long time, while maintaining my plan I tried all the others, none have given me the speed and real unlimited data plan that T-Mobile has given me. Now T-Mobile is installing the latest LTE hardware on their towers, 2x2 MIMO ( multiple input - multiple output) VERY FAST. Being the last Carrier to the LTE dance they have the luxury to instal the latest and fastest LTE hardware. All other Carriers need to start from scratch. My brother is a tower jockey and is a independent contractor and keeps me updated.
Great Article Jerry
PS. The Lag some people refer to can be easily adjusted so when you touch a button the phone instantly responds. All Android devices have this adjustment. Tap about phone tap I think baseband version 6 or 7 times go back takes you into developer options where you change your transition, animator and window animate scales from 1x to either 0.5 or off completely. Your phone looses all the lag (animations) and response is instant reaction. Most Android users know this.

If Tmo had towers here in VT I'd give em' a shot! I don't travel much but in the North East I fine the coverage lacking. However as a company I like what they are doing. Changing the field!

Picked up the G3 on launch day at AT&T and so far it's a great device. I was never one for android but they have come a long way and the G3 proves that. I still prefer BlackBerry but until they get their act together I will stay put!

"The oft-typed comments about T-Mobile only working in the city are bunk."

That is absolutely correct, it is bunk to say T-Mobile only works in the city; T-Mobile doesn't even work in the city. I live in the San Fernando Valley portion of Los Angeles, along with about 1.8 million other people, almost half the population of Los Angeles. T-Mobile's great here, until you go inside of any kind of concrete building, like a mall, or a grocery store, or a movie theater, or a Costco, where it's a total dead zone. You don't even have to go inside some buildings, just stand on the wrong side of them relative to the closest tower. My office building gets fine TMo signal on the east side, but even outdoors on the west side of it, dead zone.

Verizon on other hand, pushes a signal everywhere I go. WiFi calling doesn't do me any good when I'm not at home, so that's not enough to make me praise T-Mo's service over others. T-Mo's data is great, I just pulled 57.56Mb/s on a speedtest, which is on par with the 55 VZW pulled, but what good is that kind of speed when you can't get a signal?

It's too bad tmobile doesn't work for you. It works great where i live and in fact my data is faster than my brother in laws phone. Last time we did a speed test I got 28mbps and he only got 7mbps. In-doors is perfectly fine too, if you have the right phone. My Oneplus sucks indoors but my nexus 5 was awesome and I have heard great things about the g3. That said, its too bad that tmobile doesn't work for you and you have to pay so much for service.

T-Mo has already announced that next week they're going to be throttling certain unlimited users, so there goes the claim about them being unlimited. I'm not looking to start the inevitable "throttling speed isn't limiting your unlimited" debate. I'm also not looking to start the almost-inevitable "they're only throttling those abusive torrent users" debate, either. My concern, given it's generally poor coverage, is that the only thing T-Mo had going for it was unlimited data, and this announcement is the toe in the door to start ending that advantage. Torrentors first, but NetFlix users next; it's almost a certainty. And now here come the net neutrality debates...

I have an LG G3 on T-mobile compliments of androidcentral. THANK YOU, AC. I just love it. The lag problem mentioned here can be reduced/eliminated by changing the screen transition settings. The various transitions seem to be a significant cause of any lag. As for unlocked, of course Tmo will unlock it once it is paid for. I would stay away from the ATT version simply because of the lack of Qi charging. I don't have wireless charging yet: I received the LG WCD-100 Wireless Desktop Charger Dock but the back is on back-order (2-3wk). I look forward to trying it but those I have spoken with find it fast and efficient. Why didn't it come with a wireless charging back? I speak only as a user, I am not very tech savvy, especially as compared to many I read here.

It didn't come with back because the cell phone companies are money grabbing thieves and try to screw the customer over anytime they can. That said, where are you purchasing your qi back cover and how much?

I didn't replace my cover, but I did replace my NFC chip with a Qi/NFC chip from this thread on xda: forum.xda-developers.com/lg-g3/accessories/feeler-buy-qi-nfc-sticker-t2827738

Very cheap, very simple process of peeling off the factory sticker and replacing with the Qi enabled one.

I ordered my tmobile lg g3 and haven't been able to pick up at post office. But I'm looking forward to trying it out. Have been using the Oneplus for now and although its a great phone and battery is amazing I can't stand not having as good of a signal I had on my nexus 5.

I've had T-Mobile for over 3 years now, and have tried all of them. Sprint is definitely the worst, but their rural coverage isn't half bad. AT&T has similar coverage to Verizon in Texas where the rural roads can be long, but theirs is usually EDGE data compared to Verizon's LTE or 3G. T-Mobile, unfortunately, does have crappy rural coverage out here. Whether I'm driving to the Panhandle to see the parents, or on my way to Houston or New Orleans, my T-Mobile service cuts out or goes to EDGE that doesn't work within a few miles of hitting the city-limits sign. My friend's Verizon and AT&T and even Sprint phones still work. The entire way.

I really hope that new 700mHz service T-Mobile is rolling out will help this. I also hope the Nexus 6 is compatible with it!

A lot of factors come into battery life, How's your signal? How much screen on time are you getting with a full charge? Do you have sync, gps on? Brightness level? I know for a fact that depending on your signal it can litterally eat your battery alive, When I had my S4 and i was at my friends house I had one bar and my battery life was absolutely shot. That's why i always tell people make sure you get good coverage at home at least. I live close to the city so coverage is usually great across the board. Depending on who you have I do know that Sprint does give out air rave devices. Not sure about AT&T, Verizon.. T-Mobile's Wifi calling is always helpful though.

Agreed. Fringe areas will murder your battery. But if you are in an area with solid signal, the G3 should last all day. My G3 doesn't last quite as long as my Note 2 did, but I always have at least 20% when I go to bed. If I go the whole day without boosting, I am happy.

Screen at 45% sync location turned off and 3-4 bars Lte constant and lucky to get 3-4 hours on screen time and while at home I'm on WiFi
Previous phone note 3 4-5 hours ost

45%? I usually have mine at 0-10% inside. But now I'd have to ask what are your top 5 apps that you find yourself constantly using? If facebook is one of them I'd steer away from that, Wakelocks are crazy and it's battery hog in general.

I'm glad the Moto X doesn't have a bunch of T-Mobile branding, but I do wish it had this wifi calling feature. Is there any chance that Google would ever consider baking it into a future release of the base build as Apple is doing with iOS8?

I get lag on my T-Mobile G3, and my browser freezes occasionally, but I haven't deactivated all of LG's smart apps yet. I'm in Los Angeles.

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