The T-Mobile G2

T-Mobile's Scoop pages have a new entry, the T-Mobile G2 in all it's glory, along with some confirmation about a few of rumors flying about.  Besides the HSPA+ radio, and the mysterious Quick Keys, we also see an 800 MHz Scorpion processor, Android 2.2 (Froyo) on board, and Adobe Flash 10.1

Even if we didn't learn anything that we haven't discussed to death in the comments and the forums, a new picture of plain old Vanilla Froyo running on this one is always appreciated. Keeps throwing the bones T-Mobile.  [T-Mobile SCOOP] Thanks FORDOC!


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T-Mobile's G2 shows off again -- with Android 2.2, 800MHz processor


I heard qualcomm was trying to decrease the pipeline stages of it's next mobile processors. If this new chip uses a 45nm fab and a smaller pipeline it's performance should beat the original snapdragon even though if it has 200 less mhz. And it will use less battery. Increasing the pipeline stages is a poor man's way to allow for greater clock speed. But it won't increase real world performance necessarily. One of the reason the snapdragon was able to reach 1ghz is the pipeline stages was increased.

I truely hope you are right on this. I was going to leave my N1 for this. I want that HSPA+ radio, granted my speeds im seeing on my N1 is amazing with the new korean radio that was released not too long ago with CM6.

Everything on this device is awesome, I just want it to be faster than my N1 and a true vanilla froyo like the N1. I hate all the 3rd party skins and bloat.

Aw I thought this phone was going to be at least 1ghz or dual processor. Guess I didn't get the memo. Oh well, looks promising and I'm curious how well hspa+ will perform.

This phone was never going to receive any dual-core processors from the beginning. But 800MHz clock-speed can be deceiving. This clock speed applies to the CPU core, so this might be a bit slower than today's 1GHz Snapdragon CPUs but it also comes with Adreno 205 GPU, which is much much faster than Adreno 200 GPU that comes with every Snapdragon processors that are being used today. This is the first phone to ship with Adreno 205.

If you don't know all about Adreno 205, I recommend you to read this:

So, if you are looking for something that is generally fast, you might be disappointed. But if you are looking for something that may rival Samsung Galaxy S gaming capabilities (hence outperform the likes of iPhone 4), then this might be it!

Wow, really Tmobile? I love Tmobile but...WOW. They really are going to put a mid-low end android to flagship their HSPA+ network?!

Dear Tmobile,

I want to congratulate you on your terrific prices and your respect for your customers. BUT DON'T USE A BEHIND THE TIMES PHONE TO PILOT YOUR HSPA+ NETWORK, AND START GETTING SOME REAL PHONES!!!

A Loving Customer

Should be able to be overclocked soon after release to about 1.2 ghz... GPU won't be that big of a difference with that 800 mhz processor. But as said above, should be another good gaming device after rooting and overlocking. I will stick to my Vibrant (overclocked to 1.6 ghz)!

Well, seems it was a single-core Snapdragon derivative with a faster GPU as I thought. Not sure why everyone was getting convinced by the wonky maths on an OpenGL benchmark meaning it was a 1.5GHz dual-core (which mysteriously failed to outperform a single-core 1GHz Hummingbird in this allegedly CPU-dependent test).

It is so funny how so many of these companies play this game. I think Samsung is the only one so far that has gone absolutely balls to the wall in their design of the Galaxy S line and thrown every bit of top tech at it (apart from them all looking cheap and plastic) since they needed do leap-frog everyone else as they weren't really in the smartphone game.

Whereas you get Moto doing a pretty crap job at their upgrading the Droid in terms of not putting the next gen GPU in there like they hae in the Galaxy S, then that phone would almost have the best of the best.

Then comes this phone where I don't quite know if it's T-Mobile or HTC....could have come out with a total killer device, great keyboard, great design, uprated GPU only to fall back on the CPU being clocked at only 800MHz. Now don't get me wrong I totally agree with a previous comment of not judging till its out and been played with.

My thoughts are that HTC and the likes are holding off totally packing these to the brim with tech as they have a few tricks up their sleeves come the end of the year when Gingerbread is announced and then we may see them make something that has the top tech around. Just a thought.....sorry for the rant :)

Meh, thought I had my next upgrade locked on this but I'm disappointed. Maybe I'll hold out for the Glacier with (hopefully) Gingerbread on it

Can someone tell me why people like vanilla froyo? Because I wanted this phone so bad but it doesn't have Sense on it and now I'm dissappointed. Can someone explain why some people want vanilla and why some (like myself) want sense?

Sense, Touchwise or Moto Blur are bloated skins that manufactures throw on top of Vanilla/plain Android for proprietary purpose.
these skins will slow down your phone's performance.

I think they look good though with the big clock on the front and everything lol. And it has those scenes and the live wallpapers who woulndt want that? I'm just confused because the look of the new phone looks like the G1 and MyTouch and it just look old and outdated to me. So I'm just wondering what people think.

you can download Beautiful Widgets (that will get you your clock and weather). Live wallpapers and everything are standard on everything from 2.1.

I'm sorry about your luck, but I am sure there will be someone who will or has a ported ROM with sense UI.

Thank you that helps! I have a BlackBerry and I HATE it. I've been waiting for months for a better than mytouch slide phone to come out on tmobile. Haha. I need one with a keyboard but I just wish it had Sense. I'll look into that info though. Maybe the phone that's supposed to some out in november will be better but it won't have a keyboard :/ what does that mean ported ROM? Thank you for the help! Lol sorry I'm new.

ROM is essentially as it states the the OS. There are lots of amazing developers making different versions of the OS, to suit whatever you like and enabling new features that the phone can support but the manufacturer has disabled. IE, HD recording, FM radio, etc.

can be done by simply rooting (allowing super user or administrator level access if you understand windows)

The source code for G2 has already been released and I read on XDA that people are already started tweaking with it.

Look into it. my only dislike is this has an 800MHz scorpion processor I wish it had the 1ghz.

Thank you so much for your help. I will definitely look into because this phone is pretty cool looking and I like the specs but will it really not get gingerbread because its not 1ghz? Ugh the Desire is my dreammmm phone most definitely though =)

Why are people so quick to rag on the 800mhz clockspeed? Stop being so ignorant about it. Its very similar to megapixels... Having an 8mp camera with a shitty sensor or lens doesn't make it better than a 5mp camera that is designed correctly.

This will be better than the current snapdragon phones. It actually has a potent GPU, the CPU is on a newer process (which improves power usage), and uses shorter pipelines. Qualcomm basically cheated to reach 1ghz before, just like the old days when the Pentium 4 came out.

This will outperform the older "1ghz" Snapdragon, as this is a much more modern and well-rounded SoC.

Agreed, I work for tmo and played with the htc reps G2 and its snappier than my nexus. Its going to be a great phone.

how much so? can you give examples? I'm going to from an N1 to this also. I am going to the ANDROID BBQ also to get one for free hopefully.


thanks in advance.

Wow, garbage we will be lucky to get gingerbread on this thing, most definitely Samsung Galaxy S phones will get gingerbread...

So many nay-sayers that are seduced by the magical 1Ghz speed figure. I'm thinking the engineers who actually designed and built the phone know quite a bit about squeezing performance out of their hardware. HTC builds the N1+Evo+Incredible! If they are saying the G2 is that smokin fast I'm inclined to believe them.
A vanilla Froyo build combined/optimized with this new GPU...I think all the doubters will be eating their words when this thing gets into our hands.
I bet it will benchmark up there with the Galaxys, and outperform them in everyday use!

800 GHz is still a revolutionary speed? I'd say revolutionary at this point would be 1.5 GHz or 2 GHz. I'm sure the performance will be fine but someone needs to let their marketing folks read what the competition is doing.