Carly Foulkes

T-Mobile's Carly (aka model and actress Carly Foulkes) is trading in the twirly pink dress for tight black leather, apparently. You can check it out after the break if you want. Or here she is last spring. With Phil. Your call, really.

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Small_law says:

Harsh dude.

JR A says:

Reminds me of Kate Beckensale in Underworld

Jacques says:

Which is not a bad thing by any means. :)

Kate still looks good in the new one. I was depressed about the carefully placed fog when she's in the lab, getting ready to bust out. That fog could not have landed in 2 worse places than it did.

Johnly says:

Nice pic Phil. : )

Flyer00 says:

Phil kind of reminds me of John Belushi.

cj100570 says:

She's pretty but aren't her 15 minutes up?

lrn2swim says:

they won't be up until she's not pretty anymore.

xjtaylorx says:

I could always find 15 minutes for her

metaldood says:

I will be done in 3 mins ;)

pjnola says:

No, she gets 1100 new minutes every month (value plan)

KingGinger55 says:

That's what you came up with? The whole world of technology related puns and you come up with that? Come on dude.

lorcha says:

I'd like to spend my rollover minutes with her.

That good enough for you?

vinny jr says:

Maybe the new commercial will be Carly riding a bike with Steppenwolf "Born To Be Wild" playing in the back round. Make me think about staying with T-Mobile pushing around 13 MB today on the DL. Not too shabby for HSPA+.
PS - Can't beat battery life.

heathroi says:

really Phil? another chance to whip out the photo?

tronthedon says:

This article was done by Jerry, not Phil.

eahinrichsen says:

If that were me, I'd whip out that photo before even bothering to introduce myself to new people.

trekmario says:

I think phil looks bigger in this pic or is it just his smile?

pmjohnson99 says:

"Scroll back to 2010" ..."first ever" She must've just re-upped a contract or something 'cause these chicks don't last this long. Catherine Zeta Jones barely made it a year.

nbell978 says:

catherine zeta jones lasted like 6 years

stephanie85 says:

Oh how I would so love to see Phils chunky digits all over the "teen" mobile girl ....that I would pay to see ....btw I have a fetish for chunky little digits.

robotaholic says:

Haha, that picture of you is priceless Phil! lololo

sanibel says:

Does she have an Android phone? Is she on T-Mo service? Just a photo without any details... Still, Phil looks bowdlerized :)

duke82722009 says:

She looked better in the old ads. She looks like she 's going to kill run over me with her motorcycle

S1LENT says:

Is that an HTC one x in phil's pocket? Or is he just happy to see the tmobile chick?

carlos2384 says:

god I love her!

mithmax says:

Nice pic of Carly and John Belushi!

heraldo says:

So hot!! The bike & ze girl

richardpandy says:

All I see are gums.

Klotz says:

Love the grin. It's saying "Yessss, my armpit just got to 2nd base."


Flo has already done the biker thing so why follow. T-mobile should try to be a little more original.

kzibart says:

This video reminds me of the traffic reports on the radio in the morning:

"This T-Mobile total traffic report is brought to you by the new Facebook Timeline. The roadways are looking pretty good this morning. Just normal delays. The new Facebook Timeline makes it easy to find past T-Mobile commercials. Just go to and scroll down to 2010 to see Carley's first ever T-Mobile commercial. T-Mobile and Facebook Timeline, making traffic reports 300% longer than they should be."

Lord_Mo says:

i'd love to ride that!?!?trolololol!

Jayntree says:

$10 says they cropped out his hover hand.