Vibrant 4G launch date

T-Mobile has announced that the Samsung Galaxy S 4G will be going on sale Feb. 23 (as was rumored) for $149. While it was not specifically mentioned by T-Mobile, you can probably safely assume that the $149 price tag will require a new or upgraded two-year contract. The "for a limited time" bit seems to indicate that the price will jump up after the initial launch, so any T-Mobile customers looking to get on the HSPA+ wagon (sorry, Phil!) should make up their minds about the device before the launch date rolls around. Talk about it in the T-Mobile section of the Android Central Forums. [Twitter, T-Mobile]

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El Cantante says:

I heard this one is launching with cupcake. Lolz

what are you talking about? please shut it

To be fair picking on Samsung is like shooting fish in a barrel what with their craptastic track record.

evansgw says:

Any news for Sprint users?!

Lol I know how you feel my friend... but HTC has their Presser coming up soon (today or tomorrow?) I'm hoping that's where we see some Sprint News.

Dark_Blu says:

Let's hope so. We're getting left behind by every other carrier releasing new phones that don't suck.

Boycotting Samsung

BDHN1 says:

So can we loyal Nexus One users officially be pissed off about not having Gingerbread once this phone hits the stores?