Vibrant 4G launch date

T-Mobile has announced that the Samsung Galaxy S 4G will be going on sale Feb. 23 (as was rumored) for $149. While it was not specifically mentioned by T-Mobile, you can probably safely assume that the $149 price tag will require a new or upgraded two-year contract. The "for a limited time" bit seems to indicate that the price will jump up after the initial launch, so any T-Mobile customers looking to get on the HSPA+ wagon (sorry, Phil!) should make up their minds about the device before the launch date rolls around. Talk about it in the T-Mobile section of the Android Central Forums. [Twitter, T-Mobile]


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T-Mobile Galaxy S 4G coming Feb. 23 for $149


Lol I know how you feel my friend... but HTC has their Presser coming up soon (today or tomorrow?) I'm hoping that's where we see some Sprint News.

So can we loyal Nexus One users officially be pissed off about not having Gingerbread once this phone hits the stores?