Aw, would you look at that. One big happy, big-chinned family. T-Mobile UK has renamed the HTC Hero the G1 Touch (falling in line with previous reports) and though the name is admittedly lame and a year outdated, it's always good to strengthen the brand name of the G1.

Like Orange UK, the G1 Touch will be available starting mid-July for the low cost of FREE (new customer, 2 year commitment, £40 a month plan) and a £225 credit which were assuming is for the phone but correct us if we're wrong. Supposedly that's the Flext plan for all you folks across the pond!

And though we're nonplussed by the name G1 Touch, it sure beats the hell out of myTouch 3G which will actually launch after the G1 Touch. Hey, T-Mobile US, where's our HTC Hero love? Are we not supposed to know the Hero exists and spring for the myTouch 3G?



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T-Mobile UK Renaming HTC Hero as the G1 Touch, Also Free !


In the meantime and on this side of the world we have to pay for every device whereas in Europe they´re free.
I don´t get it.

not only that, but the phones are crappier, contracts longer, network worse, monthly higher, you name it. carriers are making a killing while assuming cheapest lowest cost possible.

That would be really unfortunate if the Hero was only coming out on Sprint. They already have the Palm Pre. The Mytouch 3g is a joke, its just a G1 without a keyboard. The UI looks the same and the Hero is much better. Tmobile was the first to come out with an Android phone in the US, they can't be left behind.

The £225 credit is not towards the phone, as the phone is free on this plan. £40 a month buys £225 worth of calls at 35p/min and texts at 12p/each. ie approx 800mins and 0texts, 0mins and 2000texts or any combination in between.

Shame you guys have to pay for handsets :-p