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T-Mobile UK has announced new range of price plans that offer its customers truly unlimited data for the first time. Previously, T-Mo UK has offered a "unlimited" data on many of its plans, but with a "fair use" limit, sometimes as low as 500MB. If customers used more than this fair use limit, they faced throttled speeds and restrictions on visiting certain websites.

The network's new "Full Monty" price plans put an end to this chicanery, offering users unlimited data without any kind of fair use limit buried in the small print. "Fully Monty" price plans start at £36 per month for 24 months, for unlimited T-Mobile calls, unlimited texts, unlimited data and 2000 minutes of calls to other networks. At this price point, T-Mo will also throw in a free Galaxy S II or HTC Sensation XE. Step it up to £41 per month and you'll get unlimited calls to other networks, too. The higher-priced £46 and £61 per month plans offer the same unlimited everything, with a lower up-front cost for your handset of choice. All four price plans include unlimited tethering, and will be available from Feb. 1.

All of the major UK networks moved away from unlimited data plans in 2010, in an attempt to curb heavy data use by smartphone users. We've seen this trend slowly reversing over the past year, though, with O2 offering unlimited data through its "GiffGaff" network, and Three selling "all-you-can-eat" data plans to contracted and pre-paid customers. It'll be interesting to see whether things continue to move in this direction as UK carriers begin to roll out 4G LTE coverage over the next couple of years.

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T-Mobile UK launches new price plans, offers unlimited data that's actually unlimited


Why they tried to curb a natural development I'll never know. Is the bandwidth problem really that prevalent in the UK? I'm on Three's The One month-by-month plan at the moment anyway, which seemed to be the best option for getting what I was used to when I lived in Sweden.

I can understand a limit on tethering and on the top 1% of bandwidth users. Past that it makes little sense. I'll stick with Sprint as the only US carrier to offer unlimited, and if they ever stop offering it, I'll be forced to jump to prepaid service.

I wish Tmobile USA still offered true unlimited data.. I want to lower my bill. If i did I would lose my grandfathered unlimited data. :-!

Already lost it.

Anyone can get throttled on T-Mobile, ANYONE!

I heard it here first and the next day T-Mobile sent me a text saying I was being throttled. I stuck with them for about 3 more months until they started trying to charge me for tethering.

I left and went to Sprint. I still have unlimited data on my phone plus I'm rooted so I enjoy unlimited WiFi Tethering at no extra cost. The big plus is that we get LTE this year, so take that in your Big Pink One T-Mobile.

That's a really great price, well I'm comparing it to my Verizon plan in the US. good to see not everyone is moving completely away from unlimited data. though it's too bad this competition is only in EU and not the US as well.
Tmobile US you should try this too :)