For you T-Mobile users who have been looking for a proper way to sync music, video and photos to your Android phone from your computer, your carrier's got your back. T-Mo today officially announced a partnership with doubleTwist, a desktop app for Mac or Windows that will get all of your multimedia onto your phone.

Sound familiar? It should, as doubleTwist is what Palm Pre owners turned to when they could no longer sync with iTunes. And don't be worried about learning another program -- doubleTwist looks suspiciously like Apple's platform. Get your download on here. [T-Mobile]


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T-Mobile teams up with doubleTwist for multimedia syncing


its great software, been using it for awhile now. I came from a Palm Pre to Sprint Hero and it worked great. Interesting caveate to this software is Youtube recording. You can also use it to snag youtube videos with the youtube link. It works great on my macbook running 10.6.

I sometimes have issues with moving music to my droid when I use doubletwist. I don't know if its because I have a droid or because I'm using a mac.

Does anyone know of a way to transfer the Digital Copy that is available with many BluRay titles to Android? DoubleTwist will skip them when I try due to DRM. It's really frustrating to have the right to the movies, but my portable device and access them.