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Tonight at their CES 2013 keynote, T-Mobile had a lot to say about their future, tossing out all sorts of announcements covering things from LTE to baseball. Nothing absolutely shocking, but it's nice to see even the smallest of the big four has plans for the future. 

Android Central @ CES

They talked LTE a little bit, noting that they planned to have 100 Million folks covered by the middle of this year, 200 Million by the end of the year, and the rollout would start in Vegas in just a few weeks. Plan for the Galaxy S3 (Galaxy S III) to act as the first official LTE device, with more coming. In addition to enabling LTE, they are working on what they call HD Voice, which is an improved voice network providing much clearer calls than we're used to from mobile devices. The HTC One S and Samsung Galaxy S3 are two of the devices named that will take advantage of the new feature. Finally, they finished talking network updates and rollouts by announcing an expanded high speed 4G (of the HSPA variety) in Denver, Virginia Beach, Los Angeles, and San Diego. 

To take advantage of all this, T-Mobile is extending their unlimited, not-throttled 4G plan to include no contract post paid customers. This will start tomorrow (January 9). Tablets and laptops can now take advantage of what is being called 4G connect, where qualifying devices will receive 200MB of free service per month, for two full years. We've seen Google and Verizon offer something similar with the Chromebook program, and this will require a purchase from T-Mobile.

To wrap things up, the also announced that T-Mobile is now the official wireless partner of Major League Baseball. T-Mobile will provide an on-field communications service that rides on the back of their nationwide 4G service. They feel that this will modernize the traditional game of baseball.

It sounds like there are big things planned for T-Mobile customers, and we're excited to see things play out.


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T-Mobile talks LTE, MLB, Voice HD, and more at CES keynote


T-Mobile is using the AWS bands for LTE, the same bands as in Canada where the LTE does work on the Nexus 4.

LTE Cool, lets get that going. Hopefully the new Nexus will be on Tmo with LTE when It comes out. I'll be a buyer for that.

Probably yes to new SIMs, but if they're smart they won't do the provisioning thing (although as long as they allow all plans and you have to switch to a new SIM anyway who cares if it needs provisioning)

Oh T-Mobile, whatever faults you have, keep your prices low and your service acceptable and we will always love you.

So does that mean that T-Mobile Galaxy S III owners will magically get 4G LTE service when it goes live in their area (presumably after an OTA update enables LTE)? If so, that's pretty awesome for them. I don't recall if the T-Mobile GS3 had LTE hardware or not, so this could be complete nonsense.

The short answer to your question is yes.
The announcement days One S & Galaxy SIII.
So the hardware was already there they just need to send out the update to enable it.

Nexus 4 owners might have a little surprise coming.

The Nexus 4 only has the lte chip not the rest of the components for a stronger amplified signal like the booster and other parts. So no, it will never have 4g unless you get an optimus G 4g and are able to pilferage the parts and swap them over which would be a feat for the novice

This is incorrect. It does have the necessary parts for LTE band 4, AWS to work as evidenced by the 'hack' working in Canada. T-Mobile will be using that band for their LTE service here. Only question is whether they will block the Nexus 4 from accessing LTE because it doesn't have FCC approval for use on LTE.

Also from the article that I posted above:

"Though the Galaxy S III that's presently being offered by T-Mobile does not support LTE, the slightly newer Galaxy Note II does; Ray tells us that it'll require a "small" software update to enable it once it's available."

To wrap things up, the also announced that T-Mobile is now the official wireless partner of Major League Baseball. T-Mobile will provide an on-field communications service that rides on the back of their nationwide 4G service.

Ok, does this mean that Calls to the Bullpen won't go thru or will get dropped?
Have to send the ball boy out there like they did in the 20s.

I'm pretty sure the "calls to the bullpin" are on a closed circuit line. But one thing is for sure, they will no longer be a "Verizon Wireless Call to the Bullpin"

Not sure where you get your tmobile service but in New York I never had a dropped call and all my calls went through. OH and my data is friggin fast.

Well, we have to realize that T-Mobile has money now from their settlement with AT&T and from their profits from their expensive handsets. Their not even spending for phone subsidies. If one network has budgets for network modernization, it's T-Mobile. Verizon and AT&T have had their number of customers for years now and if they really wanna make huge leaps, they would have done so already. T-Mo's calling their bets and raising them. Go T-Mo! Sorry I forgot about Sprint but we all know it's not worth telling.

Sprint has already started a vast network modernization campaign. By 2014 they'll have overhauled their entire footprint, and it won't be only 4G customers that benefit.

Can anyone tell me how Tmobiles network is in Ct? Mainly the New Britain/Hartford/Newington/Farmington/Berlin Turnpike areas?

I want to switching to T-Mobile for the Galaxy S4 in May/June from Verizon

According to their ads on tv they already have coast to coast 4G coverage. Not! They have spotty 4G coverage with the rest of the network being driven by ancient outdated 2G. I'll believe they'll have 200 million people covered with LTE by year's end when pigs fly. T-Mobile should replace their spokesperson with Tommy Flanagan. Yeah, that's the ticket!

What I want to know is what Nexus 4 accessories will be available once T-Mobile starts stocking the Nexus 4 in stores.