T-Mobile showcase

Right. So T-Mobile's doing a showcase on Oct. 29 in New York City. Yes, that's the same day as Google's "Playground" event, where we should see a new Nexus phone, and maybe a tablet or two. But this is a T-Mobile event, folks. Google's is in the morning. Don't freak out if there's no "T-Mobile Nexus" at this thing. Chances are any new GSM Nexus will be pentaband anyway, so it'll be "T-Mobile" as much as it is "AT&T" or GSM for the rest of the world. No biggie.

No, what I'm expecting is a whole lot of Galaxy Note 2 and other T-Mobile Android phones from this year (including new but lesser-spec'd devices)  -- and a bunch of new Windows Phone hardware, including the HTC 8X (I've played with that, and it's freakin' gorgeous), and the more portly Nokia Lumia 810, which I saw last week in San Diego. Microsoft is finally showing off Windows Phone 8 on the morning of Oct. 29 in San Francisco, and one phone does not a showcase make. There will be more than Nexus, one way or the other.

Oh, and there's a pretty good chance this might happen as well. We hope.


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T-Mobile showcase hits NYC Oct. 29


I wouldn't be surprised if this was also timed to promote the T-Mobile Value plans for use with the Nexus. Honestly, if you want a nexus that's the best way to use one. That way you aren't paying to subsidize a phone you never got. (that or pre-paid anyway).

Maybe, but in my experience these things have generally been more hardware-related, though Bobsled got love at the one I went to in the spring of 2011.

I have phones on both Verizon and T-Mobile. I tell everyone my experience on T-Mobile could not be any better. I live in a suburb of Boston where my Verizon LTE speeds are around 15mb down and 4mb up. My T-Mobile HSPA+ speeds are better, they average around 15 - 18 mb down and 5mb up. The best part is battery life, average 1 1/2 days, try beating that. Too many people including the so called experts don't give T-Mobile the props it deserves. They have changed their customer service back to this country, no more overseas service where you can not understand them, their plans are great, unlimited, real unlimited data without speed throttling and the speeds are faster then most LTE networks. They're constantly get better, every month I see a positive change in their service, hopefully with the addition of Metro, T-Mobile will expand their brand. The US needs T-Mobile.

Agree Vinny, T-Mobile in my area is incredible for me. My HSPA+42 speeds are 20 to 25Mbps regularly, my calls don't drop, I have fantastic call quality, and all of my messages get through just fine. If you go camping out in the boonies yes it will drop to edge where there is no civilization but thats to be expected. Their service is everywhere I personally need it to be and that service is fantastic in my experience. Granted I know other areas vary and may not have quite as great an experience as myself, but their service in Populated areas are usually fantastic and I'm glad its like that for me. I know it's Popular and Easy to follow the crowd and be crass about it, but I really love Magenta. Been with the Company since 2000 Voicestream days.

One day when my Sprint contract ends I will be looking at their prepaid plans...these cellphones plans are getting expensive.I want that under $50 plan again.

Yes Tmobile will get the new Nexus that's for sure. This is also about other devices too they might be of lessor but either way they are respectable. As for Galaxy Note 2 yes that will be shown at this event but hopefully as stated they will launch the Galaxy Note 2 on October 24th. If not maybe October 29th is the launch date of the Galaxy Note 2 afterall. Either way I am good the Note 2 will be mines.

vinny jr (4:56 pm): I fully agree, I also have better and better service quality from T-Mobile (Boston). We DO need T-Mobile.

Hopefully T-Mobile will announce getting the Sony Xperia T.( I thought a pentaband HSPA+ version of the Xperia T passed thru the FCC a few weeks ago.)