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A leaked roadmap, obtained by TmoNews, seems to show that T-Mobile is set to launch a Galaxy S3 with LTE as soon as March 27th. The T999L (L for LTE, naturally) is set to launch on either March 27th or April 4th, but the on- and off-contract pricing is still under wraps. Other than the new LTE capabilities for T-Mobile's soon-to-launch network, we wouldn't expect many other changes to be made on the inside. If you're interested in seeing what a Galaxy S3 with LTE is like, we took a look at a U.K. model back in December.

Also on this roadmap is the Galaxy Exhibit, which we saw in leaked press images of earlier today. T-Mobile looks to be readying both a prepaid and postpaid launch of this device the same week as the Galaxy S3. Also notable is the BlackBerry Z10 -- which should have LTE -- and a Sonic LTE hotspot.

It looks like the last week of March could be a big launch of T-Mobile's LTE network and devices to run on it all at once. We'll be looking forward to it.

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T-Mobile set to launch Galaxy S3 LTE as soon as March 27


If it's going to have the quad core exynos then I'll probably upgrade. Currently I have the note 2 and the exynos processor is fast compared to the US s3 currently but I find it too big. I'm hoping tmobile will allow some type of upgrade to those that bought the original s3. I still have mine but not being used.

No it will definitely be the dual core S4, which they need the Qualcomm chip to get the LTE working well. The quadcore A9 on the int' S3 was an older gen chip compared to the A15 S4 anyway.

You should just wait for the Galaxy S4.

I currently have the SGS3 on T-Mobile with 32gb of int memory with 64gb sd card. Absolutely love it, get over 20mb dl and 5-6mb upload speeds. I hope that the int memory is still available in 32gb version for their new LTE model.. I will never buy a new phone without at least 32gb of int memory. Too bad the current models didn't have the LTE radio in it. I would jump on the Note 2 but that only comes with 16gb of internal memory as well. I even went as far and contacted Samsung and tried to get the Note 2 in their 64gb int memory version which they have for sale in Korea. Their LTE radios will not work in this country I was told. Why does Korea get a 64gb model and the USA only gets the 16gb model??????? Come on Samsung, give us the good stuff, we are very loyal customers.

So are current T-Mobile GS3 owners stuck with HSPA+ 42 speeds even if T-mobile upgrades LTE on the same frequency bands? LTE is confusing man

why get lte when hspda is just as fast and uses less battery. And of you don't get hspda now you will definitely be waiting awhile for lte

This is great news!!

Is there any word on if T-Mobile is unlocking LTE in their Samsung Galaxy Note II at this time? Also which areas of the country will be LTE enabled on March 27th and what is the T-Mobile LTE geographic region roll out plan?

ive already got my s3 lte on t-mobile has had to many problems with the s2 so afetr 5 month they have sent this to me for free
and its the fastest fone ive ever had its mega fast with 2gb ram its got more power than my laptop

I went to a T-mobile store on April 17 and ended up with a non-LTE GS3. Why? When will this new version with LTE finally come out? Do they not have it in stock yet?