Nexus 5 and Nexus 7

Google's latest Nexus devices hitting the UNcarrier

T-Mobile is set to start offering both of Google's latest devices, the Nexus 5 and Nexus 7, in the coming weeks. The carrier announced today it will put the Nexus 5 up for sale starting November 14th online (November 20th in-store) for $449.99 off-contract, or at $41.99 down and $17 per month (also working out to $449.99) on a Simple Choice plan. T-Mobile isn't clear on what storage capacities or colors it will sell, and it's hard to guess based on the odd history of it selling the Nexus 4 in both colors but only in 16GB of storage.

At the same time, following up on its announcement that it will carry the Nexus 7 LTE, we now have a date from T-Mobile of November 20th when the tablet will begin shipping. In this case we're looking at $384 outright for the 32GB LTE tablet, or $0 down and $16 per month if you pair it with a plan. The tablet will also qualify for T-Mobile's new deal of offering 200MB of data per month completely free, which is a nice touch.

You can currently pre-order the Nexus 7 to be shipped at the aforementioned date, but there's still no indication that any pre-orders will be available for the nexus 5. Ready for some Nexus action on the magenta network? Hit the source links below.

Source: T-Mobile (Nexus 5); (Nexus 7)


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T-Mobile to sell Nexus 5 on Nov. 14 for $449, Nexus 7 LTE also ships Nov. 20


You guys do realize that you buy the same thing directly from Google for $100 less?....

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$100 more, minus what you'd pay in shipping and time waiting for it to arrive. Not to mention that you can finance at 0% interest over 24 months on T-Mobile. For some people, that's worth it.

So your saying. By saving today, you don't mind being gouged in the long run. The awesome money saving logic! Save today, but pay more for it later! AWESOME! May I recommend rent to own places. You only pay $50 a month for 60 months versuses buying it outright for $700! Must must be an awesome deal!

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Some folks don't have 350-400 lying around. Is it worth it to pay a bit more over time than to pay it all up front? For some, yes. Especially if it doesn't tie you into a long term contract that doesn't go down in price when the device is paid off

Winter is coming. She's quite the screamer.

Maybe those folks should forgo upgrading to every new phone that comes around and save enough to have that $350-400 lay around.

Gotta remember not everyone that is buying a phone has a single line. Consider someone that has a family plan with 3, 4 or 5 lines and needs to buy phones for everyone. Can you see them shelling out $350 x 5 for new phones up-front? The financing really does make sense for some people.

Thanks for reminding me what my future holds with 3 kids. Guess switching phones wont be as easy in the future.

I concurr with your statement Rover # ac. I wonder if these people are the ones that want a new phone every single year, when their current phone is working perfectly? I keep my phones for a minimum of two years, which is what a sane person should do. Unless you got an extra amount of income. I have better things to spend my hard earned money on like my mortgage, daughter, food, savings towards retirement, etc.

Not according to @TmobileHelp on twitter. This is what they said to me...

We want to bring the best value and google has a benefit of being the distributor of the device. We do have EIP and wifi calling.

When I asked if wifi calling will be on the Play Store version, this is how they responded:

The Wifi Calling app is a T-mobile app and may not be available on devices that are not T-mobile sold. ^RD

So, there you go.

I think what they are saying is if you buy it from T-mobile, it will have wifi calling. If you buy it from Google, you are assed out.

Well I bought the Nexus 4 from them and up to this day can't make any calls on wifi. My bro has the HTC One and he can every time we go to Mexico. The phone is pure Google, and it does not come preloaded with any of their software. So no, I am sure it won't have wifi calling. The reps aren't very tech smart.

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What bloat? There's no carrier bloat on Nexus devices...

Posted from my pure Google Nexus 4 using the AC app.

Quite true, we have higher standards than the rest of you bozos.

Winter is coming. She's quite the screamer.

Is the truth hostile? Is it hostile to call someone an ignorant dipstick when they are being an ignorant dipstick? Or maybe we should get Captain Observant a special award for participating. Maybe a nice big trophy and a pat on the back, let him/her feel special for contributing, even though they were COMPLETELY WRONG.

Winter is coming. She's quite the screamer.

I live in sunny Colorado, I probably get more sunlight than you do.

Winter is coming. She's quite the screamer.

I don't think the T-Mobile sold N5 has WiFi calling. John Legere said that it doesn't on Twitter

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I guess if you don't want to plunk down $349, buying one from TMo with a small down payment, low monthly payments, and zero interest is a pretty good way to go. With Jump you can give it back in 6 months and get the next big thing without being out much. Kind of like renting a phone.

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If this is the 32gb version then the extra 50 is not a deal breaker. An extra 100 for the 16 one though and i'll just wait on the playstore.

$450 and tied to T-Mobile? I am missing something I thought I read that Google is selling it for $350 (16gb) and $400 (32gb) so why the hell would I pay more to get it from T-Mobile? Unless I am getting is free with a contract.

$450 OVER TIME might be more appealing to people who don't have $400 laying around or don't want to wait 4 weeks.

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lol...did you read what you just typed? so you won't pay 100 extra but you're willing to get the phone "free" on contract. do yourself a favor, do a search anywhere on this site for subsidies vs paying for a phone upfront, then come back to your post and edit it. Google's the only company subsidizing the phone, all other carriers are marking up the phone way higher than Tmobile is. but hey, go get yourself a "free" phone on

According to the loan calculator running on the Nexus 5 I bought from the Play Store, paying $100 over two years on a $350 purchase works out to just under 29 percent interest. You'd be better off putting it on your credit card. If it's the 32g model at a $50 markup, it's 13 percent, not a bad deal.

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Shhhh. Don't tell that to the people here that think it's a great deal as to what T-Mobile is doing.

Id be willing to get the N5 on Tmo if its the 32GB version
if not Im just just gonna wait for the HTC M8 in a few months

How about saving your pennies every week then getting the 6 next year in the play store. It is not that good of a phone.

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If you need a new phone now, waiting a year is not an option. Waiting several weeks for one to be available from Google Play may not be an option either, depending on circumstances. T-Mobile is offering the option to have it now, and the ability to return it to a local store if there is a problem, in exchange for a higher price. This isn't for someone living on the edge of poverty - there are free phones on contract for them.

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It took them so long to make me a member that I missed the contest to win a free nexus 5 so I think they should give me one for free. It's only fair you know, lol

That's the same total price from the Google play store for the 32gb

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you will pay tax in TMobile store too. Upfront for the whole amount. You will just save $10 for shipping. Which in the end comes as $90 more in TMobile store.

My Nexus 7 (32G) with T-Mobile sim card arrives on Monday. With the free 200mb of data per month for it true there's a $10 credit toward any data plan that you select? The T-Mobile web site is really erratic since the new beta version was implemented.

I'm gonna get the Nexus 7 on T-Mobile. No WI-Fi calling eliminates the Nexus 5 for me, though. If I had something stronger than EDGE in my neck of the woods, it would be a no-brainer. Maybe if I move about 20 minutes north, I'll consider it.

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When I got my Nexus 7 with T-Mobile sim in September, it was on Edge. By the end of the thirty days, I had LTE service. T-Mobile is building out their LTE network rapidly.

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I don't doubt it. I'm just gonna bide my time and wait until I pay off my current phone. I'm patient...enough.

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Unless stock on google play improves by Nov. 20 and you gotta have the Nexus 5 $449 beats the high Ebay prices anyday.

If this is the higher capacity model, this is a no brainer for me on their EIP. If it's the smaller one, I might have to think about it (and then do it anyway).

Unless wi-fi calling works on this T-Mobile Nexus, Why the F**K would anyone pay $100+ more than what it would cost @ the GOGGLE store? ( T-Mobile ,though is the best of the 4 Main USA carriers...)

If you plan to return this phone in 6 months ( thereby losing 6 months of payments ) in order to upgrade to the NEXT BEST THING...then this T-MOBILE Nexus may be just for you. But if you think the idea of LEASING a phone is as absurd as leasing a car, then just go buy it @ the GOOGLE store...