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In its Q4 2012 results, T-Mobile had some interesting notes on the deployment of its LTE network -- mainly that the network is now "completed" in both Las Vegas and Kansas City, Missouri. The network rollout has now apparently been accelerated, and T-Mobile is projecting it will reach 100 million people with LTE by mid-2013, with more than 200 million being covered by the end of this year. Las Vegas and Kansas City are great test locations, but with these lofty projections they're going to have to light up LTE in the big population centers quickly as well.

Additionally, T-Mobile took time to tout some numbers about its current HSPA+ footprint. Several new areas are moving to 1900MHz today, including Orlando, FL and Richmond, VA. The carrier states that 225 million people are now covered with its HSPA+ service, with 144 million being covered by the new 1900MHz service. These two rollouts go hand-in-hand, as T-Mobile will need the AWS (1700/2100MHz) spectrum freed up by the HSPA+ move to 1900MHz in order to completely roll out LTE.

It comes as a bit of a surprise that T-Mobile has fully completed two city-wide networks before a single consumer device with LTE has even been announced, but it's good to see that the network is being built out quickly in anticipation of a launch. Current rumor pegs March 27th for the launch of several LTE-enabled devices on the network, and hopefully T-Mobile will have more cities to announce at that time as well.

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jimmiekain says:

Hmm... I'm going to vegas next weekend for a wedding. Maybe I will pick up a T-Mo sim and tell you all how it works on my N4.

jimmiekain says:

QUESTION: I'm still on 4.2.1 I still haven't done the update. (I figured that would make it more marketable when I sell it on Craigslist.)

If I get a T-Mobile prepaid sim will LTE work on my n4 in Vegas or do I need to be on a contract plan?

ConTejas says:

Just get the $30 prepaid and the activation kit (.99 shipped from Tmobile). As long as you're not on the .48 baseband (aka what came in OTA 4.2.2) you'll get LTE. I'm on 4.2.2 but with .27/.33 basebands (seeing which I like better) so I'll get LTE when they flip the switch.

movielover76 says:

Just a warning, I'm pretty sure being on 4.2.2 with older basebands breaks in call audio.

movielover76 says:

If you have an unlocked boot loader and are rooted, it doesn't actually matter if you update to 4.2.2, you can revert to 4.2.1 with files available at XDA.

Bill Smith1 says:

I'm in Vegas with a Note 2, there is no LTE.

Jamel Gay says:

there is lte active on solavei.. t-mobile said there are using another apn for lte solavei isnt

imomperousse says:

Why can't existing phones(SG3) use the new lte network, dont they have lte radios in them as well?

xKrNMBoYx says:

Because T-Mobile will have a LTE Version of the Galaxy S III coming out.

I'm not exactly sure why. Previously several sources said the current version of the T-Mobile S III would support LTE. The phone has the chip, and I believe the bands should all be included.

If there is no difference in hardware between the LTE version of SIII and the original, then nothing should keep us from getting LTE. Maybe updating our phone firmware to the same as the LTE version, and disguising our phone as the new version.

I believe they have to be programmed at time of manufacturing and approved by FCC in order to update later for LTE. For instance, with the Nexus 4, not approved for LTE by the FCC. Google and LG could have paid to have it reviewed again and get it officially supported, but they've opted not to and patched the LTE workaround out.
It could also be that they didn't include some extra hardware to ensure that it would work reliably with LTE or at all.

The T-Mobile Note II has been approved for LTE on AWS(band 4) and band 17 700MHz frequencies according to the FCC filings, and they have stated that it will only need a software update to enable it.

ConTejas says:

It's because Google realizes that 99% of N4 owners know how easy it is to flash another radio/baseband that will still have LTE (aka all but .48). So it' s a win/win. Most of the world does't care about LTE yet, and it's still availabe to those willing to spend a few minutes to get it WITHOUT Google or LG having to spend another dime on recertification. Don't forget Google is run by and employs plenty of tech fans/geeks.

Yeah, just to clarify I was talking about the GS3 when it comes to the original T-Mobile version supporting LTE.

trees247 says:

Why Tmo not showing any speed test...

xKrNMBoYx says:

I thought the Galaxy S III w/ LTE was announced for T-Mobile

It was. New version of GS3 is coming with LTE support. I wouldn't be surprised though if T-Mobile cancels it because the Note II is already out and will be updated to support LTE if it hasn't been already, and the GS4 is right around the corner.

RaiderWill says:

Go West Young Man! Go West!
We $30 a Month / 100 Min Plan Owners Can't Wait!
But Honestly..H+ Ain't Bad At All For What We Pay.. :-)

ConTejas says:

Hell no it's not. Actually, in my house it's a MUCH stronger signal and consideralby faster than VZW LTE on either my gnex or sgs3. So I can actually consider ditching my ISP now and pocket even more cash each month. About the same speeds out back. About 10 miles from center city Philly. Never would've believed it. Always blamed my tin roof for VZW sh*tty signal in my house.

tigeryee says:

If people migrate to LTE, I will have more HSPA+ for myself. I don't need LTE, it certainly is nice but -shrug- Nexus 4 speeds that get me to 22 mb down during non peak time is still faster than my home internet

jeffreytz says:

Pretty sure the specs for the T-Mobile HTC One showed "AWS LTE" along with it's HSPA+ bands.

GTWalling says:

Read the last paragraph and hit the link and it will show which phones are being launched in March capable of LTE. As of today T-Mobile does not have a phone that will support LTE.

Love seeing Kansas city in articles on an android site makes me feel relevant living in this town.
Edit: Spelling

They already have 2 major markets completed and sprint has none completed.

Jamel Gay says:

i was in vegas with solavei and i got lte signal on my iphone 5.. t-mobile is using a different apn for the lte but solavei is using the same my49monthly(dot)com