Nexus 5If you're looking to get the new Nexus 5 through T-Mobile, you're in luck. The carrier has announced that it, too, plans to carry Google's latest Android smartphone, the first to run Android 4.4. KitKat.

T-Mobile neglected to say when, or what the price will be.

More at T-Mobile.


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T-Mobile says it'll carry the Nexus 5, forgets to give a price or date


I would be willing to pay a little more for the abaility to finance this device, but If need be, i will pay the $400 for the play version. Wont pay $600 for a $400 phone. Better be soon tmo.. better be soon!

Would they raise the price just because it's from tmobile? Doesn't the unlocked version work w/ tmobile out of box? What would be the justification for a price bump 300?

I got my N4 through T-Mobile this year, and it cost me $500 to do it on payments. I imagine they will do the same thing with the N5. I kinda regret it, but it was the right choice at the time (had to get away from Verizon, was already paying a large ETF, couldn't afford the full Play Store price).

They're doing the same with the Nexus 7, it's $16 x 24 for a total of $384, when the device is only $349 from Google.