Samsung Galaxy Tab

Galaxy Tab phone enabledThe major feature missing from the U.S. versions of the Samsung Galaxy Tab is the ability to make phone calls. (OK, some of us might consider that a feature.)

But the T-Mobile version of the 7-inch Android Tablet apparently has already been hacked to enable the voice end of things. That's what you see in the image to the right.

You're going to have to do some fairly major surgery -- and this isn't going to work on the Sprint or Verizon versions -- and then enable some of the wireless settings manually. And even after all that, you're not going to want to hold this beast up to your head.

But score another one for the hackers, and let's hope they find a way to open this up for the other carriers' devices, too. [XDA Developers 1, 2, 3] Thanks, Croak, for the tip.


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T-Mobile Samsung Galaxy Tab hacked to make phone calls


Phil, you need to go to bed. Well, I need to go to bed. We should all go to bed...except that android news is ADDICTIVE!!! Damn you!!!

That was my only big problem with the Samsung Tab. It seems dumb to pay that much cash and not be able to make a lousy call from it.

so you are unable to use headphones with a mic or speaker for your calls? It is not dumb to use the 7 inch screen for calls. But your post, my sir, is dumb and unnecessary.

I thought the Tab was always going to make calls....thats why it was on carriers, you just needed a bluetooth to use it...

The feature was disabled on all US versions of it. Not sure why, maybe to avoid confusing people, maybe to make sure people signed up for another plan, instead of porting over their existing plan/swapping SIM cards, maybe because they KNEW people would look like the picture above when the didn't have a bluetooth or wired headset handy. :)

I am surprised to read this as well. It's great and all that it has been hacked to support calling, but wow, are they really attempting to sell a jumbo smartphone that doesn't make calls?

That's probably why in the US calls are disabled, Because Americans are dumb enough to think that if It can receive calls they will look at it as a giant smartphone and not a Tablet computer.

I do not want a giant smartphone, i want a Tablet PC. It doesn't need to make calls, I wouldn't hold my laptop to my face to make a call.

But.. it is a giant smartphone. Tablet PCs are all gone back in the 90's :-) we all lived through that nightmare, and good riddance to them because they all sucked.

Is it possible to play the android app dimulco with this tablet? I like to play dimulco.

The Galaxy tab is such an incredible ripp off !! You have to be a FOOL to lay out the cash for that thing !!! what a piece of crap, overpriced crap

why is that? the apple ipad has sold 3 million units or more and it does less than the Tab... so who is the bigger fool?

just like with the icrap market, there's an app for that, seriously i can use skype, line2, or a number of any other apps with my ipoop (ipod) to make calls aslong as i have a good wifi signal, which i always do (rooted Evo), aslong as there is a Voip type app then you can make calls with a data plan.

I will admit its pretty cool just for the fact that somebody can pull it off, but honestly I would not buy a tablet to make phone calls. That is why I have my X. For that reason I could really care less about being able to make phone calls or not from it. Now with that said, I will not be buying one. I am waiting for Tegra 2 & Honeycomb.

Galaxy Tab does 53 FPS in Neocore while the Tegra 2 in Toshiba AC100 can only do 27 FPS. Boxie also ditched Tegra 2 for Intel Atom because it can't do High Profile 1080p H.264 files. Go ahead and wait for Tegra 3 instead.

I tellin the guys over at PreCentral Dieter finally dropped his Pre and went with Android!!!!! lol

... the tab doesn't have an earpiece - so why the hell do people always refer to "holding it up to your head". Speakerphone or bluetooth are your only options. Oh, and a wired headset.

Actually, no. The mic is on the left side panel near the top, speakers are on the bottom, so if you flip the Tab upside down, it puts the (quite loud) speakers by your ear and the mic down by your mouth. Turn down the speaker volume, and viola! Instant handset that you don't feel compelled to shout into like you do for a normal speakerphone, and more private conversations as well.

Does look goofy, but it works.

Some people thought the EVO was to large to make calls on or to large period. Yet they are finding out ways to make calls on a tablet. Funny stuff.

If the T-Mo Tab supported voice calls I would have already bought one. The carriers want to charge you twice for data, on your smartphone and on your tablet. This is another example of lack of competition among carriers.

Hey New here at the forum, can any body tell me show me how to enable the call feature on this galaxy tab.