Samsung Galaxy S4

First update for T-Mobile Galaxy S4 going out over the air and through Kies

The first update for T-Mobile US's Samsung Galaxy S4 is pushing out today over the air and through Samsung's Kies desktop software.

The new software version M919UVUAMDL is a minor update containing "improvements to the visual voicemail app" and "ISIS app improvements," according to T-Mo's support pages. (ISIS being the NFC-based mobile wallet app backed by many U.S. operators.)

There's always a chance some other bug fixes or improvements have been sneaked in behind the scenes, so if you're rocking a T-Mo GS4 then hit the comments and let us know how you're getting on after today's update.

Source: T-Mobile; via: Android Central forums


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T-Mobile Galaxy S4 gets first update, visual voicemail and ISIS improvements included


I got the update OTA this morning and lost root. I had used MOTOChopper to acquire it the first time with no problem. That method now does not work.

I am on AT&T, but just received a 21.39 Mb software update. I can't find anything out on Google about it, so I am not sure what it is...

I say screw the carrier VVM and just use goolge voice. Oh so much better plus you get your voice mails converted to text for free instead of having to pay a monthly fee.

@Alex Dobie

Thanks for the information.

it's a very good news T-Mobile US is pushing out the update over the air and through Samsung's Kies desktop software. Samsung should always give their customer the opportunity to update their smartphone through Kies and also OTA. and Kies should be in 2 versions, one is for only upgrade smartphone software and other for all other matters. we expect more light and user friendly software from Samsung.

Thanks in Advance

Why no S3 love? Because we did not shell out hundreds of dollars? They should be updating us to 4.2.2 by this time. TMO rep "claims" end of June. /shrug

It will probably be June for the GT-I9300 international 3G versions... The T-Mobile one will be in September seeing how horrible US carriers are at pushing out updates ;)

Since no one seems to have left a comment that addresses this I will say it. Before the update I was having some pretty obvious lag issues. Enough to be somewhat annoyed by it. After the update and reboot those issues went away. My update description said it was to address issues with performance and stability. I am pleased.