Optimus L9

T-Mobile and LG release another Jelly Bean update for the Optimus L9, hopefully the previous issues have been sorted out

The Optimus L9 may not be the most popular phone in LG's stable, but that didn't keep them from coordinating with T-Mobile and getting another Jelly Bean update ready to go for the device. The update is live and pushing out OTA to folks on the current 4.1.2 official firmware, as well as a package for folks still running the 4.0.4 firmware who skipped the last OTA that was quickly pulled.

This time around you'll be bumped to software version P76920f, which is still Android 4.1.2, but contains additional security enhancements according to T-Mobile. Hopefully, things will go a bit better than the last 4.1.2 update that was pulled because of battery and Wifi calling issues. 

To check for your update, from the home screen press Menu > Settings > About device > System update and follow the prompts.

Source: T-Mobile; Thanks, Andrew!


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T-Mobile's Optimus L9 gets another update to Jelly Bean


Typo? After update android version is 4.1.2. We'll see how this update goes. I updated my l9 back in May and had no problems with the update. Would have liked to see 4.2 but that's not gonna happen.

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I'm running Android 4.2 on mines, but the process is difficult to unlock boot loader/root altogether. More so than any android device I've had(except for the Droid X, couldn't unlock the bootloader). Regardless its good to bring the JB update for normal users. But LG should offer apps to SD(this phone badly needs it), and official unlock bootloader method for the T-Mobile version.

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How is it that the Verizon edition has 4.1 but the international version doesn't???

I'm never buying an LG phone again, unless it's a nexus.