We had originally reported on the rumor that T-Mobile was going to be sending out replacement T-Mobile G1 batteries to G1 Users.  A lot of information was unclear: how was T-Mobile going to send out all those batteries, what size will they be, will they demand we return the battery, etc. When we asked T-Mobile about it, they stated that T-Mobile does not comment on any rumor/speculation stories.

But according to a tip from one of our well-informed readers, tyler, it looks like things are beginning to take shape in regards to this replacement battery giveaway:


Just wanted to let you guys know that i just got off the phone with a tmobile supervisor who confirmed that replacement batteries are being sent out and that there was an internal memo sent around that extra batteries are being sent out free of charge and there will be no need to send back your old one! He was unable however to confirm whether or not they would be of a higher capacity or not.


We at Android Central definitely wouldn't mind an extra battery, but still hold out hope that they'll improve it to 1400 mAh or so. Stay tuned to see if this rumor comes true!

Thanks for the tip tyler!


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T-Mobile Really Sending Out Replacement G1 Batteries?


I have read the memo in question. Basically battery replacements such as this are to be handled like any other warranty issue. That is, if you are getting the expected life out of your battery, that’s what you get. You have to go through the troubleshooting such as doing various power-saving things with your phone (turning off GPS, checking 3rd party apps that could be using extra juice, etc). Only after all that, if the battery is still not holding or taking a charge normally, a free replacement CAN be sent.

Now what’s not clear on the memo - is just exactly how bad someone’s battery has to be before we can replace it. Faulty batteries can always be replaced on warranty, actually, but in this case…. it’s a little bit vague since they specifically sent us a memo saying we could replace these batteries. I’d err on the side of sending a battery out, myself, but not all techs may agree.

Hmm...I wonder if the size of the new battery will be worth all the hoops we'll be made to jump through to get it then.

well i dont think thats true cause i had some battery issues w/my batt and i had to buy a new one.

TMo USA recorded by complaint and treated me well at level one support. Transferred me to level two support where I was treated like an idiot that was using his first phone or computer ever... made me re-explain everything I told level one support. Level two support then transferred me to HTC helpline. They were closed at the time. It's the first time TMo has pissed me off. When I've had issues in the past, they've been very supportive and proactive regarding plans, coverage, overage, billing etc. There have not been that many issues over the 5+ years I've had them (not including some of the dropped call issues I've had) and in each case (with exception of this battery issue) they've been very accomodating and helpful.

I'm rather disappointed in the way they handled this, however its really not their fault... i know. its HTC's so this is why they've passed the buck. They better ante up and send the free extra battery at minimum, if they are not already figuring out how to make a double life battery. Honestly, I wouldn't mind paying for a double life battery, but will not buy another battery identical to this one. I have to charge twice a day. That's wrong. If you're going to make a device that is going to get heavy usage, create a power supply that can handle it. Plain and simple.

As soon as I saw this I called t-mobile complaining about how my g1 battery wouldn't hold a charge. I was asked how much usage I was getting and I said maybe 2 hours before I had to recharge.

I was given some immediate script bullshit about battery "training" and using the battery until it's dead.. etc. I quickly retorted that this was what I had been doing and the battery has not seen any improved life despite the conditioning.

It took a good 10-15 min of complaining that this was a new product and I shouldn't be experiencing such a battery memory in such a short time of ownership. I suppose I jumped through the right hoops because I was then offered a replacement battery to e sent free of charge. (ground shipping)

When I asked if they would need the "defective" battery to be sent back, the t-mobile rep said I could do whatever I wanted with it.

;P yay

Just got off the phone with T-Mobile blackberry support. After short troubleshooting session on short battery life, they offered to replace the standard battery with another standard battery and not a larger one. They had no knowledge of the larger capacity battery that is discussed on the forums. Android Central needs to get their story straight about the availability of the new larger battery from T-Mobile.