T-Mobile G2

Remember how about a month ago a few people reported their G2s had been updated for Wifi calling? And remember how T-Mobile said there was no such update? Well, now there is. It's official folks, the update is under way, and here's what you'll get:

  • Wi-Fi Calling for Android
  • Resolves device freeze and unexpected power-off issues
  • Improves data connection reliability
  • Optimizes radio recovery

Of course, it doesn't address the one we thing we know you want it to -- the whole rooting situation. We'll just have to keep waiting and hoping on that one. [T-Mobile]

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There are 7 comments

GearSecond says:

I can't wait for this to come get on my phone. Wi-fi calling will really help since I can only get great reception in the upper levels of my house. The other fixes are good too.

moises1204 says:

is this WiFi calling coming to the vibrant too?

Kyran says:

I'm not sure why anyone was expecting an OTA to make this phone easier to root. I hear the myTouch 4G does the same thing with its read-only parts.

drfrank says:

Adding wifi calling and addressing the connection problems are huge improvements. Harshing on the rootability of the phone just sounds like sour grapes, Phil. You want a pony?

xiseerht says:

Well the wifi calling , usb tethering and wifi tethering works great for me. Very very happy with this update. I am loving it so far.

aka_blake says:

Just received my update this morning. Will t-mobile begin to charge for the wireless tethering after the first use or do you have to add it on to your bill?

mao mao says:

I'm so jealous of everyone that has already received the update, the last ota update I got was 1.6 on my g1!