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T-Mobile is going all out today at their CES press conference, and starting today they have just announced that all of their devices will qualify for $0 down. Having just announced their new plans to pay ETF fees for those looking to change carriers, they will also be making the choice much easier with requiring no money down on the new devices.

Whether you are looking for a brand new Nexus 5, or a Samsung Galaxy S4, or even the LG G2, you can walk out of a T-Mobile store with $0 down on any device. While many of these new ideas from T-Mobile seem to be a bit crazy, they have been paying off as the company has seen huge increases in the subscriber base.

Of course even though you walk out of the store with $0 down, the price of the device is divided and billed monthly, but for those who don't have the money today to get a new phone, this is still a great option. Will you be ditching your current smartphone for a brand new one from T-Mobile?


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T-Mobile offering all phones for $0 down


After I spoke to T-Mobile salesperson over the weekend and, I asked him about the T-Mobile plan and their monthly charges. I am staying with Sprint. To get from T-Mobile what Sprint offers me, it will coost me $8.0 @ moth more than Sprint.

Lol! People should proof read their posts before pressing submit.

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Funny, I was in the middle of switching my plan from crapt&T to T-mobile...the keynote was just too funny.

Plain and simple, nothing beats T-mobile or T-mobile customer services period.

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Hahaha +1

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I'm happy all phones are 0 down but I'm wondering that as well. Will the xperia z1 be 0 down. When galaxy note 3 came to T-Mobile it was $299

I almost wish T-Mobile would say "always 0 down". But when they release new phones it's probably impossible.

Not like you ever get ripped off too. The more you pay the less you pay monthly. 0 down means paying more monthly anyways. Not everyone qualifies for zero down too.

Now nexus 5 and moto x are zero down. Never ending decision.

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T-Mobile still doesn't sell the Moto X directly, so it isn't included. You get get one from Motorola with their financing, but you've been able to do that for a while.

I know they don't. I was hoping they'd announce it at CES. Well Motorola still has an announcement next week who knows. I diddn't say it but yes, Motorola sells the Moto X off contract with financing. If you have good credit you can get it 0 down. That's why I was comparing the two. Although, I'm pretty sure t-mobile insurance+jump is better than moto care.

Actually, when the Galaxy Note 3 came out, it was free for the first couple of weeks. They just, for some reason, didn't really advertise that. You may have also needed to go to the store to get that price.

I would,
But my unlocked off contact Note 3 I paid $360 on craigslist for + my $30 unlimited EVERYTHING (including tethering) Verizon plan makes me stay with VZW.
Using 100GB+ a month :)

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You are 1 in a billion to be able to do that on Verizon. Be proud of that!

Nexus 5...enough said

No thanks, TMOBILE's service sucks monkey balls, I'm a nyc cab driver and i would get dropped calls left and right. Had to switch to vzw, little expensive but worth it.

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Well played, lol.

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Do you want your phone to have a decent amount of storage and work at all without lag? If you do, get the N5.

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I would highly recommend the Nexus 5. You get an awesome phone with awesome specs, and without all the touchwiz crap that Samsung fills their phones with. And, you get the newest versions of Android instantaneously, something Samsung hasn't been able to do...

Nexus 5...enough said

Yes, thank you Nexus for beta testing your software for us though 4.4, 4.4.1 and 4.4.2.

You call it crap, but many people call it useful. You just have lower expectations is all.

I didn't know Nexus users had lower expectations! Silly me. And, here I thought I was high maintenance, lol.

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Lower by what standard? If there is a version of Android that is on both a regular Samsung device and a Nexus device, and a bug is discovered on that version of Android, who gets the bug fix first? There are devices out there with 4.4 and 4.4.1 still. They aren't GSM versions of nexus 4 or 5 though. I'm not saying anything against TouchWiz because I've never spent much time using it. I'm sure it is useful to many people. I'm just saying there is advantage to being a so called "beta tester" if you like speedy updates and stock Android, like I do.

I call it crap, why? I hate all that bloatware they add on every Samsung touchwiz device. I prefer nexus stock android and yes its much more useful for me. If you buy Samsung galaxy s4 with 16gb carrier version, you will have 8.8 storage left.

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Touchwiz is ugly, but the only bloat put on is the stuff from the carriers, and you have that with every OEM

And no, you did not have 8.8 and when all was said and done it was right at 12Gb after the updates.

Regardless, you have expandable memory (yes I know the downsides that are supposedly there) so you had potentially 72GB of storage space.

We all have our my opinions and I also too hate touchwiz with passion. . I actually like galaxy s4 google play edition, with all that great spec on gs4 gpe thats a beast phone.

Sorry, I call it crap without any apologies. I had a Note 2. Filled to the brim with crap, and most likely, it will never see 4.4 officially. The Nexus 5 is the way to go!

Nexus 5...enough said

according to the leaked document, it will see 4.4 around the time that the G2 does, late Q2.

Samsung supports its phones for more than a year, unlike a lot of other OEMs

I'll believe it when I see it. If they do, then more power to them. I would like to see my note 2 get KitKat!

Nexus 5...enough said

Pay your bills on time, and its considered good enough to get the phone at 0%...

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I wanna switch but they're only going to give me $175 for my pristine Galaxy Note 3. I was expecting more in the $200 range for a device that came out on Verizon about 3 month ago. Nope not gonna switch.

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Tmo just offered $300 for a used s4 someone is ripping you off. The sales person has 175 in his pocket

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How the hell did you forget so fast that they also paid off your etf? Which if your phone is 3 months old, then your etf is in the 300 dollar range. 300 etf + 300 instant credit is $600 they paid for your phone that is worth....$600?

This is the problem. People, even here, forget that their phone was subsidized which is the whole reason they had to sign a contract in the first place. The etf is designed for exactly this. The etf if the price of your phone, more or less. It's designed to recoup the money that was subsidized in giving you that s4 for $100 down or whatever.

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Verizon phones are always worth less.

Do you have a different vzw smartphone (the one you got before the note 3)?

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Honestly kinda spot on.

Your selling a CDMA phone to a GSM carrier. If it was GSM to GSM I am sure it would be more. CDMA to GSM means they have to sell it to a 3rd party to get rid of it. GSM they can just refurb and send back out.

Same with GSM to CDMA...

That's what swappa is for. You can get from 400 and up for the note 3. Just remember that cdma phones get less than gsm phones. That's what I did. Instead of them paying me they just credited me $200 per line. I sold my note 2 for $250. I'm glad I chose tmobile. Couldn't be happier

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I recommend putting an older phone on the account then trade that one. If you don't have one buy a cheap droid and trade that one.

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Is that $175 total or $175 and your ETF paid off? Is the money they pay for your phone supposed to go towards paying your ETF or is that separate money that can go to the cost of a new phone? How much is your ETF? Maybe you get less for the phone if the ETF is bigger? I don't really know. I'm just throwing ideas out there. How much did you pay for the phone after it was subsidized?

$175 plus your $300 etf? Or is it $350? They are paying about $500 for your $600 phone. They make a tiny profit that's not even bragworthy. They just want customers.

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I know how about putting them on sale from the full price. I see tmo did on the year old note 2 but let's uncarrier the new devices with a discount every now and again

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Unlike other carriers t-mo never sells phones at cost or lose money on them. Smart move business wise but as a consumer I hate it.

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I hate the fact that a little 5in smartphone costs more than a 15.4in full size laptop!!! The price of smartphones makes absolutely no sense at all!

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But, you can't fit the laptop in your pocket. Or can you?

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Maybe you should compare the price of buying an iphone or s4 outright with T-Mobile and Apple and other carriers.

Because T-Mobile ends up selling the phone a for less.

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No it doesn't. Following my price of phone plus EFT rule, my wife's S4 was $150+$350=$500. $650 on tmo. WTF are you smoking?

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T-Mobile makes less money off phones than the other 3 carriers... remember, you're paying off your phone with the extra price in your plan with the other carriers.

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Your math is wrong. My rule of thumb is price of phone plus ETF fee is what you're actually paying for a phone. So my "free" G2 actually cost $350 but on t-mo it's $600 all the time.

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But if you pay the monthly bills over the length of the contract you are paying more than $600 for the phone. Is $350 really the ETF right after you sign the contract? If so then yes getting a free phone then canceling the contract and paying $350 is cheaper. I imagine there are people out there pulling this scam but if you're comparing the plans assuming 2 years of comparable service then you are paying less with tmo.

In my situation it's not. maybe on vzw or at&t.
24 months of service on sprint not counting corporate discount will cost me 24X$150=$3600($3120 including corporate discount). I paid $150 for my wife's S4 and my G2 was "free" so $3600+$150=$3750.
On T-Mo those 2 phones will cost $1200 and service for 2 years will cost $2880. So $2880+1200=$4080.
I'm not counting corporate discount because I'm not sure if T-Mo still gives one since they ditched contracts. But assuming they don't. Then that's $4080 on T-MO vs $3260 on sprint.
On AT&T 10GB shared data with 2 lines it would actually cost you $4620 over 2 years or $4350 if you got the phones on contract from amazon instead of At&T. Or even closer in price to T-MO if you buy your phones from swappa or something. 2 phones at let's say 400 each=800+3240 for 2 years of service= $4040 total.

For some reason I assumed you were comparing it to verizon. Sprint and tmobile have always been pretty comparable in price.

Assuming your figures are correct. The difference in the cost of service between the two is $720. You can consider that part of the cost of the device. You got special discounts on the phones, so that's not really comparing apples to apples. Lets assume each phone normally costs $200 + 2 year contract with Sprint. That would be $4000 on Sprint vs. $4080 on tmobile. So, yeah Sprint is slightly cheaper but consider the benefits that the extra $80 gets you: no contract, gsm (so you can use your phone overseas or on ATT, and your phone will have a higher resell value). IMHO those two things alone are worth $80.

If getting a free phone is enough for you to put up with sprint, then by all means do it. Coming from a former Sprint customer (who got a free phone every year from work) it was not worth it for me.

My point still remains. T-MO always makes money on phones. They never have sales on them. They sell them at full retail price all the time. Whereas when other carriers sell it to you for "free" they are breaking even or making slight profit. All I'm saying is that I see through their uncarrier smoke. Still Switching to them once I can get my hand on a Z1s. If their service is not up to par I can always just take my Z1s to AT&T for a tiny bit more money.

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Wow T-Mobile means business I haven't seen companies paying off ETF to switch in a long time and also 0 Down if you ever thought about switching it time to move people

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I just checked the site after reading this thread via Feedly. They did change up the wording, but when you get into the process, the $0 still depends on your credit for say the Nexus 5. When I looked over the site as the CES webcast ended, the wording was still "For Well Qualified", but that has disappeared in the initial process, but reappears once you begin the actual buying process, the credit drop down appears.

The $0 down applies to a few not worth mentioning refurbs.

So, if you have great credit, $0 as before, if it's spotty at best, a down payment will still be required. Still awesome news on the ETF, been waiting on that since I read the grumblings over the net a few weeks back,

I have good credit but tmobile wants charge a lot for deal that suppose to be zero up front. I went to at&t, they offer me zero up front with contract for iphone 5s gold. I did not sign any contract with at&t I was just checking.

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This is... Not true.

It's $0 down on all high end phones for well qualified customers.

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Legere never said what this article is reporting. They did state repeatedly that $0 was for WELL qualified.I think this article is incorrect, the only $0 down are the few refurb phones shown. They are waving the activation fees, so if you have Excellent credit, you should walk out for at best, just taxes if they're not billing that. Which according to the cart I have now, they're not. It's just asking for the down payment of the devices as I tested this using the "Building Credit" tab, not the "Excellent"

All top of the line phones are 0 down, not old refurbs. But you're right about the well qualified. The rest are going to have to pay maybe 200 up front and the rest on eip

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I wouldn't mind giving T-Mobile a shot just that I'm in SW Kansas so we hardly get any service over here. Verizon has LTE here and AT&T just has their 4G (HSPA+) which is good enough so i'm just sticking with my straight talk through AT&T but I would love to try out T-mobile!

My parents live in SW Kansas, but I moved to Central Oklahoma a few years back and recently (read: when the N5 was released) switched from VZW to T-Mo. Yeah, Magenta doesn't even touch that region -- I'm on MetroPCS towers the whole time I'm up there. Sad face.

Yes there is money out of your pocket today, they make you pay tax on the full price of the device upfront

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There CEO is commiting FALSE ADVERTISING.....all T Mobile devices are 0 down if you have great credit. If you dont you will have to pay a large down payment and the tax on the device...T Mobiles CEO is lyin through his teeth...you dont believe it..go to a store and see for yourself.

First of all, stop being a deadbeat. Pay your bills and you will have good credit. Second, the down payment would only be about $200 (about what you would pay pretty much anywhere for a new phone) and this is put towards the cost of the phone so you would be paying less monthly. Third, yes you have to pay the tax, that's not lying, its called "the fine print", you are still paying way less than you would anywhere else.


1)I pay my own bills and have good credit. So according to you I can run my mouth. 2)Almost all companies have stipulations in order to qualify for any sort of financing. That's how the world works. If you are not trustworthy (i.e.; have bad credit) then you aren't going to qualify. If you can't understand this then it's no wonder you can't figure out how to pay your bills. 3) You don't know who I voted for and you are clearly misinformed about many things in life.

I just tried to sign up 2 phones for the wife and I,

My credit score is about 720, my wife's is about 800... They wanted $240 down when each of us tried. I am not sure anywhere but T-mobile that a credit score of 800 isn't considered excellent.

oh well, guess I will stick with Verizon.

Go to a T-mobile store and try getting a phone with absolutely $0 down and you will find out that is not true, even with excellent Credit... I understand having to pay Taxes.. but that just makes the $0 down advertisement false..

What's the actual score according T-Mobile for "Excellent, good credit, credit builder" my credit score is 590. Do i qualify?
I just don't wanna run my credit knowing already my score i just need their score