The first taste is free

T-Mobile has announced a new way to try their network with your LTE-enabled tablet. As part of the Un-carrier 3.0 initiative, users — even those who are not a current T-Mobile customer — will receive 200MB of free LTE data on any eligible device every 30 days. This offer is good for tablets purchased through T-Mobile, or any compatible device you may already have or have purchased elsewhere. Users who already have a tablet data plan with T-Mobile will get an extra 200MB monthly. this offer will last for the life of the device.

This won't work like the current Simple Choice plans. Once you use the "free" bandwidth, you're shut off instead of being throttled. You'll be given an opportunity to sign up for a day pass, or any other plan, but you can always choose to just disconnect until your 30-day cycle refreshes. Current customers won't have to do anything for the extra data bucket, their plan will be automatically adjusted to take advantage of the new offer.

This all goes into effect November 1. CEO John Legere was also quick to mention that they're not done yet with their Un-carrier program. Will bring you more if and when it happens, but for now be sure to click the link below to get all the information, and you can always hit up @TMobile with questions on Twitter.

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T-Mobile offering 200MB of free LTE for any tablet with no strings attached


Unless you want something more than 2G outside of a "major metropolitan area."
Other than that, you can't beat price.

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If all you're basing that on is price, then sure T-Mobile "beats" the major carriers. Good luck getting decent data speeds 20 miles outside of major metropolitan cities though. Stupid fanboy.

Good thing my speeds 20 miles outside of metropolitan cities are still better than Sprint LTE.

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As a long-term Sprint customer with LTE about to fully light up in San Diego and all Southern California, I've been considering T-mobile for Nexus 7 when rarely not on wifi since no Sprint option.

I notice in Rancho Bernardo SD LTE is very limited but all those hills probably block the signals, I know my GF goes to visit her sister in Ramona and def no coverage there boo!

I'd blow through that in less than 15mins... So what's that going to do for me.

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Nothing, it won't do anything for you. But for those of us curious about their network and who *don't* live every second of our lives streaming or downloading from the internet, it's a great way to evaluate T-Mobile's network. Hell, with how much WiFi access is available, I've probably used under 200MB per month for the past 2-3 years, so this would serve me just fine.

If they keep making moves like this and can drastically improve their coverage, someday they might be almost as good as Verizon

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Considering by its true definition LTE technically isn't even true 4G... I think 5G is a long ways away.

just saying... T-Mobile doesn't even have near the amount of money as VZW when it comes to building a coast to coast LTE network at a rapid pace

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I'm curious about whether this would work in my (work provided) AT&T iPad 3...I could live off 200MB a month if it meant internet access on the train :)

John Legere said during the press release that pretty much any cellular iPad, excluding the Verizon CDMA Only variant of the iPad 2 would work with their network. Without looking it up, I'm not sure which wireless bands your iPad 3 has, but it may make a difference in both it's bands and what frequencies T-Mo is using in your area as to whether you'll get 3G/4G, or only EDGE. Something to look into..

It looks like the frequencies are compatible, but only if t-mobile has refarmed them in my area. Maybe I'll just have to walk into a t-mobile store and ask

This is very tempting. I was stuck in traffic once and my phone was dead and just needed to shoot an email to someone to tell them I was running late. My Nexus 7 was a wi-fi version only =(

I need to find a car charger that won't break on me all the time....

" AT&T plans, consumers can save up to hundreds of dollars over two years with T-Mobile’s Tablets Un-leashed offer."

Up to hundreds? That's an awfully vague savings quote.

I switched from Verizon to T-Mobile and I save $60 a month. With the savings I get unlimited data and faster LTE speeds than I ever saw on Vzw.

I doubt that is a fair comparison. Verizon is expensive, but not that much for a single device unless you are not comparing apples to apples....

the thing with T-Mobile LTE speeds is that it varies based upon where u live. I get 20 Meg consistently everywhere I go on Verizon. On T-Mobile u are in LTE in one place and then edge in another (most places actually).

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Or you can get a T-Mobile data only plan, go the VOIP route and dump whatever contract you had been using. Seriously considering this myself.

I wonder, do you also get that 200 mb free internationally (@ 2G speeds of course), like on the Simple plans? If so, that's AWESOME.

Pretty cool. There have been times when I really needed some data on my tablets when there was no wifi available. I cant afford to pay for a tablet with a data connection but that would come in handy. Obviously most of us would burn through that in minutes but that would be more than enough for me to send an email or some reading on my tablet when I cant find wifi.

So, how many different tablets work with T-Mobile LTE?
-Nexus 7 LTE
-iPad Cellular (T-Mobile version)
-Samsung Galaxy Tab (T-Mobile version)

One thing though. I was recently in TMobile store to get a new sim for my daughter's phone, and they charged me $20.33 which is way overpriced.

I got charged $20, as well. I complained, and the rep told me the sim card is free, if you purchase $20 or more in accessories. So, I bought a sweet pair of Skull Candy ear buds. Works for me.

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Correct me if I'm wrong please. If it is LTE only, it won't work for the 2012 Nexus 7. :-( Makes me want to upgrade.

Holy shit! That's 1,000,000,000 times more than you get on VZ, AT&T, and Sprint combined - for free.

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Okay, so to clear this up for everyone.

There are two tablets being offered and that are eligible for this deal. The 2013 Nexus 7 and the Galaxy Tab 2 10.1.

Starting November 20th, the Nexus 7 will be $0 down and at a monthly payment of $16 for 24 months. This will total to $384 before taxes and this is for the 32 GB LTE model. Which regularly costs $349. The Galaxy Tab 2 10.1 will be $0 down and at a monthly payment of $19 over 24 months which will total to $456. You can pay these off the moment you buy them or the remaining balance at any point in the 2 years if you so please. You can also take your current tablet into a T-mobile retailer and they will give you a discount off of one of these two tablets. This trade in will not include any and all tablets and the value you receive for them may vary. The tablet payments have a APR of 0%, so no need to worry about the payments increasing. If you decide to sell the tablet or get rid of it, you will have to pay the remaining balance off immediately.

Once receiving the tablet you will get 200 MB of 4G LTE data every month for free, for life, as long as you still own that very tablet you bought from them. This is estimated to be about 800 Instagram pictures, 2,500 emails, or 200 minutes of music streaming a month.

If this is not enough data for you, you can buy daily or weekly plans. The Daily plan is 500 MB of 4G LTE data at $5 a day. The weekly plan is 1 GB of 4G LTE data at $10 a week. Now, once you pass these caps though, you will continue to be able to use data, but it won't be at LTE speeds, it will be at reduced speeds. The data you receive at reduced speeds has no limit or cap on it.

For those of you who are T-mobile voice customers, there are "always-on" tablet data plans that you can add to your bill to have more data for your purchased tablet. You can purchase 500 MB of 4G LTE data a month for $10 and then increase the data amount by increments of 2 GB more of 4G LTE data per month for $10 more for each incremental increase. Also, like the daily and weekly plans, after you hit your data limit, you will still continue to be able to use data, but at a reduced speed.

Last but not least, if you have one of the paid plans, not the free 200 MB plan, you will also receive unlimited data internationally which covers 100+ countries.

I have gone through and read all of the terms and agreement pages on this, because I myself am fairly interested. I am a T-mobile customer already and I reside in Winchester, Va where I have an average speed of 40-50 mbps on T-mobile LTE.

Thanks for the detailed information!

I'm considering getting a new iPad and trying out the coverage in Houston, TX!

200 mb is about an hour of streaming video. It's certainly not much, but for just web-browsing or Facebook or Twitter, that's a fair amount to offer.

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To those complaining that it is only 200mb, while it is only that little, they are giving this away for nothing. Pay for a sim card one time and every month you get that same 200mb, it may not be much but 200mb is more than 0 which is what every other carrier gives for free.

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Lol. This assures I will be moving to Sprint probably. This is cute until the traffic issues start. I know its only 200mb but still. You're telling me I have to share my lte with people who aren't paying customers? As someone who has seen VZW speeds slowly drop over the last few years, I'll pass. Seems like TMobile is doing anything to attract customers but this one sounds a bit unfair to paying customers. I feel like Sprint will have the quality service with the best value soon here with fresh lte and Triband. It will likely go in cycles as carriers enhance their network. VZW may still be the most reliable but the gap has closed too much to justify their prices. That's just my opinion though. Every body's mileage will definitely vary. All these carriers seem to be working on their network despite whatever reputation they have. Just not in all the same places.

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I hope the next Sprint HTC One release will feature a fully utilized Snapdragon A800 to include all three frequencies. Also permit 3G calls and wifi simultaneously like the EVO LTE but not a capability on the current HTC One.

This is my favorite part:

"Users who already have a tablet data plan with T-Mobile will get an extra 200MB monthly. this offer will last for the life of the device."

I just signed up for the 500MB plan (since between the N7 and my phone I doubt I will use that much data). I really wanted a 1GB plan, but this will get me close enough.

Wonder if this ended? Just called retail store close by. They said you have to be a phone customer to get this free tab data.