T-Mobile is reportedly planning to offer a number of new plan and pricing options to their customers. According to a leaked screenshot, you'll have some great deals from the carrier. We're talking $50/month for unlimited anytime minutes with long distance, voicemail, three-way calling, and caller ID. Those customers who add a line and port a number to T-Mobile are in line for a $135 credit as well.

Family Talk Anytime Unlimited would be $90 with additional lines at $40. Data and Text messaging bundles are quoted at their current rate. We're not sure how accurate this report is, but it's definitely a juicy one. These unadvertised deals are supposed to begin on March 1st and will be offered to eligible customers via text, email, or phone.

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T-Mobile To Offer $50 Unlimited Plan


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Bit of Advice When calling insist on speaking to someone in the coprate office the operator is tuf to get by but you can get threw her just tell her that if she doesnt transfer you threw your calling the local news ... She will trnasfer you WAY fast

I had been with Aerial, Voice Stream then T-Mobile for years, even though I worked for Sprint. Recently I had to cancel my account due to several months of dropped calls, not receiving messages etc (living in an area that did not have strong signals).

Last week I "finally" got a job and get to move back home. I contacted T-Mobile and they will NOT provide me this plan, why? because I was ONE day short of requesting it be re-instated.

This is loyalty to their faithful customers?