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A quick heads up that T-Mobile is now officially selling the Nexus 5 online. You can pay $449 outright — that's an extra $50 over (OK, OK, $100 over the comparable 16GB version) what you'll pay at Google Play, mind you — or $17 a month over two years with $41 down.

Otherwise, same ol' Nexus 5 we've been enjoying for weeks now.

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T-Mobile now selling the Nexus 5 for $449


Not exactly; it depends if you have to pay for taxes or not. When I ordered my 32GB Nexus 5, taxes and shipping equaled 36. If you finance it, you don't get hit with the taxes all at once, plus you're not paying for shipping. So, it's really only a 64 markup; which isn't bad, considering you get the handset that day.

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I'm pretty sure you still pay tax one way or another, plus you're most likely paying it at a higher rate locally than on the internet (I only paid 3% from the play store, the store would have cost me 8.5% or more). So you're down to more like an $85 finance fee I suppose, which for anybody doing the math is a ridiculous 24.3% interest rate!

I didn't pay tax at all thru the Play store, came out to $400 for the 32GB plus $16 or whatever it was for two day shipping.

Actually quite the contrary. When you purchase a phone from T-Mobile on their monthly payment plan, you actually DO have to pay the taxes up front for the full value of the phone. So say in my case, we have a 7% sales tax in my county and I would have to pay $31.50 up front. It's all in the fine print.

So if I was to buy iy from T-Mo today, I'd be paying a total price of $481.50. I got a chance to buy the N5 on the day of release and I bought the black 32GB model which was $436 after shipping costs. That's $45.50 LESS than the T-Mo 16GB model.

What the T-Mo monthly payment plan is good for is if you can't afford the lump sum up front and whenever you finance something, expect to pay a price for it. $100 premium is not all that bad IMHO, but if you CAN afford the lump sum, run on over to Google Play store and buy it there.

Ok, I didn't realize, you have to pay the entire tax "balance" upfront. Thanks!!

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It's the same for all but one of the carriers I think...

The BS part is that they're overcharging for tax if you go for one of those yearly upgrade term payment plans (I know this has nothing to do with Tmo's normal financing btw), cause they'll still charge you the tax amount for the full price that you'll never pay because after a year you'd wanna trade the phone in (otherwise those plans don't make much sense, paying full price up front is cheaper in the long run, if nothing else because you can resell your devices).

So, in a way, you're getting charged tax, essentially twice, which is similar to paying a finance charge, if you opt for T-Mobile's offering (JUMP).

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It's no different than buying a car on a 4-year term and trading it in after a year and getting a new 4-year term on the new car. You will be paying tax on the full value when you purchased each car.

That's not quite true as you will have to pay tax on diference between the trade in cost of the first car and the price of the second car.

Taxes and shipping are usually paid up front and NOT financed as part. This I know as my wife works for an online retailer and while they offer on select items a payment plan (2-5 months depending on the item), the 1st month always includes the taxes and the shipping.

How else do you expect TMo to make any $$ selling it direct from their stores? If they sell it at the same price as Google, then obviously they make little to none. Its so cheap from the Google Play Store because we're buying it direct from the factory. You may not like the markup but learn how businesses work

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@XavierMatt Believe it or not, Richard generates clicks and, inadvertently, pays the bills, lol.

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Cause you don't have $350 to spend on a phone so you are faced with the choice of one of the crappy cheap or free phones other carriers offer or financing the Nexus 5 through T-Mobile.

Some want to finance it and some "like me" aren't patient enough to wait 5 weeks:)

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Honestly people who cannot afford to pay $350 + s/h have some significant financial issues and really should redirect their priorities from having a high end smartphone which is NOT a necessity for most people. The fact they choose the finance option and pay even more in the long run just demonstrates a lack of financial responsibility (which a lot of americans suffer from)

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Sorry, but it's called Financial Leverage. It's a way of making your limited resources work for you. Instead of sinking all that cash into a single purchase, you spread the costs across a period time freeing up cash so it can work for you in other ways. You should never feel bad about spreading costs as it makes a good bit of business in the long run. Leveraging your money is not demonstrable of a lack of financial responsibility. Overextending is. There's a big difference.

Not Bad....I'm canceling Sprint this weekend, Might get this since I don't have the 400 to fork out from the play store and I dont have to wait 4 weeks. I say why not.

I call BS. Carriers pay 300-400 on flagships like the One, S4, and Iphone. No way LG is charging them $450 for a nexus device

Ordered this morning, already backordered and has a delivery date of 11/29. The preregistration page didn't do much good, never got an email from T-Mobile.

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I T-Mo rep over chat said it is still in stock. I wonder if they don't know or just getting me to buy?

Yea, ordered around 1 am and it was already backordered, kinda ridiculous; my delivery date is 11/27. They only have the black one right?

So took n5 to sprint and they said the Mei number or something they typed in shows my phone doesn't exist.. Anyone else have this issue?


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I got mines on sprint, I think they said the number on back is too long, they had to take a number or two off the end

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Why would you create a comment about registering on Sprint, within a Tmobile post? lol

Just create a thread in the forums to get answers.

BTW, the CSR probably had a typo in your IMEI #

The Sprint SIM inside my Nexus 5 begs to differ, and I got it in store last week btw. Limited quantities maybe, but they definitely carry them.

I was just about to ask you that. Where is your review? We're waiting for you, man!

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I signed up for JUMP in July with a GS4. Instead of waiting for January and switching to the Nexus 5 when eligible, I was contemplating buying the GS4 outright and selling it, buying the Nexus 5 from the Play store, and then cancelling my JUMP program. I figured I would only lose a little from the GS4 sale and would save $100 from the Play store purchase and also saving $10 a month not paying for JUMP. The question is, will they give me a hard time later when I want to purchase another phone through T-Mobile and possibly re-enroll in JUMP?

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T-Mo sales rep here. The eligibility for JUMP is that you buy a phone through the monthly financing option, so as long as you put a phone on the payment plan later on and add JUMP, then no, no hard times.

I unlocked my GS4, sold it on eBay for $425 and used that money to order the N5 :-)

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I'll just order from Google Play and wait. I worked a couple hours overtime so I could just pay the $399+ straight up on payday.

But when will it get Kit Kat?

Sorry, I thought someone was supposed to complain about that in every column.

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Really? Visual voicemail too? Google Voice is not available in Puerto Rico, I'm looking into Youmail to replace Sprint's VVM which always worked well... Gonna try to install Sprint's apk first tho, I've noticed people had gotten it working on CM so maybe it'll work on stock KK.

Remember when it was "confirmed" that the Nexus 4 had Wifi calling? and the Nexus S?

This doesn't have Wifi calling, I see no reason why or how it would.

Do you have to actually sign up for a plan to get the finance option? Or can you just pay the 40 flat fee plus 17 a month without signing up for a plan and inserting a different sim card?

Swype...and my lack of proofing foiled me again. Noob moment. Can I finally get a case in a store now?

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Google kindly make your nexus devices worldwide. We ain't feeling the love

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