Minimum amount of hotspot data increased 5x, new 6.5GB option available.

Starting yesterday, T-Mobile has changed its tethering bundle options associated with its unlimited data "Simple Choice" plans to both increase data buckets and reduce costs across the board. Although it may not be the most genuine of options, T-Mobile currently limits the amount of hotspot date you may use, even if you have a truly unlimited data plan. Luckily those limits are increasing, with the new minimum amount of SMHS (Smartphone Mobile Hotspot) data being set at 2.5GB per month, up from 500MB, on the base $20 data plan.

Additional hotspot data buckets can be purchased just as before, but the amount of data included is increasing per dollar and there is a new highest option available. If you want to hotspot for more than 2.5GB per month, you can now choose a 4.5GB SMHS bundle for $10 extra per month or an all-new 6.5GB bundle for $20 extra. The 6.5GB option wasn't available previously, and the cost of the 4.5 and 2.5GB options have dropped by $10 each — here's the new structure:

  • Unlimited data w/ 2.5GB of SMHS: $20/month
  • Unlimited data w/ 4.5GB of SMHS: $30/month
  • Unlimited data w/ 6.5GB of SMHS: $40/month

Its unfortunate that there isn't an even cheaper 500MB option for those wanting to use even less data, but bumping the minimum amount offered to 2.5GB with no increase in price is a pretty great tradeoff. In the end we really wish T-Mobile would just let "unlimited" users actually use the data they way they want, but at least this is a step in the right direction.

Source: T-Mobile; Via: TmoNews

T-Mobile Hotspot plans

T-Mobile Hotspot plans


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T-Mobile now offering more tethering data options to unlimited users


Man if only Tmobile could fix all that 2G they would be the go to company, they are doing everything right.

T-Mo unfortunately doesn't have the money to expand its network like that, theres not enough return on those limited $$ at this point.

Chicken and the egg, and all that.

Trying the old quantity over quality. Just about never works

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You've got it backwards though. T-Mobile is going for quality over quantity. They realize at this point they're just not going to compete with Verizon or AT&T on the sheer number of towers or square miles covered with "4G", so they're going to focus on offering great, cheap and fast service in the places where they do have coverage.

I see it differently they are going for quantity by offering cheap prices and not doing anything to improve their coverage (quality). I know you have to get the money somewhere to work on the network but more people are going to be turned off in the long run because of it.

Hey all, Rooting = Free Tethering (on Tmobile & Sprint), or whatever carrier you have your Unlimited Plan on.

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Hisense Sero 7 Pro

You don't need to root if you have a Nexus. Both my wife and I tether on the regular.

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Nice to see the options out there for the few people who get great speeds. Hopefully it will start a new trend with the other carriers

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I am sorta with you. I am one of the few that gets great lte with Sprint

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I am in Atlantic City area. They have gotten pretty much all their AWS network here refarmed to 1900 Mhz, and LTE is all over the place. I am just so lucky.

Be sure Tmo customers to call Tmo and request to be upgraded to the 2.5.I was told you have to call and request it.If I'm wrong don't shoot the messenger.lol!!!

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No need to call. The plans changed, and accounts will reflect the change.

Logged into mine today and, so long as I was not using their "beta" site, it showed me on the unlimited/2.5 plan (was on the unlimited/500 plan).

Your not the only one. It puzzles me as to how/why sprint is still the third biggest carrier in the US.

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Probably because there's a lot of us just waiting for our contracts to expire :P A year or so ago Sprint was still decent in my area but now, these tower upgrades have actually made my voice connection even worse, I drop calls all the time in places it used to be perfect.

Probably because not everyone is as dumb as you people. Wow so you get tethering on your rip off $70 unlimited plan then not only pay full price for a phone but a premium price above what all the other carriers charge for the exact same phone. It's a joke that you guys think tmobile even remotely compares to sprint. Go ahead keep on thinking $70+($20-30 a month for their overpriced phones) is a good deal. They are a joke and will be put back in their place when sprint is done with their build out.

Son, you just went full retard.

I'm on 30 dollars a month unlimited. Off contract.
Show me a better deal that saves more money/year overall.

This. I'm very sure tmoble is gonna overtake sprint I the next couple years. Pricing is almost perfect along with unlimited data plans and for the most part, they're getting all he phones we all want. However if HTC release the One Max on Tmobile, I won't have to get a new phone for quite sometime lol

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T-Mobile will never take over sprint because of the vast 2g network T-Mobile continues to use. I was one of the people who left sprint for tmo and I'm sorry I did it. They're great in the city but when I started to travel to rural areas, 2g or it was nothing. No signal at all. Meanwhile my wife's sprint phone had 3g the whole time. That's just unacceptable for almost $80 a month.

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2G or 3G doesn't really tell the whole story. Sure EDGE on T-Mobile is slow, but so is EVDO on Sprint — and that's whether you're in the city or rural areas in many cases.

T-Mobile doesn't need to expand its coverage to rural areas to overtake Sprint with customers. The fact is that T-Mobile just needs to get customers that live and work around metro areas to switch and they'll have the scales tipping in their favor. Denser populated areas are where T-Mobile excels, and naturally there are more customers to be had in those areas as well.

But sprint isn't going to suck forever. Eventually all or most sprint towers will have better 3g and LTE, something T-Mobile will never have. Sprint 3g in my area, (Cleveland) is way better than it was in some areas. Sounds ridiculous but its a major improvement than what it was.

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T-Mobile needs to expand in cities, as well. Where I live (Sacramento) there's LTE, but only along major thoroughfares and highways. There's little penetration in residential neighborhoods, except for Edge.

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Exactly! Just swithched from sprint to Tmo. Tmobile 2g is usually equal to or better than sprint 3g and tmo 4g(3g HSPA+) is close to and sometimes better than their 4g lte. And this is in sprints own backyard (KC).

I hear you loud and clear, T-Mo. Just a few more months and I'll be dropping Verizon on its Big Red @$$. See you soon.

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Call customer care they sent me an s3 to replace my galaxy nexus. I paid for a battery and door so for $35 I have a much better phone and still have my upgrade.

This positions me to buy a Nexus odf contract to try tmobile or att in the coming months.

I left Sprint in December 2011 due to coveragr issues. I'm not switching to a carrier with low prices and poor coverage in my area.

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These kind of changes is why I moved my small business account to T-Mobile from Sprint last month. So far, I couldn't be happier.
That's 10+ lines for Magenta.

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the 2.5GB SMHS bundle is now the default option for a $20 data plan (aka the $70 "unlimited" phone plan). Its no longer a $10 premium ontop of your plan to have 2.5GB.

Dont forget they have now added 200mb of data on tablets for free too. So if you own a tmobile tablet just pay to activate a sim card for it and recieve 200mb of data on tablet for free no extra charge for tablet data.

It's changes like this that made me order my pink Tmo limited edition Note 3.lol!!!

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Damnit. Why the hell couldn't they release the Moto X earlier?? Guess I'm stuck on Verizon for a while...

Try it out, don't go by their maps. According to their coverage map, I've got diddly-squat for coverage.

Yet I somehow manage to pull HSPA+, and over the past few weeks I've been seeing LTE popping up in certain parts of town(BFE southern MN)...

Go figure.

(Kept my VZW line while I was testing TMo just in case...lucked out apparently. In the process of moving the resdt of the family over. 3 lines to go.)

The maps lie the other way for me. It says I should have decent coverage but turn off the main roads and go 50 feet and you will feel lime you are using AOL 2.5 dial up speeds.

State capital, Pa

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Hbg?? That's where I'm at and I'm thinking of going pre-paid with T-Mo.. I'm usually in the city but I don't wanna lose coverage. Sprint & T-Mo signals are a pain to get at my job..

I have great coverage with Sprint. I live near 50th and work near Second and Market. I drop to 3G (good 3G) around my building but still get great LTE when walking the streets, or at some of the watering holes.

I have friends with Tmo and they say it sucks, and sitting side by side I generally have better data connections/speeds then they do. I try tmo once a year or so (I trade with a friend if he gets a phone I want to try out) and haven't seen any improvement.

I am not discouraging you, just don't expect much.

I have another year on my Verizon contract. I've been thinking about trying T-Mobile (iWireless) or Straight Talk.

I concur. If I don't leave DSM I'm good. If I go to see my family or the in laws, no service.

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In des Moines and most surroundings areas I have great coverage no video or game lag no dropped calls nothing. The only time I see bad coverage is between des Moines where I live and Ames where I work. Once I'm in the outskirts of either Ames or ankeny bam 4g is back. I've been noticing tho 4g is starting to pop up a lot sooner and in the middle between both city's so it is defiantly improving as we speak

If only they covered south central Indiana with they're HSPA connections. Even Sprint has better coverage here.

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Good to see a wireless carrier offering more for your hard earned dollar.

VZW and AT&T could learn a thing or two. Reaching unapologetically into your customer's pocket for more and more while giving less and less is eventually going to bite them.

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So right now I have the unlimited nationwide 4g plan for 20 bucks. So for 40 dollars I can get that and 6.5 GB of tethering data? Is that correct??

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Thanks for making that clear. I probably gonna bump it up to 6.5 GB then. Yeah I believe it should really be unlimited use but I'm not going to use any tethering apps and go through all the trouble. This price sounds reasonable and it will be convenient when I need it.

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From what I understand, if you already pay the $20 for unlimited fast data you get 2.5 gigs of hotspot. If you want to go to 4.5 gigs of hotspot, it $10 more (or $30) and 6.5 gigs of hotspot is $20 more (or $40). Remember, you are already paying the $20 for unlimited.

Originally, I thought we LOST the 500 meg hotspot and they were only selling the 2.5, 4.5 & 6.5 for $20, $30, & $40, respectively on top of the $70 unlimited plan.

I really wish everyone I know would switch T-Mo is just a better company. They just need the cash flow to continue to build up their network.

What about prepaid? Right now, you have tethering up to your 4G limit. Unlimited 4G customers have no options.

Seconded. For a carrier that touts the benefits of no-contract, it treats it's no contract customers as second class. I pay $70/mo for the unlimited plan, but I prefer to pay before my cycle rather than deal with post-paid billing + government taxes & fees. Apparently, to T-Mobile, that means I'm somehow not good enough to be allowed to have call forwarding or tethering added to my plan.

To be clear, I'm willing to pay for the same tethering options available to the $70/mo postpaid unlimited customers, but T-Mo literally won't LET ME give them more money.

"To be clear, I'm willing to pay for the same tethering options available to the $70/mo postpaid unlimited customers......."

Agreed. This is not going to get me to switch to post paid. I'll just deal with it.

Wait....so your telling me that tmo just gave me 2gb of more hotspot for no extra cost? Brilliant.

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is t-mobile not a european company? so why can't they use some funds from the other side of the ocean to upgrade the business over here? i was thinking of switching from VZW but seeing what i get on the pre-paid phone i got through them to try out i think i will just reconsider that thought. it also doesn't sit well with me when talking to a sales rep and being told that he doesn't know of any tower upgrades going on in my area in the near future and being 20 minutes north of dayton, OH and 30 minutes west of Columbus, OH just isn't good news to tell me. they need to make a deal with VZW like AT&T did for a little boost in their coverage. along with being able to use a wider variety of phones.

They also have a plan that they don't advertise. It's 4.5 GB with tethering up to 4.5 GB for $20. Another option for those who tether a lot, but don't need unlimited.

I switched to simple choice from monthly 4g for a couple reasons. Roaming and also so I can buy my new Note 3 in the payment plan. They won't let you do that on monthly 4g

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They're still double billing crooks, if ya ask me!!! Pay for unlimited data, then pay again to use same data... Go figure!

Wait a sec.

There IS a 500 MB plan, but it comes free. Every T-mobile user gets 500 MB of hotspot for free with their plan, unlimited users included.

I don't think you get it, the 2.5GB Tethering is free with the initial Truly Unlimited plan now, in place of the 500MB. It's a much better value now.

Just switched over to the $70.00 plan with unlimited everything and 2.5 gigs of hotspot. Tmo kept my -15% employer discount & gave me one year of @Home service free of charge :) Now waiting to see the Note 3 in person to upgrade from my LG L9. Thanks Tmobile! No more MyFaves 300 min and 300 txt msgs.

"In the end we really wish T-Mobile would just let "unlimited" users actually use the data they way they want, but at least this is a step in the right direction."

I think this is a step in the only direction Andrew. There has to be some kind of cap on tethering and tablets or everyone will start streaming Netflix movies and the whole system will come to a grinding halt. I don't want to sit on the train waiting for Google Play Music to keep cutting out every 60 seconds because 3 other guys on the train are streaming Kentucky Fried Movie.

U providers need to be proactive instead of jumping off w/ your new programs and plans. Take care of your people not your pockets. I'm ready to ride a new train due to twisted track laying. Next stop??