T-Mobile myTouch HD

Sure, the T-Mobile G2 just got official, but it's the myTouch HD that's really starting to pique our interest. This reportedly leaked document shows a few specs, including Android 2.2, an3.8-inch screen, 4GB of internal memory, a 5MP rear camera and VGA front camera, the Genius button, HSPA+ data speeds -- oh, and a "1GHz Dual Processor." That could mean dual-core, or it could mean something else. You know how these things go. [TMo News]


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T-Mobile myTouch HD touts HSPA+ speeds, 3.8-inch screen, 'dual processor'


I'm going to take a wild guess and say that "1GHz Dual Processor" is probably not dual-core, or else they would state it as such. I think it's probably a marketing ploy by T-Mobile. They've never really been on the cutting edge of technology (albeit the G1) and it's improbable that they would be advertising the first wave of phones with dual-core processors.

If you have a SnapDragon AND a external graphics processor, you're technically dual processor. My guess would be there's a off-load processor for graphics, memory or something and not actually two processors on board.....imagine the battery life if they did in fact slap two Snapdragons in it. It would be fast as hell, but only for maybe 5-6 hours, then it would be dead as hell.


It is strange that they call this "dual-process" instead of "dual-core". Qualcomm has 3 models that possibly uses 1GHz clock:

QSD8x50 - this would blow. Its the current generation Snapdragon that blows in GPU performance.
MSM8x55 - this one is rated at 1GHz but it looks to be a 1GHz version of MSM7x30 (found in HTC G2), which means its a single core.
MSM8x60 - this is a 3rd gen Snapdragon. It is a dual-core and it does run up to 1.2GHz. But I feel this one is not market-ready yet.

Lets hope for the sake of us, it is MSM8x60. Based on what's written here, it would be pretty good. :)


But I think this one will turn out to be a MSM8x55.

Oh well I'm sure it will be a pretty cool phone. It sure kicks the sit out of the original my touch. I am still angry that I wasted my money on that piece crap. The x and evo are good though

Why does it say "America's largest 4G network"? T-Mobile doen't support 4G yet. Seems kinda bogus to me.

4G references to speeds much faster than 3G. HSPA+ offers faster than 3G speeds. Its also faster than Sprint's WiMax and is available in more places. I fail to understand what your beef is.

Sprint's "4G" is not technically 4G either, so the same can be asked of them. In other words, Sprint calls their WiMax 4G, so why cant Tmo call their HSPA+ 4G?

yeah i noticed the "largest 4g network" too. maybe they are gonna come out and call it 4g now? who knows. im looking forward to more news about this and the g2. the g2 looks awesome, but this has a ffc. i guess i will have to wait and see

Yay a slightly bigger than average screen. Still too small for me. Waiting for someone (Samsung?) to build a phone for T-mobile that has vanilla Android >= 2.2, 4.3" AMOLED, > 1st generation Snapdragon, >= 4gig internal mem + card slot, front-facing camera, and no physical kb.