T-Mobile myTouch Slide 3G

We imagine there are one or two of you out there who aren't interested in that other phone being released this week. And it's our pleasure to bring you the T-Mobile myTouch 3G Slide, which is now available for $179.99 after the usual contract, rebate and whatnot. You'll have three colors from which to choose -- red, white and black -- and you'll be the first kid on your block with the latest HTC Android smartphone with a slide-out keyboard. Namaste. [T-Mobile]


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T-Mobile myTouch 3G Slide now available


I think if you upgrading frm a G1 then this is a good choice other than that EVO all tha way can't wait till friday

Well so far the early reviews are actually pretty good. Seems like a far more capable and competent phone than most people expected.

Me neither, got a mytouch and would love the upgrade but damnit I know as soon as I do a new phone will come out in 6 months... Hear that? Its saying "buy me!"

Well count me in for 2. My sister is using a gravity 2 and mu dad is using a g1. Both want android + a leyboard. The mytouch is a super fast phone even though its not snapdragon and has a fantastic keyboard. I am picking up 2 today and I am pretty excited to play with them.

"Swype keyboard preloaded"

So once you get acquainted with Swype and become good at using it, the clunky keyboard will be obsolete.

Not sure why the infatuation with physical keyboards

Was first in line at my T-Mobile store this morning... they only received 3 and all were white. I was not to pleased when he told me that.. but once I actually saw the phone, the color is fantastic. Really more of a grey/white then pure white. I am not sure where the reviewers on the various forums got their phones or if T-Mobile sent out test phones that were more like prototypes but all I have to say is that this phone is far more substantial then originally stated in any of the reviews. Even the T-Mobile Reps in the store were shocked at the heft and quality of the phone. This device is top notch..

I upgraded from the CLIQ and believe me, their is no comparison. And that is not to say the CLIQ isn't a good phone. It is highly under rated... but this totally blows it away. And, OS 2.1.. wow, what a difference between that and 1.5. An absolute thumbs up on the new myTouch 3G Slide!!

What's the processor on this phone?
I checked the review on Engadget. It seems like this isn't that bad of a phone. It seems mid'ish tier Android smartphone.

After having this device in my hands for most of the morning I have to say it is more then just a mid-tier phone. I suspect it will be the flagship of the myTouch franchise for T-Mobile for some time to come. Yes... they will upgrade it to a snapdragon processor at some point, but the current processor, which is one step below the snapdragon, is very fast and works very, very well. No lag what so ever and super quick when switching from one app to another. I have just begun to play with it, but am sure I am only skimming the surface at this point. And the stock ROM running on 2.1 is more then what most consumers will ever need. And the finish on the phone is unreal... it looks like it has 25 coats of clear coat paint on it. The phone, by-the-way, is not plastic as suggested in several of the reveiws.. this thing is fairly heavy.

I got mine this morning and have been messing with it every since. I'm really impressed with it and glad I got it. It's fast too!!

I'm sure I'll be doinking around with it all night, but initial impressions are very good!

Since I have had the G1 phone, I have totally loved Android. Now that I am in the market for a new phone, I have done my research for a new on. Now don't get me wrong, The myTouch Looks and actually feels good(I got to test one at the T-Mobile store), but after the reviews on the specs: weaker camera, weak processor, I just can't seem to wanna buy it. They stated that this phone will take the place of the Sidekick. Well, sorry I don't see it. Totally 2 different phones. If, and I do mean if, itcame with Android 2.1, then maybe but T-Mobile is slackin on their pimpin and haven't given us what we need to make our phones better....Sorry but THUMBS DOWN !!!And you don't have to take my word for it..Just go to www.endgadget.com and see for yourself...Until then Keep up the great job Android and I can't wait for Froyo......Peace

Wookie Claws ... what phone are you talking about? First of all, you had better go back and look at the specs before you make mis-statements. The myTouch Slider that I purchased today at my local T-Mobile company store has "OS 2.1 Update 1" loaded on the phone. So yes, it comes with 2.1... everyone has known that for weeks. And, it will be getting 2.2 shortly. I was told by several tech individuals who do not work for T-Mobile, but are total Andriod experts, that the Slider is fully capable of taking OS 3.0 and will get that update when it comes out.

The 5 mega pixel camera is just fine. As a matter of fact, the software is refined and the camera performs better then the 5 mega pixel cameras on the CLIQ and CLIQ XT.

The processor is fast with zero lag from one application to another and from one home screen to another. The fact is that no phone really needs the snapdragon processor. It is overkill by any standard. Sorry, but from you comments I have a feeling you never actually tested the phone or had your hands on one. If you had, you would have known it had 2.1 loaded on it.

I think you meant to address Ddwells and not me, I got the phone and love it :) No hurt feelings, but had to respond since you called me out by name.

Spent most of the night getting the phone dialed in, still very happy. Swype is great too.

I initially set my outlook mail up on the default app and it worked pretty well. I had bought Touchdown for my G1 and decided I liked the seperation of the mail box, calendar, tasks, and contacts.

Wookie Claws ... Sorry for the confusion on my part.

It really gets me when someone makes comments just to make comments without knowing what they are talking about. My first hint is when he/she said that the phone didn't come loaded with 2.1. Obviously, this individual never touched the phone and was here just to stir the pot... nothing new with that.

I too really like the phone and intend on keeping and using it for at least a year... no matter what eles T-Mobile hits the market with. I am sure we will see some nice enhancements with 2.2 and then at some point in time 3.0.

HTC and T-Mobile have a real winner with this one and I am sure they will sell a ton of them!

Hey Wezra, no problem :)

The phone is great... all that bitching was unfounded.

No 1GHz processor - phone seems to work fine and be very responsive

Crappy Espresso ROM - actually its nice and has some nice features. If you don't like some of the parts you can not use them.

Only a 3.4" screen - I'm finding the size nice actually.

The phone fits nice in my hand, and in my pocket. I held it up next to a Mytouch 3G... guess what this phone is just as thick as the 3G, go figure.

I'll roll this phone for a while... once the dust settles with the new Android offering from TMO I may switch, but we'll see. The 'Project Emerald' thing sounds interesting :) (I love having the option to use Swype or the HW keyboard as needed!)