If you are a T-Mobile MyTouch 3G Slide user and have had your fingers crossed for an official Froyo (Android 2.2) update for your device, your patience has paid off. While it has been a while since we first heard of the delay, and there are other versions that are higher (namely Gingerbread) it is still quite an update for you. This update brings users:

  • Wi-Fi calling
  • Wi-Fi hotspot
  • USB Tethering (Internet Sharing)
  • Low storage (User Data) notification mechanism
  • Resolves issues with text and picture messaging
  • Resolves some Bluetooth compatibility issues
  • Improves compatibility with new Bluetooth devices
  • Improves stability and reliability of the device

In addition to these large improvements, there were also a bunch of smaller bug fixes as well. So, if you are still rocking with the MyTouch 3G Slide, be sure to head to the HTC site to view download and installation instructions. [myTouch 3G Slide Froyo update] Thanks, Jack and Irlisse!


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Android 2.2 Froyo update available for the T-Mobile myTouch 3G Slide


Wow... Never thought my wifes slide would see 2.2.... But glad its here... Also does it wipe phone(factory reset)

i ditch the 3g slide months ago, but im pretty sure you have to back up everything......cuz it does wipe your phone

I got all my apps back after install. It may of wiped and reinstalled. But very happy now. Do we get a slice of Gingerbread or this is the end?

Andr3w, it was inevitable. First HTC device via T-Mobile with a physical. Not to mention the accessories and branding they've put into the MyTouch line.

What the heck is going on with HTC servers?!?! Downloading at 7.6K/sec. It's not like HTC released an upgrade for a flagship device -- the Slide isn't that popular!

Other than HTC's crappy servers, I'm hoping this turns out to be a real upgrade and not a downgrade. I just got a MyTouch Slide last weekend because Motoblur turned me away from the Cliq 2 and so did the funky sliding mechanism of the G2. Other than me wishing I could turn off Sense and get stock Android UI, Eclair on this phone hasn't been a bad experience.

It took me several hours to download. Then had to log on as Admin to install. Loaded more apps on then used apps2sd to move them to the card.

If you have good reception in your house, don't bother with Wi-Fi Calling. It's not good old UMA, where you could transfer a call from Wi-Fi to cellular or vice versa so you can't start a call at home and then leave with the call still connected.

Wi-Fi Calling is helpful if you barely get a signal at home or if you are traveling internationally and want to cut down on roaming costs.

It took FOREVER and ever to download but it's finally there. The upgrade backs up your apps and settings so you don't have to worry about it wiping your data. I still wanted a clean install so I did a master reset after the upgrade was applied, and started fresh.

In the look and feel realm there weren't any noticeable downgrades and there are minor tweaks here and there for the better.

In the radio realm, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth work OK, with Wi-Fi actually getting a bit more signal than with Eclair. The cellular radio is a different story though. I get low reception inside my house but with Froyo I'm getting slightly lower readings -- I'm talking -105 dB as opposed to -97 dB that was the average with Eclair.

I haven't tested the new features (mobile hotspot, Wi-Fi calling or USB Tethering) yet.

I updated my wife My Touch 3G Slide and it fucked it up. It took long to download the program and then it fucked up the phone. I called HTC and T-Mobile and now they are sending me another My Touch 3G Slide, FYI do not download this application because it's not approved by T-Mobile only by HTC

I have the update downloaded. I am running CM7 currently. When I run the RUU I get an error that it cannot connect. I am sure it has something with the way the device is mounted to the PC, but cannot figure it out for the life of me. Any ideas? Thanks!