Remember those unlimited voice plans from T-Mobile? Well, they're real. $49.99/month for unlimited voice on a single line and $89.99/month on a two-line family plan. The add-on's are pretty sweet too with $24.99 unlimited data and $9.99 unlimited messaging, all in all it seems like a very good deal for those interested in unlimited plans.

The fine print says that you have to be a T-Mobile customer for 22+ months in order to qualify and have a reliable payment history. Who knows what reliable means. Did anyone get this yet? Is anyone going to? Let us know!

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T-Mobile Loyalty Unlimited Plan Goes National


Yeah, I got. It kicks butt! Just in the nick of time too - my phone use has skyrocketed the last two months. Last month I had to call and plead for some bonus minutes, they were awesome and hooked me up and I still went over. Thanks TMO!

Yes. I signed up for it today and will kick in on my next billing cycle. That's a sweet deal!! Been a T-Mobile customer for close to four years and never had a problem with them or their service. Thank you T-Mobile!

Did anyone get unlimited messaging for $10 without data, I asked about this today and they said it's still $15

Just signed up for it last night, very excited. I'm considering the option to have the answerring service for my business forward ALL calls to my cell just to take advantage of the unlimited minutes lol. The only complaint i have about tmobile is their plans are too good for me to even consider switching to another service. I'm buying the iphone killer (G1) next week. thanks tmobile!

I added the unlimited for the 3 lines on my account and it is great to have. My husband has lots of friends that he speaks to and unfortunately because of insufficient minutes had to wait to talk to them and I'm glad now he has the option of talking as much as he wants so he can leave me alone, LOL. Bought my G1 in december and loving loving loving it. IPHONE SUCKS!!!!

I work for t-mobile and I think it is an amazing plan. I have been trying get my family memebers that qualify on it. I read some of the comments that someone you have wrote and I want to say that I'm sorry if t-mobile doesn't have the best coverage where you're at. As an employee t-mobile is constantly improving it's coverage and new phones will able avalible soon. Once thing about t-mobile is that they really do care about their customers and customer service. The whole reason behind this plan is to make sure that our valued customers have the best options in keeping in touch with the people that matter most to them. Also keep in mind that no matter what company you're with there is a chance that your service could be down because of poor coverage in an area and great coverage in a different area... there will be areas that t-mobile has coverage and verizon doesn't and there maybe areas in which verizon has coverage and t-mobile doesn't. As far as not getting coverage in the middle of new york in an office buiding that's not unusual for any service provider as most people know mobile phones run off of a radio like signal... the structure of the building can hinder that signal in so many ways in most cases you'll notice when you leave the buliding your phone works. This can be frustrating but it is what it is... it's not one providers fault... for example my aunt has at&t and when my grandmother was in the hospital I was able to get signal but my aunt had no signal. This happens with all providers... keep in mind that t-mobile does have the hotspot service to where you can make calls over a internet connection using a UMA handset and wireless router which is something a lot of other companies don't even offer and if you don't get the best coverage at your home and have a high speed connection and wireless router you can make calls from your house it's like having your own tower at your home... and for those of you that haven't signed up for this loyalty plan for an additional $10 you can add unlimited calling from your house and any other hotspot location or anywhere that has an open wireless network not to mention that t-mobile offers a home phone service for $10.00 per month. What other company offers all that? T-mobile is definatly the best.

i called and asked and said i couldn't get it. why's that? ppl who've had tmobile less than me have it! my friends fone was actually suspended when they offered it to her. that seems a little unfair! :( boo tmobile


"reliable payment history"=your phone can not have been "suspended due to non-payment within the last 6 months" which is a lie cuz my friends was suspended at the time it was offered.

does anyone know where we can submit any appeal/complaint about this?

so i call back and now they're saying any suspensions. tmobile really upsets me right now. all i wanna know is what can i do to get this plan.

Anyone have any tricks on how to get the loyalty plan from day one of service? I want to sign up with TMobile but don't want to pay an arm and a leg for the full service

I have never had any suspensions or late payments. I have been with tmobile since 2002. When I called to sign up for this loyalty plan, the tmobile rep on the phone said I was not eligible because they are only letting certain groups of people sign up at a time. Complete and utter bullshit.

Is the t mobile unlimited loyalty plan for real? They advertised it as $49.99 for first line and $39.99 for each additional one. When we received our bill it was for $149 to cover two lines and $49 each after that. This has happened to another account a family member has also. Please reply.