T-Mobile looks ready to start offering its new "GoSmart" prepaid MVNO service nationwide at some point in February. We heard back in early December that T-Mobile was planning to launch a new MVNO (Mobile Virtual Network Operator) under the brand name "GoSmart" as it started market-specific trials of the service near the end of the year. FierceWireless is now confirming that the service will be going live on a nationwide scale in February. The prepaid service, although completely owned and operated by T-Mobile, will carry no T-Mobile branding and offer three plans:

  • $30 per month for unlimited talk and text
  • $35 per month for unlimited talk, text and 2G data
  • $45 per month for unlimited talk, text and 5GB of "high speed" data

It still isn't clear what T-Mobile means by "high speed" data, but we have to assume at this point that it means HSPA+. Similarly to current T-Mobile plans, users hitting that 5GB threshold will be throttled to 2G speeds rather than charged overages. T-Mobile is indeed planning to prioritize it's own postpaid and prepaid customers over GoSmart customers, however, meaning that in times of congestion the GoSmart customers will be a lower priority. This can often be the case with prepaid providers, and at the prices you see above it's not surprising.

The service is said to launch with a "mobile SIM kit" for $8 that lets users bring their own unlocked GSM devices. This may be a compelling option for many of us looking to cut down the monthly cost of our phone bills, but we'll have to wait and see what the fine print says when these plans come out officially.

Source: FierceWireless; More: GoSmart Mobile


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T-Mobile launching GoSmart prepaid MVNO nationwide next month


it sure dose sound good
if it service is good and network is not any time congested then it would be good value for money

Unlocking phones is not "banned". You're still 100% capable of buying unlocked phones or having your carrier-locked phone unlocked as long as it is with the carrier's permission. Aka if you've fulfilled your contract or are traveling overseas the carrier will happily unlock it.

That's what I was thinking too. They are competing with their own partner. Whatever drives down price and doesn't bankrupt T-mobile works for me.

Question about the "$35 per month for unlimited talk, text and 2G data" plan.

Since it doesn't say "high speed" like the 5G plan, does this mean it only
runs on 2G(EDGE) speed?

Anybody have an idea if this would fully support Google Voice? I'd jump on this instantly if I could have my GV voicemail working properly. I wonder if the "cancel T-Mobile voicemail" would allow for the proper call-forwarding

I can't set up GV voicemail on my postpaid T-Mobile plan.I also can't forward any call, so postpaid monthly plans are not fully compatible with GV. Sorry

If you're having trouble forwarding calls that's not the plan's fault. The only issue some prepaid plans have with GV is forwarding Voicemails to GV Voicemail. On T-Mobile prepaid, for example, you need to call and completely disable T-Mobile's own Voicemail service for it to work.

Really wish I didn't sign a new contract with ATT back in November. After my contract is up I'm seriously thinking about switching to T Mobile. I've heard the T Mobile data network coverage in San Diego is decent.

I'm really interested to find out what speeds are achievable here. I was on the verge of renewing my wife's contract with Verizon, but am hesitant because I want to take my phone elsewhere in December when my contract is up. Trouble with that is my bill will only drop $40 when we take her off, so I need a plan for her somewhere for around $40 per month. With this I can order a Nexus 4, now that they're back in stock, and have her on a good phone with a price that fits our budget. This is excellent news!

The $45 plan comes with 3G speeds. They throttle HSPA+ speeds to 1 Mbps. The standard lines get full HSPA+ speed.

What the.. I'm on the $30 prepaid plan and I get 10-25Mbps everywhere I go in San Jose, the same (usually even faster) than my friend on the Value plan.

The $45 plan here (unlimited 3G ["4G"] data, throttled after 5GB) *is* the same data plan as the popular $30 Monthly4G plan, right?

This is unlimited 3G not 4G, so they have throttled the speeds to 1 Mbps. Its not the same as $30 monthly4G plan.

Get Solavei which is Tmobile (including all their roaming agreements nationwide). I rolled into Vegas a month or so ago with my nexus 4 and got over 20 Mbps down on HSPA+ there.

I routinely get 6-15 down here in SLC and some other western US cities when I travel for work. I got 5 down while roaming in boo foo nowhere Montana!

So far so good.

$49/ month unlimited minutes and text with 4gb of data.

I'm confused: these "Go Smart" plans are launching nationwide, sponsored by T-Mobile, and seem to undercut T-Mobile's own offerings. What's the catch? Are they only available in certain markets nationwide? What's the catch?

I think the catch is, they are not really HSPA+, but only 2G and whatever 3G network T-Mobile runs. They are reserving their HSPA+ network only for their customers.(even though they are them)

wow, so the $35 plan includes 2GB of data at only 2G speeds!!?? The $30 plan seems to be the better deal, even if it does only include 100 minutes.

No, the $35 plan is 2G (EDGE) data only, and an unlimited amount of it.

The $45 plan is 3G (probably HSDPA 14) data, and you get 5GB of it then are throttled to 2G.


Ok, got it. This makes sense now. At first, I was thinking, "who in there right mind would buy a plan with 2GB of 2G data?" Thanks for clearing that up Andrew.

I'm a Sprint lover but for most people right now on Sprint that $35 plan gives people the same service as Sprint for half the price. (Until Sprint upgrades all markets to LTE)

The catch is slower data speeds than T-Mobile's own branded offerings, and you are a second-rate citizen to T-Mobile's postpaid plans. Aka when there's tower congestion you get slowed down so T-Mobile's own plans get better speeds.

Well $30/mo doesn't get you data. $35 gets you just EDGE. $45 gets you "real" data speeds.

But yes, some people will make the judgment call that the savings are worth slower speeds.

Oh, sorry. I was referring to T-Mobile's $30 plan (100 min, 5GB data). Sorry for the confusion.

However, the Go Smart $30 plan beats the other $30 T-Mobile Prepaid plan (1500 min/text).

Their "high speed" is only 3G. You can read the fine print @ the bottom of the "Browse Plans & Services" page. I was about ready to leave Simple Mobile for this because they have the voicemail forwarding (so I could use Google Voice), but the 3G only is a no go for me.

I also was interested in the service until I noticed that it's only 3G for the high speed package. I understand carriers limiting LTE for their postpaid customers, but limiting HSPA+ in 2013 seems a bit short sighted.

It'll be interesting to see what kind of real life download speeds users will get with this package. However, It would be a good option for those who need more minutes than high speed data.

I am a GoSmart dealer, it is *not* an MVNO, it is provided directly through T-Mobile. They were very adamant about making that clear to us.

CALL FORWARDING TO VOICEMAIL ONLY - by any chance does that mean we can port the number to google voice? It's the only thing stopping me from dropping sprint and signing up with t-mobile

Yes, I was interested while reading this, but sticking with T-Mobile $30 100 Talk, Unlimited Text, 5GB of 4G for now. I have a sprint phone already doomed to 3G, not looking for another slow drag.

what the heck man!! why wont At&T do something like this? I'd love to use T-Mo but there is no service in my area. I'm stuck with straight talk / att.

Two things:

Does 3g mean no HSPA+? I don't really care about LTE, but I'd like to take advantage of HSPA+

CALL FORWARDING TO VOICEMAIL ONLY - by any chance does that mean we can port the number to google voice? It's the only thing stopping me from dropping sprint and signing up with t-mobile

Come on Android Central, don't be lazy going to their website and clicking on details says high speed is 3G speeds, you will be connected to HSPA+ but throttled, speed tests online have clocked it around 900 kbit/s

Speeds aren't unknown, you just have to do some you know investigating before you report :)

Maybe they're segmenting their prepaid offerings in preparation to offer LTE to their T-Mo branded prepaid users once their LTE is live? If they'd only turn on 1900mhz HSPA in SLC and hopefully LTE on prepaid I'll totally switch back to them from AT&T Simple Mobile. Maybe... their network in Montana/Wyoming/Idaho sucks. The roaming on AT&T or Union wireless is spotty at best, data is total no go.

Don't join go smart, DON"T. The prepaid plan is cheap, their service is even CHEAP! BAD BAD BAD!!!! you will regret!!
My husband wanted to port out his number from Go Smart to BOOST MOBILE as he found there is always no signal in PA. My husband called to Go Smart hundred times since Jan. asking for releasing the number to BOOST, but they are just holding the number and don't do anything. Everytime we called, the customer service said they are working on it, it needs 72 hours..but when 72 hours passsed, we called again, nothing was done, they said the ticket expried, and need to issue a new ticket. Everytime said "they are working on it" "the ticket is expired" "we need to issue a new ticket" blablabla………
but they are not able to make sure when will be done. Till now it's been more than half a month, we keep calling Go Smart every single day, but still nothing done yet. Everytime they just said some excuse let us hand up the phone and promised will call us back. They never call us back, and never working on our request!!!!We are so disappointed about the service.
The cut off day of the number in Go Smart is end of the month, my husband requested to port out the number 2 days before the cut off day last month! Till the cut off day the number was still not yet released(at the time the call service is locked, but the internet service is still working), we were afraid that the number would be cancled, so we paid another $35. The tricky thing was that the service was reopened when they received the additional $35. Then we called again to ask then to release the number to BOOST, they promised they will do it. But at the end, they shut off all the service, and not release the number!!!
See, it is just so easy step to realse a number. It is so common to change sevice from a company to another, other companies can do it in seconds. It looks like Go Smart is not willing to release the number!!!!!!!!!! My husband has been using that number for almost 20 years, it is very important! and we use that number for business! We really need to get back the number!! We explained to Go Smart again and again, but they don't care. They just shuffle and not really working on our request.
After thousands of times’ conversation with Go Smart, we deeply regret that we joined Go Smart. We though it belongs to T-Mobile and should be not bad. Now we really regret and are very disapponted about their service!!!!!!!!!
Who can help us to take out the number!!!!!