If you are a T-Mobile customer and have been looking at other carriers in hopes of being able to reduce monthly costs and get more out of your plan, look no further. Just in time for the holidays T-Mobile will be rolling out two new plans that are aimed towards heavy users, and are very competitive to other carriers.These new options are called The Even More Promotional Plans, and will include the following two options:

  • Even More Individual 1,500 Talk + Text + Web plan for $79.99/mo.
  • Even More Family Plan 3,000 Talk + Text + Web Plan for $149.99/mo.

These plans will include unlimited 4G data, unlimited T-Mobile to T-Mobile calling as well as unlimited text messages. Compared to the competition at these price points, T-Mobile offers nearly double the amount of minutes monthly for the same pricing. These plans will require a new two-year contract, but for those who rely on their devices heavily, these plans are well worth signing a contract for.


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T-Mobile introduces new plans in time for the holidays


is that the same sprint plan that forces you to pay $10 more a month just to have a "4g" phone.. even if u dont live in a 4g network?

Tmobile's 4g network is 2x as fast, covers more people, and doesnt have any extra charges on it..

oh yea, and EVERY tmobile phone got the speed boost, not just 4g capable ones :) my 3g vibrant runs as fast in real world tests as an evo4g on sprint's 4g. :)

Yes Sprint still has them beat.. Plus Sprint's big plus unlimited mobile to mobile on any network...

Can't say much bad about that...

hum! 3G superior network... Sprint...are you a Sprint Employee Estebancam???

Why Sprint is superior? Because its charging 10 bucks more for 4G connection even if you have it or not...Yup I can see it, very superior.

T-Mobile instead of running is walking step by step and gaining terrain and is a 3G Network with the connection of a 4G Network and believe me it have superior Network. If you don't believe it go and see the charts of Sprint ATT T-Mobile Verizon and you'll see it.

Also T-Mobile have a variety of smartphones for 3G and 4G Networks meanwhile Sprint still have the suppose to be first 4G smartphone. Yup the only one jajajaj... Oh Lord have mercyyyyyy!

Ummm...yeah, they're right. U talking about the extra $10 for the Evo and Epic but fail to realize that there's other options like the Hero, Transform, etc that don't require that fee...plus the plans include more than just web, text and voice...how about adding in GPS (sure there's Google maps, but if I want to be rerouted around traffic Sprint's GPS works great for me), TV, and any mobile is worth more than their $79.99 (if you got the Evo or Epic), oh and T-mobile only had 1 so called "4g" phone (G2), until the recent launch of the MyTouch 4g

And to say they are a 3g network with the connection of a 4g network is ridiculous b/c their HSPA+, which is the proper term for it is just as limited in coverage as Sprint's WiMax

hey stebe...
sprint started that crap by calling their wimaxx network 4g. its not. in order to be called 4g the network has to be able to hit 100mbs.. sprints paultry 12mb/s THEORETICAL max doesnt come close..Tmobiles max is 21 and next year it will be 42. real world sprint is like 5-8mb/s. my 3g vibrant gets 6mb/s pretty steadily.

and because of wimax you ONLY get a speed boost if you have a 4g phone, which requires the surcharge, where as on Tmobile ALL phones got a speed boost when they went to "4g" because HSPA+ is backwards compatable.
we dont have phones sitting at "3g" running 1.5mb/s tests while the 4g's in the same room run 6-8s. We have our 3g phones running at 5-6mbs while our 4g phones run 12+

As of right now, no other carrier has anything to compete with Sprint's unlimited mobile to mobile; any carrier. Which basically is unlimited minutes considering the rarity of landline calls for most consumers.

If your assessment were true, then Sprint would simply throw in unlimited calling to land line too, and just be done with the minute counting.

But they haven't, so that suggests to me that there is a HUGE amount of handset to landline traffic that Sprint can't afford to eat for free.

Wow more than Sprints basic plans and about even with Evo and Epic plans but Sprint has the better network and better phones. This plan is also missing any mobile to any mobile, nights start at 7pm, and Sprint services. Sprint FTW!

I my opinion T- mobile is just a bigger version of metro pcs, not saying that's a bad thing, just saying that they haven't reached the level that carriers such as sprint and att have they so have some good phones but Sprint obviously has the superior network and plans.

Well T-Mo is spread a little wider than you think.

Here's the coverage map: http://www.t-mobile.com/coverage/pcc.aspx

Admittedly there are areas where you are on partner roaming.

But for a lot of people who live in high density areas its as good a choice as any other, because people spend the vast majority of their time in their home network area. It may not be the best network for frequent travelers.

You all must be a bunch of single guys or something. The family plans blow Sprint away. I was going to switch to Sprint but it would have been almost $50/mo more for the same plan.

I guess if T-Mobile keeps calling their Data Plans "4G" long enough they'll even believe it themselves.Since they argue it's ok to use the term since there's no "official" standard why not announce they're running "12G".LOL

I don't know if I'd rather have 1500 talk minutes for any calls (tmo) or 450 landline calls and unlimited calls for any mobile (sprint). Rarely do I call landlines so unlimited any mobile is a great choice. Plus nights and weekend starting at 7pm is great too. Don't really use sprint tv or gps so that's not a plus for me. But paying an additional $10 for 4g kinda sucks when Tmo gives 4g for free as long as you have a capable phone. If I don't go over 1500 minutes then Tmo is the cheaper and better plan.

Is this a decrease or increase?

Two months ago I signed up for Family 1500+Text for $99/mo. IIRC $20 more would get me unlimited minutes. According to the T-Mo web page, that $119 would only get me 3000 minutes now. (The 3k plan wasn't offered).

Looks to me they replaced Unlimited with 3k. That's an increase.

This thread is like listening to a discussion of whether you want a compact or economy car. LOL

Move up to the big boys people and actually get data coverage for all those great devices you want across America.

Ill drive a sports car for a bit more money any day.