T-Mobile has setup another Uncarrier event for June 18 in Los Angeles. This will be their fifth such event, hence the name Uncarrier 5.0. Previously on the John Legere show, we've seen T-Mobile offer to pay your ETF from AT&T, Sprint or Verizon, Introduce their Jump! program, give everyone free international roaming and offer free LTE data for your tablet. It seems to be working for them, as they have seen actual subscriber growth and increased their revenue by almost 28-percent.

We've no idea what to expect in LA next month, but we hope Shakira is involved somehow.


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T-Mobile holding Uncarrier 5.0 event in LA next month


If the merger was to take place I think they are going to stick with the T-Mobile name rather then Sprint as it sits now T-Mobile is more of a marketable name now then Sprint is but who knows they could merge and come up with a whole new name :)

I don't think that would happen because T-Mobile is used in other countries and is owned by Deutsche Telekom. It would be odd to license the name to Softbank

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No, a takeover. DT wants to sell T-Mobile so they don't have to invest more money into it

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They *used* to want to sell T-Mobile USA, this was when T-Mobile USA was just dead weight. I'm not 100% positive they are still trying as actively to move T-Mo USA.

Selling unbranded, unlocked phones? That would be pretty cool. I'm not currently with T-Mobile but if I were to switch I still wouldn't buy the phones they sell because I don't want branded phones with bloatware and delayed updates.

If you knew anything about T-Mobile, most of their high end phones are unbranded. Also, you can bring ANY unlocked phone and use it. Like my GF's non branded VZW bought iPhone 5S running on T-Mobile LTE. Or my HTC One M8 with ZERO branding. Oh, and I average 60 MBPS d/l here with LTE-A in L.A. & O.C.

So, they cant put a sticker on and I still wouldnt give a shit.

Maybe they will start selling international versions of phones instead of a tmobile specific version. If they did that they could save even more money by not having to test the updates since they would come straight from the manufacturer. Also it would mean the end of bloatware.

No bloat, faster updates, quicker new phone releases, no internal testing. That sounds like a win win scenario to me.

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This would be a win win. T-Mobile specific apps could just be downloaded from their respective app stores.
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"Play it 'Safe and Sound'....."

Maybe a partnership with a music service that comes free with your bill?

AT&T has Beats, Sprint has Spotify........maybe free Google Play All Access or RDIO?

edit: And it doesn't count against your LTE allowance?

Awesome. I'm glad I have T-Mobile. I'm sure something cool is gonna happen.

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They all ready have it. I can send an receive texts anywhere in the world for free.

Imagine if they were to do a limited promotion in which they would allow you to switch over and they would match your current device for free. Let's says for example you have the M8 on AT&T and they would give you a T-Mobile M8 in exchange for your M8 outright to switch over.

They're going to announce that you will be able to get T-Mobile reception in up to 5 cities across the nation! Not 5 *new* cities, 5 cities total. They will also be mentioning that they plan on covering 25 additional cities by the end of 2055.

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I guess if international SMS are free already then I would like New Hampshire/Maine/Vermont coverage. There is about ZERO coverage from Canada to Massachusetts. Its either no signal at all or no data, and funny thing is that second u cross border to Canada you get 5 bars and data. Sometimes its really frustrating to be in ski resort and not able to call or receive calls or SMS

I'll definitely be tuned in, this time. I like my service on AT&T, but I do miss having unlimited data. Whatever is unveiled could be bringing me back. Or, I may cancel my Verizon tablet line and switch it over to T-Mobile. We'll see, I guess.

T-mobile tablet plan 200 MB free for life easy to test out since tablets are unlocked already just pop into a store and get a sim card for $10. You can check if the data in your area is any good

I was contemplating going back to att from tmobile b.c I did not get service in my town home. Saw the post here last week about the signal boost device, got it yesterday, and now have 5 bars.

Not. I walked into my local store, requested one, and walked out with it 10 minutes later....

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Damn talk about good customer service...I was just going based off the article AC wrote. That's pretty cool though.

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Pay your etf without having to buy one of their phones. Sign me up if that is what they unveil.....
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Tethering is on every plan even the $30 plan can tether 100 Mb and if you really wanted to burn through your 5 GB you can figure out how to bypass the tether limit

They can determine you are tethering based on the data packets. However, if you have an Android phone and tether an Android tablet, they cannot detect a difference between the packets from each device, so that will not count towards your tethering allotment. However if you tether an iPad to and Android phone, for example, they can detect the difference and count the iPad packets towards your tethering allotment.

They do this already. If you have truly unlimited $80 plan you get 5 GB on the new plan and 3 GB on the old $70 unlimited

I hope they add an int'l data and voice roaming package for cruise ships that competes with Verizon's prices. Verizon charges $2.49/minute and $25/100MB on ships. T-Mobile charges $5.99/minute and $15/MB on ships. If they don't do that I'll have to stay with Verizon. Otherwise, TMO is right on the money!

I don't know why everyone wants them to do more phone things.

I just want them to serve me pancakes every morning.

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I really like what T-Mobile's doing, but the one thing they REALLY need to focus on and pour all of their resources into is 100% U.S. land mass coverage. I'm so sick of my data signal being blasted back to the stone age just because i left a major metropolitan area. So hopefully, they're going to announce that they're throwing the switch on the first round of 2G to LTE upgrades.