For you folks on T-Mobile looking to save a little bit of cash, you'll be able to pick up a 16-gigabyte Nexus 4 for $199 on contract. You'll be signing away two years of your smartphone life, for a phone you can get outright for just $349, but at least it's an option. It'll be available online starting Nov. 13, and in stores Nov. 14.

Here's the fine print:

  • Paired with a qualifying T-Mobile Value voice and data plan and two year service agreement, the Nexus 4 will cost an out-of-pocket down payment of $199.99 with 20 equal monthly payments of $15 per month via T-Mobile’s Equipment Installment Plan (EIP). The Value plan paired with EIP is offered at T-Mobile retail stores.
  • Customers can also purchase the Nexus 4 at T-Mobile retail stores and online for $199.99 (after a $50 Mail in Rebate) qualifying T-Mobile Classic voice and data plan and two year service agreement.

T-Mobile also announced it'll carry the Nexus 7 tablet.

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Floss82 says:

I'm definitely getting the T-Mobile version: D

benthe1 says:

How much is the T-Mobile version without a contract?

According to The Verge the T-Mobile version will be unlocked which makes me think it'll just be the same phone. But I'm interested in knowing what they'll sell it at, and if T-Mobile will preinstall something like the WiFi calling app on the ones they sell.

In all likelihood its the exact same phone.

Money-wise, you're better off buying it for $349 and using T-Mobile's Value Plans or a prepaid carrier. Save hundreds. Signing a 2-year traditional plan contract is severely more expensive just to save $149 up front.

Rob White says:

Yeah that would be just ridiculous to subsidize this phone thru T Mobile for a measly $149. If you've got $199 burning a hole in your pocket use some smarts & just wait a few weeks when you have $349. Order from the Play Store & get a T Mobile SIM or just use Straight Talk. It has become an excellent alternative to just about every other carrier subsidized handset.

DrLouie says:

Definitely better off with the value plan and buying from the Play Store.

TauSigmaNova says:

hell yeah, tmo gets its wheels moving!
I'm gonna be getting the unlocked version anyway though I'm planning on using it on TMo.

TauSigmaNova says:

hell yeah, tmo gets its wheels moving!
I'm gonna be getting the unlocked version anyway though I'm planning on using it on TMo.

TauSigmaNova says:

hell yeah, tmo gets its wheels moving!
I'm gonna be getting the unlocked version anyway though I'm planning on using it on TMo.

TauSigmaNova says:

hell yeah, tmo gets its wheels moving!
I'm gonna be getting the unlocked version anyway though I'm planning on using it on TMo.

JFetch says:

They are making it really hard to keep hating LG.

ramonm2 says:

With LTE? ;)

I wonder where are the folk who said Tmobile wouldn't see the Nexus 4. Guess this shows you how much Google cares about Tmobile... It feels great to see a device come out and not be for Verizon too. After the LAST VERIZON debacle with the Galaxy Nexus I hope they NEVER SEE another Nexus again. People should throw that old one the cdma Lte infested one in the garbage can.. Even thou I will be purchasing the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 on November 15th the Lg Nexus 4 will be great for Tmobile..

fort says:

Will it still be stock Android without all Tmo bloatware.

It seems that it'll be the same unlocked model, just subsidized.

C-3PO says:

@richardyarrell Your comment on the Verizon Nexus is absurd. The only way you could hate on the Verizon Nexus is if you know nothing about rooting and updating the phone yourself. That's what the Nexus devices are all about. Since day one I rooted mine and had all the latest software updates faster than anyone by using reliable and bugless custom ROMS like CM9 and AOKP. I also had Jellybean running on mine the day it was announced. In my opinion a Nexus without LTE speeds is a fail. All you who hate on the Verizon Nexus have absolutely no idea what your talking about. Even if your not into rooting you will still get updates months before any other android phone on the market thru Verizon.

squiddy20 says:

He doesn't know how. He had the Galaxy Nexus (on Verizon) for upwards of 7 months, 2 of which he spent saying he was "looking into" rooting it. You read right, he spent 2 *months* saying he was looking into rooting, and eventually just got a SGSIII.

MrRedJoker93 says:

How about T-Mobile Wi-Fi calling support Google?

PapiManCT says:


We've yet to see that this device is any different than the Play Store one. Its very possible that the Play Store one is the exact same and also 42mbps, the page is simply incorrectly saying 21mbps.

DrLouie says:

No reason to yell, and only have HSPA+21 has yet to be confirmed.

Zylograth says:

My question is will those of us who just got a GS3 with their upgrade be able to get the Nexus 4 for 199 or will we be forced to pay full price?

If you just bought a GS3 you're a far far far ways away from having another subsidy available. Luckily the unlocked price is only $299/$349...

drewC says:

It's great news if the T-mobile version is the same as the unlocked version. Perhaps not so great news for T-mobile because people will be tempted to buy it unlocked rather than being locked down on a 2 yr contract.

I have to wonder though, if one can get the hypothetical 42mbps download speed with the unlocked version from Google Play Store. If so, and there is a good possibility here since both versions will likely have the same pentaband radio, then it is a no brainer for me to buy it unlocked. I'd imagine the T-Mobile subsidized version will have hotspot tethering disabled by default.

diable says:

You'll get the same speed regardless of who you buy it from, there's only one model.

DarenTx says:

I'd prefer to pay full price for the 16 GB Unlocked version and use it on the T-Mobile network. T-Mobile offers reduced rates if you bring your own device that will more than make up for the small price increase.

But I am unclear if there is a difference between the 16 GB Unlocked version and the T-mobile subsidized version. Does anyone know?

If the pricing on the press release is to believed I think T-Mobile is gonna try to charge $600 for it. It say that for the value plan you pay $199 plus $20 a month for 20 months. If that is true I will be pissed!

HotInEER says:

The only difference is the T-mobile version is faster, up to 41mpbs while the off contract one will only reach 21mbps on HPSA.

diable says:

Wrong. The unlocked version will get the same HSPA+ speed as one bought from T-Mobile. The only reason to buy the phone from T-Mobile is avoid shipping charges.

DWR_31 says:

Okay my question involves WiFi tethering on the Tmobile variant.
With the new Unlimited 4G plan that you can't get tethering with, will we be able to use those tethering apps on a rooted Tmobile variant?

diable says:

You can until you get busted by T-Mobile.

jarias14 says:

Following DWR_31's question. If I buy the Google Play, unlocked version, will I be able to use tethering without paying tmobile the extra $15 for it?