Galaxy S3

486MB update brings Android 4.3 and Galaxy Gear support to original T-Mobile Galaxy S3

The Android 4.3 update may be up in the air for some models, but users with the original (T999) Samsung Galaxy S3 from T-Mobile have the new firmware ready for installation OTA or via Samsung Kies.

Right off the bat — this is for the older version that isn't LTE capable. T-Mobile has no word on when to expect any updates for the LTE version. We think this means something, but we're not going to guess what. Here's your quick and dirty change log:


  • Android version 4.3/Software version T999TUVUEMJC
  • Approved 11/19/2013
  • OTA manual pull down and Samsung Kies update available

New Features:

  • KNOX
  • Samsung Galaxy Gear support


  • T999UVDMD5
  • Device software is not rooted
  • 50% battery life
  • Latest version of Kies software downloaded on PC or MAC
  • Data connection
  • File size of update is 486 MB

Check your device settings, or plug into Kies if you're daring, and give it a click!

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parmijo92678 says:

Well I sent the headline to y'all but you must have seen it already. Just loaded on the wifes S3 about a hour ago, so far so good.

Been talking to T-Mo a little bit seeing if we could find out more about the other S3 and it's update. 

They got nothing :)

parmijo92678 says:

I work there, no news yet.

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jeffmoline says:

What about other carriers like our hated friend Verizon?

T-Mobile is the only carrier who has an S3 without LTE and an S3 with LTE.

The fact that all the LTE versions aren't getting any updates (of have had the pulled) recently is worth investigating. Unfortunately, nobody wants to say anything.

adriank403 says:

Hi, Does flash player still work in the native browser in 4.3? 4.1 was supposed to be the last version that would support Flash. I'm curious if that functionality is lost with this update. Thanks

deloford says:

No it doesnt! If only I'd have known this I would have never updated. So far its just a st ep backwards.

Yet still waiting for the 4.3 update on my T-Mobile GS4.....

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bearda says:

Seriously, WTF?

Incitatus says:

Popped my sim back into the S3 and grabbing the update. Then I visited here, saw it just dropped today, timing. I miss this phone. Like the N5, but miss some of the S3 features.

lostmind01 says:

What about the s4 update that was supposed to be yesterday?

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28Loki says:

What about AT&T dammit.

dahpitcher says:

Why is at&t always last.....

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FortTech101 says:

I thought it was Verizon.

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Casey DC says:

It is always Verizon last.

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Morten Lund says:

Moto X 4.4 updates for Verizon would suggest otherwise..

Yeah and every other phone ever on Verizon would outweigh the Moto X update as being the only time they weren't dead last. Verizon is a joke.

Heath Loden says:

Is anyone seeing a larger S3 update download? like 527mb

Incitatus says:

Yes. Mine was 527 or 528.

Thermalx says:

Yeah, it was that size on my wife's S3 as well.

Walt Greene says:

Yes, mine is 527Mb.

Fabian F says:


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rangelana91 says:

I know! I have the Lte version and I'm still waiting for the update.

SWon says:

I thought it would take a lot longer since the international version 4.3 updade was pulled out.

snarf77 says:

maybe cuz of lte?

Duncan1982 says:

Enjoy your 4.3 update folks :-)

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sentinelred says:

Me and the rest of the Moto X clan on Verizon yawn at your puny 4.3 update, Samsung. Jelly Beans are so out of style. Kit Kat, BITCH!

darkoman4 says:

well, it's like, your opinion, man.

skbgiants says:

-The Dude

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parmijo92678 says:

Spoken like a true tool, kit kat will come too.

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Morten Lund says:

Are you sure about that?? Samsung is getting ready to drop the S3 from their update program.. they just needed Gear support for it and that's it..

swimmaholic says:

Watch out everyone, big bad boy coming through.

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I'm sorry, but you're a little too excited about a phone update, lol.

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GameBoi says:

Well even 4.3 with TouchWiz has more features than the Moto X. Plus 4.4 seems like a breeze to update, so I'm sure Samsung will update their device to it soon.

nodnarb1974 says:

I have noticed that camera shortcuts STILL don't stay when you change them. Lame but everything else is great so far.

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jeffmoline says:

SO they suspend the update, yet T-Mobile gets it. Does this look like things are still a go? My VZW S3 is due to get 4.3 on Friday.

seb1509 says:

Did someone get it? I am waiting to see if it has bugs like the international version. If you downloaded it please post how it went

parmijo92678 says:

It went and goes just fine. Haven't noticed a bug yet.

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markluna1 says:

I'm also anxious to know if there are any problems with it since every 4.3 update for this device was halted. I unfortunately flashed CyanogenMod yesterday so I can't just OTA update and figure it out myself in a timely manner.

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zaydabarber says:

What feature did it get note 2 on att getting their's tomorrow

"AT&T Samsung Galaxy Note 2"

geekymcfly says:

so far I noticed that Zynga is gone now(finally) & the one feature that I seem to miss is the swipe lock (why because I have to remove my security pin in order to use dash clock widgets) other than that. the update went smooth. I don't really notice a difference in battery because I have the zero lemon. any one find anything else?

Targon says:

Just curious if you got the ANT+ support on the T-mobile 4.3 version or not. Has anyone found out if ANT+ support really did make it into the Euro release, and if so, has anyone actually seen how it is implemented/controlled?

dizzle16 says:

This is bull$#!+

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jeffmoline says:

How so?

Jay Holm says:

The S3 gets 4.3 before the S4? Strange!

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snarf77 says:

To those whining the original wasnt gonna get 4.3 can now stop thanks

Joshua Bell says:

There appears to be a compatibility issue with Google Hangouts...

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Joshua Bell says:

To further that, the issue seems to correlate only to sending MMS..

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davenycept says:

They must be using the T-Mobile S3 as a test then if things are a go then give it to the T-Mobile S4 customers

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Skiffle says:

Come on Finland, pull finger from arse and release the flipping update!

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hitsmanj says:

But wash your hands first, please!

So far no problems but just updated an hour ago seems to run great I'm so happy I have been waiting for 4.3 for awhile now. A few different things are samsung knox, new toggle in pull down bar, lock screen widgets, samsung hub, and some more things that I am still looking at but just wanted to post really quick and say so far so good.

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Thanks for the reply. I am waiting for the T mobile S3 - 4.3 updates in the light of recent issues. I am updating my S3.

Phil Shobo says:

Maybe the reason the S3 got updated before S4 is because there's a whole lot more TouchWiz and other bloatware to go through on the S4 before a stable version can be pushed...

crushahn says:

Call it a conspiracy theory but does anyone else find it weird that Samsung has Tizen on the horizon and all of a sudden they are being bogged down with update issues through a majority of their phones? Not to mention remaining mum about it.....

dashg1 says:

Finally u can move you're apps to the SD with this update

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dosto says:

Upgraded my wife's S3 last night. Everything went perfectly, other than the fact that she HATES updates of any kind. She'd still be using her G1 if I didn't cojole her to upgrade.

Updated last night. No issues so far, but keeping a wary eye on the battery. Juice seems to be depleting at the normal rate though. Also update was indeed 527 MB.

danbutter says:

My battery is dropping like a rock after the update!

alisalmang says:

Thanks for the report. Just upgraded and it works flawlessly!

~Lone androider in a tribe of sourapples~

My wife and I have tmobile just updated the 4.3 on my wives s3 phone but no updates for my galaxy s4?!?!??

Walt Greene says:

I am updating now. The 4.1.2 update caused a huge issue with WiFi. Neither Samsung nor T-Mobile could get it resolved.

Anyone on 4.3 have any info on WiFi functionality? I had to step my phone back to 4.1.1 to correct it before. I am hoping I don't have to do that again.

My daughter owns an old S3 from T-mobile and was shutting down unexpectedly all the time. I tried to update to the OS 4.3 but could not do it because the phone was rooted, which I didn't know until I have to do the update. (I bought used). Well, I found out how to unroot it and as soon as the stock ROM was successfully implanted, the phone updated to the new 4.3.