Galaxy S3 update Galaxy S3 update

T-Mo's Galaxy S3 gets full-screen multi-tasking in latest update

Looks like there's a new over-the-air update heading out to T-Mobile's Samsung Galaxy S3 today. Reports from XDA and TmoNews point to an official Android 4.1.2 update, which brings with it Samsung's "multi-window" feature. Multi-window, which we recently demonstrated on the Galaxy S4, allows the screen to be split between two concurrently-running applications. The new "Paper Artist" app, lock screen changes and a new "4G" logo are also among the reported changes.

The over-the-air update package weighs in at more than 186MB, so you might want to wait until you're on Wifi before hitting the download button. To see if your update is ready, head to Settings > About phone > Software updates.

T-Mo GS3 owners, be sure to hit the comments and let us know how you're getting on with this latest firmware version.

Source: TmoNews, XDA

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On the split screen option, will more of our apps be available in this feature right now the initial choices are very basic, other than that its pretty cool

Statusnone says:

This isn't a new feature. It's been on the Note 2 and GS3 (other carriers and international) for months now and there are VERY few apps that support this feature. So unless Samsung gives the devs some incentive, I wouldn't hold my breath.

DWR_31 says:

As a Sprint customer I rooted and downloaded a multi window app from the Playstore to make my multi window use any app.
Stock -Rooted, Wifi Tether, and Expanded Multi Window support.

manny duval says:

about time t-mobile gets 4.1.2 now when dose the s3 get 4.2

rookiegenius says:

now you have a big reason to root. WHat are you waiting for? just root and download "multi window manager" then bam, you can run any app in split screen

JackDempster says:

Downloaded just now. Multi-window is pretty sweet.

ab304945 says:

Touchwiz roms that have multi Windows. Support all apps. Even games

MC_A_DOT says:

Wow this is late lol..

n8cs says:

^but still ahead of Verizon as far as features...

Ethere says:

Now just need AT&T's GS3 to update. I've rooted and run other roms previously, but I still keep coming back to stock due to other random issues.

I thought as soon as the S4 was released, they would issue the update for the S3. I guess we shall see.

JayNic says:

Looks like we have Font Customization now for our phones! Go to Settings > Display > Font. You can also download fonts too. Pretty nifty and convenient.

05 TypeS DC5 says:

The fonts feature was there before this update. I don't recall seeing get new fonts feature. But the fonts was there.

JayNic says:

Yeah, if you select the "change font" option, there is a button to download new fonts.

CedyCed15 says:

Where's the split screen mode on the update?

05 TypeS DC5 says:

i think you have either hold down the back button or double tap the back button and you will see it pop u on the left hand side.

spankycuervo says:

1st time I've hit "Check for Updates" and it has actually downloaded something.
What is the difference between "All" and "Next" or whatever the options were once the download completed? I selected the latter and everything seems fine. Updates make me happy.

bloodbond3 says:

Got the update this morning. I'm so in love! My only problem is I just got an HTC One and got this update just now T-T

JesterHS says:

So I have a Samsung Galaxy S3 and just switched from AT&T to T-Mobile. Will I get the over the air update using an AT&T phone on the T-Mobile network?

No you won't, but you can root your phone and install a custom recovery.. then download the update from XDA manually and flash it. Just don't flash the T-Mobile radio. It'll work fine and enable WiFi calling on your Att SGS3 as well.

JesterHS says:

Thanks effortless#AC for the info. I'll look into how to do that. No too familiar with the rooting process. I'll start searching over at the XDA website.

deadlock4400 says:

@Alex Dobie

Thanks for the cool post.

if any samsung smartphone are going to have JB 4.1.2 then that should have multiwindow facilities.

I just got the update and was so happy about the split screen but when the update was installed it turned on tapatalk and my phone froze I restarted it and it got stuck on the lock screen it would highlight the lock screen in a yellow outline but would not unlock. I covered the sensors in the front and it allowed me to unlock the phone and go into the menu and turn off tapatalk and now everything is working great. Not sure why it was messed up like that but I'm glad it was as simple as turning off tapatalk to get the phone working again. Has anyone else had this problem right after the update.

spankycuervo says:

They finally fixed Swype for the browser!!!! It will now auto space and let you correct words when you select them. This must be the best improvement by far.

So are any other rooted phone users seeing? "Your device has been modified. Software updates are not available"

jc_17 says:

my dad's gs3 has never been rooted or tinkered with and he's getting that message

rookiegenius says:

yup you can't download OTA update for rooted phone. I got that too. Go to XDA and flash the OTA file

Where did you find the OTA file?

Lizardi513 says:

You need the Triange Away app. I am using a stock rooted SGH-T999

Make sure when you open Triange Away under

"Current Status"
Counter: 0 (if not reset flash counter)

I also have checked all 3 of the following options
Auto reset at boot
allow tracker to run
System modified workaround

You will also need to double check STATUS under system settings. Goto>About Device>Status. At the bottom Device Status if listed as "normal" not modified, then you can upgrade the official OTA. If it does not read as "normal" try changing the checked 3 options. Good luck!

P.S. I also use CWM and when flashing update I used the fix root option and it restored root.

xKrNMBoYx says:

There are other updates too

Burst mode is now permanently Best Photo mode. We now have Best Face mode which is probably the feature where we select the best faces of individuals in group pictures to make one super picture. Settings, My Files and Gallery app's UI has changed a little. Group play and Paper Artist are new apps included in the update. Page Buddy, Speak Password [Sounds new], Desktop backup password,Select app to be debugged are new settings in the Setting app

spankycuervo says:

Not me. I was rooted, lost root after OTA update, then used Voodoo OTA rootkeeper and I'm good to go.

Macklesdaddy says:

I hope you guys who get this update don't suffer the battery life problems we note 2 users have after upgrading to 4.1.2

xenon2000 says:

Doh! I upgraded to 4.1.2 on my T-mobile GS3 not long ago, when it came out. And ever since then, my battery dies quickly. I can not longer get a whole day out of my phone like I could easily before the update. Not sure what I can do. Not cool.

So it is just me and this one guy's Dad that is getting your phone has been modified, no updates available?

Nevermore1 says:

I was getting is as well then re-started my phone and the update available notification came up and it started downloading.

John Gotts says:

I had to fiddle with one of my ADW Launcher pages. The icons were corrupt until I moved each one of them. Other than that, everything continues to work okay.

No additional complaints yet.

nancybout says:

Wish it was available for att phones.

Wendy Tanner says:

Does it fix the bluetooth problem. I am ready to sell mine if that isn't fixed soon.

I like this update is almost like s4 the next update should be the eye contact. ....

kimlynn says:

Can someone help me? I was using the multi-window, and I was messing with the little buttons on the bottom right corner, where you can switch the top and bottom windows, but then I pressed on something that only shows one window. So even if I have my multi-window on, it only shows one window.

i think you may have scrolled the dividing line either all the way up or all the way down. try fiddling with that.

kimlynn says:

Can someone help me? I was using the multi-window, and I was messing with the little buttons on the bottom right corner, where you can switch the top and bottom windows, but then I pressed on something that only shows one window. So even if I have my multi-window on, it only shows one window.

Now that ive updated, my keyboard vibrates and has sound that i cant seem to turn off. Anyone know how to turn it off?

xforce_dac says:

Just in case you havent found this yet

Language and input
Samsung Keyboard settings (gear)
Uncheck Key-tab sound

Srinath Ven says:

Known issues with resolutions:
1) Keyboard makes sound upon key press
Settings -> Language and Input (under "Personal" heading) -> ("settings" icon next to "Samsung Keyboard") -> Advanced -> Key-tap vibration (check box)
2) Multi window feature enable/disable
Keep your fingure on back button, u will get a notch on the left side of the screen as default and drag the apps to see them together.

Avdub_love says:

Since I got this update, my keypad has been opening very slowly...

Bill Lewis2 says:

same for me! have you done anything to improve it? sometimes it isn't slow but often I wait for about a minute before it opens

Evaun B says:

Me too. This has almost become a deal breaker. When "upgrades" erode existing functionality, it is upsetting. The response time to opening up the keypad is horrendous.

Three of us in the household have Galaxy S3's and are all experiencing the same lag time. Does anyone know if this lag time will be addressed soon? If not, a new phone may be on the horizon for me....

where is the link????

They have to fix the screenshot. The blue multitask tab on the left side shows up on everything that I take a screenshot of. Hopefully there will be an update to address this issue.

I absolutely hate the new update. My keyboard takes forever to load and it hardly ever comes up when I need to type in a web address on the internet. Fix it sooner rather than later.


ok - so we got all excited.... can we know when the next update will be?? 4.1.3 or 4.2? lol

Rony Khoury says:

I just got the phone with 4.1.2, but it doesn't come with the feature. I tried to update the software, but it was up-to-date. How do I enable it? Or how can I get the feature?

Tyra Dowtin says:

I have been asking that question for two weeks now! I bought my S3 in July and it did not come with the split screen option. My phone reads up-to-date when I check for updates and I even called Samsung 1800 number and I have got no where.

Tyra Dowtin says:

Galaxy S3 LTE does not have this upgrade. Only the orginal Galaxy S3 that was released last summer. The LTE version was released May2013.