T-Mobile Galaxy Note

The rumors and speculation that a T-Mobile version of the Samsung Galaxy Note is out there lurking around can be confirmed tonight. TmoNews got a set of leaked pictures of the 5.3-inch Note sporting T-Mobile branding, T-Mobile bloatware apps, and -- get this -- Ice Cream Sandwich. Other than the model number of SGH-T879, and the fact that it's running Android 4.0.3, it's still a mystery, and there's no telling which processor is inside or when to expect this one to get official -- if ever at all. As Phil reminds us, the life of a carrier smartphone is full of twists and turns.

We hope this one pans out and this isn't just a one-off or a test unit that never sees the light of day. You can bet everyone has feelers out and if there's more to be known, it will get known. In the meantime, hit the link and check out a slew of pics.

Source: TmoNews


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T-Mobile Galaxy Note shows its gigantic self - with ICS


*If* this is true, than the Sprint and/or Verizon version can't be far behind.

And yes; you are obsessed. I AM TOO!!!!

I couldn't wait any longer.. I ordered a unlocked G-note on Sat. it should be in my hands by Friday.. I'm going to use it on Straight Talk, their $45 unlimited plan will suit me just fine.. I had a good run with Sprint, but it's time for us to part ways.. They took away all my premier perks, the data network has went to shit in my area, even the WiMax is slow now..

? It is getting ICS, it's just that they're probably still working on the T-Mobile version's update. Why is it taking longer? Might be because it's using a Snapdragon as opposed to the Sprint, AT&T HSPA+ and international versions that use the Exynos processors. T-Mobile went with Snapdragon because it is about the only processor out there that supported 42Mbps HSPA+.

snapdragon doesnt matter. the skyrocket has a working version on leaked TW ICS. Software wise the only difference between the tmo and att version is the radio and kernel which you actually flash (NOT ODIN) between the two phones without bricking

If anything holding it back it would be Wifi calling on it. That is more then a simple app and requires a lot of proprietary code on T-mobile, Samsung and fcc. If you say don't add it, then you have no clue how useful wifi calling is.

Im running ICS on my Tmo GS2. Its ported from the ATT Skyrocket version. The simple fact is, and ive learned this from being a Tmobile customer for 4 years, is they delay/prevent updates to push new products.

The Galaxy Note is going to be advertised as having the "Latest" version of android, and hell its only .5 inches bigger, so what the hell, get the Galaxy Note over the GS2, its running newer software!

I got the tmo gs2 and I'll go buy the note, not cause the android version but because I'm a nut. The hardware could be the same but because it has a high res 5"+ screen, I'm sold. I'll pass on this tmo one s.

I bet the Sprint version will probably start leaking soon. AT&T's exclusitivity is probably coming to an end in the states soon. It'd be cool if a Sprint Galaxy Note uses essentially the hardware of the GS3, since Sprint did recently use a Galaxy Note device in one of their ads.

I would get this phone if it came out for Tmobile. On a side note these guys that constantly come out with leaked images need to get better cameras, or a tripod, since they constantly come out blurry. That, or it is done purposely to hide some cheap photoshop work.

This just made my day. I've been waiting for this for so long. It's gonna be tough deciding between this and the "S3" if the "S3" has a 4.7" or bigger screen.

Tmobile might be seeing me real soon. Espically with google deciding to sell the Galaxy Nexus through the play store i will probably give Verizon the BIGGEST DITCH in history. I could have both the GALAXY NOTE and GALAXY NEXUS...

Ive got the Galaxy Note through At&t, i really like this phone an the very large 5.3 display. Everytime i take it out of my pocket people ask me is that a phone. Im just ready for Samsung and At&t to release ICS. It was suppose to be released in Q1.