Waiting for the G2 to release on T-mobile and feeling impatient?  If you're into the hackery fun, you can download and check out what looks to be the leaked engineering test ROM right now.  The ROM is Android 2.2 (Froyo), has a HSDPA 14.4M + HSUPA 5.76M radio file, and is running the 2.6.32 Linux kernel.  You can grab the leaked file here (site's in Han Chinese, use Google translate FTW).  Looks like the G2 will be the hackers dream that it's little brother the G1 was, and everyone involved should love that! [HTC 911 via AndroidGuys]


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T-Mobile G2 testing ROM leaked


It will have Sense. All of HTC's phones run Sense. The Nexus One was an example because it was strictly a dev phone built for Google. Custom ROMs will bring Vanilla Android to this device though.

I think this is HTC's best looking device since the N1.

I don't think anyone knows this for sure just yet. It has been reported it's a "With Google" phone and I'm under the impression that means no Sense UI. We'll see.

I don't think it will have Sense. For one, no T-Mobile phone currently runs Sense. Also if I get a myTouch phone, I think there should be a expectation to have a Espresso experience. In the same sense, if I get a "G" phone, I think a vanilla experience should be the expectation. Putting Sense on it would shock the normal T-Mo/G1 customer.

So that combined with the "Google" label leads me to believe that this will vanilla.

There are with Google phones that run sense. I have a Sprint hero that has a with Google logo on the back, and it runs sense (thanks to xda devs its running the mytouch slide version FTW). That said, I think the g2 should definitely have vanilla.

We could easily find out if someone would just extract the ROM and look for Sense related files inside. I downloaded it but I'm at work and I really don't want to boot up Linux to run unyaffs to extract the system.img. However if someone else will, just look inside for /system/app/rosie.apk. If that is there then this is definetly a Sense phone. If rosie.apk is not there then its still up in the air.

You and me both, bro. I will not buy an Android device that does not have vanilla Android. Keeping my N1 until a really nice vanilla device comes out.

Now the next question is, will they come out with one that runs on both GSM networks. If this is the next dev phone, ima be left out on at&t