T-Mobile G2

We're about a week away from the T-Mobile G2 being available in stores, and that means it's time for the leaks to begin. TMo News has a plethora of shots of the latest HTC slider, and it's definitely whetting our appetite. You're looking at a 3.7-inch screen (seen here next to the Nexus One's 3.7-inch Samsung Vibrant's 4-inch Super AMOLED screen), track pad and four-row keyboard. We've got one more shot after the break, and check out a bunch more at the source. [TMo News]

T-Mobile G2


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T-Mobile G2 spotted in the wild, unboxed


Aw jeeze, yet another configuration of the standard soft buttons.

For pete sake manufacturers can't you leave SOMETHING standardized!

My nexus one has them in the historically correct order, and the only order that works well in either landscape or portrait.

Oh well, looks like HTC has decided to standardised all their newly released phones since the Nexus One to this config. Desire, Legend, Wildfire, Droid Inc, Evo, Desire HD, Desire Z and G2 all have this layout.

early models of the n1 that were dog-fooded by google employees had the home and back button switched. i actually thought that was going to be the standard up until it was changed with the holiday edition (which i personally have). With that in mind the original intention of Google was to have the standard HTC layout, but made a change between the summer of 09 to christmas. Remember HTC was deving their own phones at the same time and decided to stick what was then the standard.

Actuall all the true Google experience phones that Google worked closely with, save the G1, have the same order. There are only two such phones; the Nexus1 and the Droid, with introduced the new 2.0 os and did so with an exclusivity period. I bet when os 3.0 is introduced it will not have any skin and it will feature a button configuration similar to the N1 and the original Droid.

They are the same as the HTC Incredible. I think HTC has standardized their set up, but it does not go across all of the manufactures.

Phone looks great, but how does it feel in the hand? How is the slider work all the physical aspects of the phone.

How does the keyboard compare to the D2? I like the keyboard on the D2. Which phone do you like better Phil?

Ordered mine on the morning they went on sale. Have the Nexus One and will always keep it. I want to see how this new phone is compared to my Nexus. I think my Nexus will always be my # 1 device. Just couldn't say no to the G2. It looks like the brother to the Nexus One. Waiting for the UPS truck now. Come on where the heck are you?????

Samsung Makes the Nexus One? ...lol

BTW the hardware key configuration is different than the Nexus One... and it actually says "menu" instead of the 4 horizontal lines.

Is that a typo?
Pretty certain it's a 3.7" display haha. I remember when HTC brought out their YouTube video for the Desire Z the voice said 3.6" display before they pulled it and edited it to 3.7"

When you really unlock the Vibrant horse power and modify it, it is an attractive and very fast device. I am using the stock 2.1 home screen and score 2k + on Quadrant.