G2 goes jiggawatt

The T-Mobile G2 has been overclocked to an astonishing 1.9 GHz.  Read it slowly, it's not a typo -- I read it two or three times myself to be sure of what I was seeing.  Now to be clear, if you are a normal, well-balanced person who likes your G2 and uses it every day you probably won't want to do this one.  On the other hand, if you're like us, and you smile when the magic blue smoke comes out the back of a phone (then cry when you have to tell your wife what you did), hit the source link and give it a try.  Anyone still think the G2's CPU is slow?

And for the love of all things holy, share some screenshots in the forums.  [XDA-Developers via Android Police]

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ChrisX#AC says:

Good God.. i thought my 1872 Quadrant was high..

same here damn!

icu says:

Heavy. That's just plain nerd-sexy.

Incitatus says:

I enjoyed that article. The "magic blue smoke" sold it. Well done. :)

Chahk says:

That's great, Scott!

theglock says:

Ive been running 1.8ghz and its stable on my g2, its the 1.9ghz kernel that has the issues with stability. Im just saying this cause your article makes it seem more "foolish" than it really is, since you can use SetCPU to underclock it once it starts getting warm (profiles!)

sota767 says:

So the battery bursting into flames is from the sheer amount of awesome?!

weehooherod says:

I thought my 2562 was high on my Evo!

Jowlah says:

I have often wondered why people overclock their phones to such an extreme? I understand that overclocking the phone may help lead to other things that can advance cell phone tech, but someone is going to rip a whole in the space-time continuum! When future Steve Jobs finds out, he is going to be pissed.... mildly.

2 girls with in a half mile? Yes I would like to view pics.

shaundizzle says:

damn seeing this and hearing the nexus s is going to be t mobile makes me want to give up on sprint and my epic. probably wont happen but boy is it tempting.

hopefully i can hop back on my families family plan when/if they change carriers to verizon or tmo cuz att sucks balls