T-Mobile G2

If you're looking to snag a T-Mobile G2 (check out our review) on the cheap, it's now available for the low, low price of free through Jan. 20. With it you get great keyboard, fast processor and that crazy locked-down hardware that took way too much time and effort to crack. (But cracked it was. Huzzah!) Anyhoo, you've got a couple days left to pull the trigger. Get it at the source link. [T-Mobile]


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T-Mobile G2 free through Jan. 20


At that price they will have to pay people to take a Cliq. 2. But that's a steal for anyone who wants a stock device with a keyboard and micro sd.

Well, apparently its only for new lines of service.

My son tried to get this as an upgrade and was denied,
Just yesterday. (They would do it, but not for free).

I don't understand why everyone is so pathetically piss poor at math and economics that they keep perpetuating this marketing BS about "FREE"! THE PHONE IS NOT FREE! YOU have to sign a 2 YEAR! contract! In the end you will not only pay for that phone, you will pay more than purchasing the phone from a direct retailer. I just purchased a Mytouch slide for a friend for $185 brand new. He took is phone to tmo and got contractless service for 69.99 unlimited phone a data. He will win in the end because he passed High school Math .....

Yes, it does require a two-year contract, but you also save $199.99 (plus tax, where applicable) up front. You can get a phone from other sources, like a MyTouch Slide that probably won't see any further updates due to it's age, and then activate service, but is it worth it? Especially if you keep the service and phone for more than two years, then you paid for two years of service PLUS what you paid for an outdated phone.

The irony of your comment is that guy was talking about people just like you who have not looked up the numbers. His example however did him no favors in explaining the math. Lets take the G2 which is 499$ out of contract. Then lets compare contract vs. non contract plans for tmobile. To make things short the uncontracted version of tmobile's rate plans are 20$ less than contracted ones. The even more plus plans, which are still available but you have to call tmobile.
So like he said you can get unlimited everything for 79.99 uncontracted or 99.99 contracted. the math works out to 480 extra dollars over two yrs of a contract vs uncontracted plans. So his point is valid except in the very rare event that a 499 phone is FREE. Then you actually save 20$ with contract. However any other time it costs you 200$ more if you go with a discounted phone and contract since you pay the 200$ for a "discounted" phone then pay the other 480$ over two yrs for your rate plan.
Tmobile is the only carrier who offers discounted rates for uncontracted plans, knowing that those who cant afford a phone at full price will have to go with the "discount". The real sweet part is if you go uncontracted you have broke even with the contracted option by month 15 and can feel free to buy a different phone or even switch providers for the next Atrix 4G since you arent in contract.

You still can't even see what the point is....Exactly what I was speaking about. YOU DON"T HAVE to sign a contract to get service anymore ....read thieves comments.... but you still won't understand...

I've been with T-Mobile for around 3 years and I've gotten 3 phones at a discounted price on the same line. They make you sign a 2year contract but you can usaully upgrade after 12 months into your contract if you're smart enough to know how.

This is a great deal. I love my phone. I think the device is pretty nice looking well. Think the nexus one with a keyboard. I like phones that aren't flimsy feeling, and this has a nice weight to it.

It is not "free". It requires a contract for which you will be paying for the phone. The word "free" is so misused!!!

I was just telling my wife that I think we should cancel Verizon and go to T-Mobile, I think I might have just found another really good reason to do it.

Although it might not be free, it's still cheaper. Most consumers are so used to signing a contract to get a new phone that they feel it's free. There's no reason to get mad that they use terms like "free".

Even though contract is required, this is a pretty good purchase, as this phone is seriously impressive. There aren't many devices powerful enough to compete with it right now.

Honestly, who cares weather or not its technically "free"? Its still a good ass deal... Don't split hairs.

Sheesh, everyone needs to argue about every little detail nowadays...

@BKNY4G, this is a very nice looking phone IMO. I have held it in my hand at a Tmo kiosk in the mall, and it looks very nice. And I am not really a fan of sliders. If it had a front facing camera, I may have bought it!

I really wanted a MT4G, but free's pretty hard to pass up! Especially since I'm supposedly still not up to my full upgrade eligibility yet. I went into my account and tried to upgrade, and they're telling me I can take advantage of this offer. Think they'll ever offer the MT4G for free? Even if they did, I imagine I'd have to wait until at least August, which is when I hit full upgrade eligibility. How long was it before they started offering the MT3G for free? It was a LONG time, IIRC.

Also, regarding the contract issue. Yes, you are giving up something to get this phone for free. The question is, are you likely to stay with T-Mobile for the next two years? For a lot of us, the answer is yes. So in exchange for something we were going to do anyway, we get a great phone at an even better price!

Apparently THROUGH Jan 20th means ending midnight Jan 19th since they shut down the deal last night. I called and complained through 3 levels of customer support to honor their deal. They made no effort to honor their word, blaming "3rd party" management of their official Tweet at http://twitter.com/TMobile/status/27177466049073153#. What a joke! A telecommunications company not knowing the legitimacy of their own social network promotion? Oh, and their solution? "Write to our PO Box." Like that's not a dead-end for complaints! If you don't honor your press release T-mobile, don't expect good customer service reviews in the future...or customers for that matter.