G2 benchmark

We know some of you have been waiting on pre-ordering the T-Mobile G2 until you've seen a benchmark test. We also know, that some of you really don't like that fact the G2 sports a "mere" 800 MHz Qualcomm processor and not a 1 GHz processor. We promise, it's fast.

The G2, the successor of the original gangster, the G1, has gotten full benchmark treatment via Quadrant Standard. Click on after the break to see the full test in video form.


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T-Mobile G2 benchmark test [video]


How the hell did they manage to pull that one off?? Would have been nice if the video was a little lower. I'd like to see the frame rates it was getting on the 3d tests.

This new chip is also using 45nm fab(instead of 65nm used in the old snapdragon). Newer fab means more space for a bigger L1 and L2 cache. With more silicon to play with they can add more features to the core like out-of-order execution.

As fabrication is getting smaller and smaller, these ARM cpus are able to mimic the performance of desktop processors that were released years ago while using a fraction of the power.

I wish they had used the full version of Quadrant, so everyone could see how the 800 MHz absolutely blows away everything else in actual processor performance, and this high score isn't from sneaky cache fixes :)

very promising. Ordered mine this AM. Have the Nexus One rooted and loaded. To me the Nexus One is and will always be the best device made for Android. 1st really GOOGLE + HTC killer device and is a developers phone for a very good reason. That said I still ordered the G2, Just hope it performs the way I think it will. Don't think enough people are giving this new device a fair shake. I think it will surprise me and many others. I really want to stay with T-Mobile, my plan can not be beat by any other Network and I'm in the middle of the new HLPC+ network. I am very excited about this new device.
Thanks T-Mobile.

Ok.. can someone explain to me how that is at the top of the list when it is not (the 3d graphics) near as good looking or as smooth as the galaxy s devices?

When the #d was turning the hallway and turning while going up the stairs, there was a jerky motion to it. Not fluid. Typical Qualcomm.

When I do this on my Evo, it does the same. But not on the Epic. The Epic is super smooth from start to finish.

So, how do they measure that and have it beat the galaxy s?

I noticed that too. I think the score is based off of overall performance, not just one creteria. One has to wonder, if it had better graphics performance, how much higher would the score have been...

The I/O portion of the test (filesystem read/write) is where the Galaxy S struggles and as such posts a lower score. This is due to the file system the Galaxy S devices use. The devs at XDA have fixed this issue and the Galaxy S scores around 1700-2200 depending on which fix you apply. And that's on 2.1.

It also scores over 6600 with the An3dBench tool (Nexus One with 2.2 scores around 4900+)

I would like to see this test performed with the newer version of Quadrant which uses a color system to break down each test (like this: http://bit.ly/btiad2) to get a better feel of how the 2D/3D tests perform.

Snapdragon devices score about 300% higher on the Processor portions vs the Hummingbird and OMAP.

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

example from a purely stock FRG83 Nexus one. Notice the breakdown, and how the CPU performance portion (in blue) is so much better that the others.

Yes, but take a look at CPU for 2.1 Nexus one, 2.1 Galaxy S, and 2.1 Droid X. The 300% increase is seen on both 2.2 devices only. Seems like the Hummingbird has the best CPU/GPU, just imagine what it would score with Froyo.

your comparing a stock 2.2 nexus with the JiT compiler which makes all the difference. Apples to apples 2.1 comparison and the nexus doesnt hold a candle to the galaxy. Doing a simple fix on the galaxy puts the quadrant scores at 2250 with only 2.1 installed. What do you think is going to happen when the galaxyS gets 2.2 with the JiT compiler (that you obviously didnt realize is the reason the nexus 2.2 gets such high ratings)... Its going to shoot scores through the roof.

I think you're going a bit overboard with the "through the roof comment". Although I don't think this test shows OMAP scores correct either; adding 2.2 to my Droid X did not make a huge difference. Few hundred points.

Wow nice try Jerry, but that's the biggest load of BULLSHIT I've heard all day. And I work at a mental hospital...

For Android 2.2 Those are good scores, but for a 45nm CPU that is what it should be around.

Ugh. I'll make it easy.

Samsung CPU benchmark good
Samsung GPU benchmark very good

Qualcomm CPU benchmark 5x gooder than Samsung.
Qualcomm GPU score average

Add up the good, the bad, and the amazing and Qualcomm gets a higher number than Samsung or TI. Because it's CPU portions of the benchmark are amazing.

If any of these people swearing and insulting would simply post a Quadrant Advanced screenshot of their Galaxy on the Froyo leak, or Droid 2/X that shows the breakdown, it would end the discussion. But nobody will. Instead, everyone gets all butthurt and thinks I'm saying one phone is better than the other.


I have tested the Droid X benchmark and it is definitely higher than the snapdragon. It was highest in the list running 2.2. Also, the Hummingbird just performs better. I switched from evo to epic because the performance is so much better, there is no comparison. Qualcomm makes cheap pocessors. In the negative sense of the word.

Look at the list:


Droid X outperformed all 1st gen Snapdragon based phones when 2.1 was used on all phones. But for some reason, Droid X isn't benefiting as much when Froyo is used. In fact, some of the 1st gen Snapdragon phones (not overclocked) have overtaken Droid X! Why? I have no idea...

Qualcomm 1st gen processors arrived much before Hummingbirds though. Try comparing 2nd gen Snapdragons with Hummingbirds and it is not obvious anymore which is better. Stock Desire HD (MSM8255) obtained much higher score than stock Galaxy S.


This is a very simple answer for you. There is NO LEAKED FROYO FOR THE GALAXY. That's why no one can post anything and you can ONLY ASSUME THAT SNAPDRAGON BEATS IT.

The ROM was pulled from a Galaxy S TAB, not phone. It's not a leaked Froyo for the phone it's for a tab. Nothing works on the phone when you load it so too bad.

You're just running on assumptions. Everyone is annoyed by you because you RUN ON ASSUMPTIONS. Sure you might be right but you PREACH LIKE YOU ARE SOME KIND OF DEVELOPER FOR HTC, when you're clearly not.

So no on respects a guy that tries to state facts that aren't even facts yet.

Let Froyo come on the Galaxy S then you can run your stinking mouth.

I am curious to know if there is a non manufacturer benchmarking tool out there. This benchmark tool is written and provided by Qualcomm and I can't help but wonder if it isn't optimized for their processors. There is no denying that it looks good on the chart, but how unbiased is it really? Just curious mostly, as all these generation of phones are stupid fast anyway and this is for nothing much more than bragging rights.

Well yeah, if you compare a Froyo'd G2 and Nexus One versus Droid X and Galaxy S on 2.1, the cpu performance isn't going to be close. Let's see benches when the OMAP and Hummingbird are on 2.2 and then we can talk.

Froyo Snapdragon vs. Froyo OMAP results are about the same. Processor performance is 3x-4x higher. OMAP and Hummingbird make up for it in 3d performance
That's easy to see. Run Quadrant advanced on a X or D2 and post the pic :) Or to make it easier, you can use Linpack. OMAP and Hummingbird CPU scores aren't even close. Not trying to burst anyone's bubble, but Android runs better on Qualcomm hardware, because it was built on, and for, Qualcomm hardware.

I hate to burst your bubble, but the Snapdragon chipset is the worst of the 1ghz chips. My vibrant running 2.1 hits 2250 quadrant scores and doubles all FPS of qualcomm based chipsets. I dont hit below 55fps on neocore. None of the Qualcomm based phones can do that.. even with 2.2. I dont think ive even seen one hit 40fps.

Its great to love your phone, but dont be delusional. Nothing touches a Hummingbird set.

Please read everything. I'm showing WHY the Snapdragon gets better (or higher) benchmarks with weaker 3D performance. It's because the CPU performance is easily triple while doing floating point operation inside Android.

3D performance is a very tiny subset of the scoring criteria.

Again, someone PLEASE post a shot from Quadrant advanced running on a Droid X with Froyo, or a Galaxy device running the Froyo leak to prove me wrong.

You won't see a valid benchmark from any Galaxy S device at this point. None of the leaked froyo roms have JIT enabled. Until there's a Froyo rom with JIT, it won't be an apples to apples comparison. JIT the reason why Froyo receives a higher CPU score on all devices.

Exactly! When my Droid X was running on 2.1, the benchmark result was at 1,194. Now with Froyo, it peaks at 1,443.

Where does it show the 5k that the Snapdragon is getting at 800MHz or 1GHz? Got proof? If you do, then please lemme see it.

Look at the big honking picture I posted above, where the score is broken down. Now look at the bottom of it to see the numerical value given to each score. And until someone can post CPU benchmark scores from an OMAP or A4/Hummingbird running Froyo that get even close, I'll leave you all to your own devices. A commenter asked how Snapdragons could get such high marks when their 3D performance was much worse. I answered. Take up your issues with Samsung and Motorola about why Froyo doesn't boost their CPU scores as expected. Now wait for Ali to post his Evo scores with the same "lag fix" as used on the Galaxy, and you'll see benchmarks in the 3000 range o_O

You asked for proof of a Snapdragon scoring 5k on the CPU portion of the Quadrant benchmark. I point you at the proof. You say I didn't answer the question.

Thanks for playing. You seem to think I have an agenda. A commenter asked HOW SNAPDRAGON PHONES CAN SCORE HIGHER ON QUADRANT. The answer is because their CPU score is so high. Android's VM runs better on a Snapdragon CPU, because that what it was built and tested on. This has nothing to do with GPU's, or the chipset as a whole. When you add up the individual scores from the benchmarks, you get a higher number from the Snapdragon. It's math.

I don't think I can make it any more clear, so I hope it sinks in this time.

Is this phone the holy grail people were hoping for? Unfortunately not. But did they still release a solid device that runs top notch? Yes they did, very happy HTC didn't let us down.

I spose I'm not jumping out of my seat impressed. I just scored a 1368 with my X with froyo of course. But isn't this thing running froyo also?

I just got 1412 with my droid X OTA 2.2 rooted but only for barnacle wifi nothing else has been messed with plus it has been on and in use all day.

Best i've gotten on my stock X running Froyo is 1479. Doesn't really matter though. As long as my X stays speedy and does everything i want it to (which it does), my Quadrant score could be 147 for all i care. :-)

LOL @ the guy making the video who covered up just enough of the bottom of the screen so that you can't see the FPS on the graphics test. Clearly the Samsung Galaxy S series are the graphics kings of Android devices. Just wait until they get 2.2. And LOL @ people who don't think a Galaxy S with 2.2 will come anywhere near these scores. Sorry, but it's more 2.2 than the processor.

I am glad that you like the galaxy phones I bought my sister one which we traded it twice and now she Is getting an Evo cause the phones couldn't hold a signal 3g or even phone calls I would be right next to her and my phone is blazing through websites and making phone calls and hers can't also touchwiz doesn't make sense everything is manual sense UI is much better that is that Evo all the way oh yeah did I mention that I don't trust Samsung with phones they need to stick to tv

Jeez guys you are worse than PS3/XBOX fanboys. I think the point of this is to show that the 800mhz processor doesn't knock this out of contention among current gen smartphones. If I want a top notch graphic system I'll go buy a game console for half the price of a new phone.

It's obvious that Hummingbird still outperforms the Snapdragon. But the draw to this phone will hopefully be that when Samsung FINALLY gets around to updating Galaxy S devices to 2.2, this stock phone will be on it's way to the next version of Android. So yeah Galaxy S phones are only running 2.1 is a good argument, but that's also fodder for the other side too. It's still ONLY running 2.1.

>It's obvious that Hummingbird still outperforms the Snapdragon.

No, that is not obvious. If you read the postings, you will see that the Snapdragon has one of the fastest CPU's, but it has a weak GPU. So if you are not doing anything heavily graphics intensive, the Snapdragon (like in the Evo) will just fly.

The problem with all benchmark composites (like the "total" score in Quadrant) is that they have different weights for various aspects of performance.

Based on other quadrant advance scores, Hummingbird still scores higher than the Droid X or Nexus one in the benchmark above looking at the 2.1 CPU scores. It's not by a lot, but obvious just looking at the bars.

Hummingbird seems to have a 5-10% advantage on snapdragon.

However, until Galaxy S phones receive a 2.2 update or leaked rom with JIT enabled, this argument will continue.

I think the free version of Quadrant is pretty useless at this point, but Quadrant advance remains very useful with breakdown it provides. You can see if someone is using an I/O cheat of some kind to inflate the score. From what I have seen, there is no way to cheat the CPU or GPU scores.

Unless we plan on text-based adventures I see that GPU being a big + to the hummingbird. "Samsung claims a theoretical processing of up to 90mln triangles per second. The 2D performance of the Hummingbird is better with an even larger margin – a billion pixels per second versus half a billion for the dual-core Snapdragon."

But what my OVERALL point was that... who really cares? Benchmarks are just that, benchmarks. If we each picked up a Vibrant and a G2 and walked around for a day we probably wouldn't notice any difference doing normal activities. It is still my belief that a 2.2 Galaxy S benchmarks higher than a 2.2 G2 (Especially in Graphics handling). But that means diddly squat in the real world. Both phones are powerful, both have their ups, both have their downs, and overall I think match up in the real world very evenly. And that's all that matters.

Why the hell doesn't T-mobile buy some advertising and air commercials?! This phone is amazing.. but no one knows about it.

I love how everyone is up at arms over Snapdragon vs Hummingbird, yet the Scorpion proves to be just as much of a competitor. Underpowered, yet just as good.

The Vibrant can definitely hit speeds like this. Vibrant has amazing speeds on 2.1, I am sure it can hit the same or more than this.