One of the bummers during the G1 Announcement was T-Mobile exec Cole Brodman telling us two things in no uncertain terms:

  • No Tethering your G1 to your Laptop to use its internet connection

  • No Unlocking the device to use on other networks.

Well, Engadget got a sit down with him and discovered that there is a little bit of uncertainty within those terms after all.

First, the thing is open source and anybody can write whatever they want for it, so T-Mobile isn't going to go to any great lengths to stop us from tethering. Problem there, of course, is that they're also saying that they're going to cap data at a ridiculously low 1GB per month, which makes tethering a little dicey.

Secondly, T-Mobile has a long-standing (and rather impressive) policy of freely offering unlock codes to most customers upon request and after a 3 month period to make it easier for them to travel overseas. That apparently won't change with the G1. There's a caveat here too, though, if you're thinking of slapping in an AT&T SIM card: it will work on an unlocked G1, but you're never going to get 3G because T-Mobile and AT&T use different radio bands for 3G. So much for GSM being the universal standard, eh?


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T-Mobile G1 Tethering and Unlocking


[...] your non-T-Mobile SIM card and then enter in your SIM unlock code. How to get one of those? Simple: T-Mobile has promised they’ll continue their policy of offering free unlock codes to customers after 90 days with a phone. If you’re in a hurry to get it done faster, there [...]

The power of tethering and DUN'g cannot be denied. A buddy of mine recently traveled to TX on business. To his surprise, the hotel's advertised "wifi" was limited to the lobby and he's "driving" a Mac, so he had no internet connection in his room. Suddenly, the higher functionality that he and others had poo-pooed, ie tethering, became pretty important. So, sadly, he's been somewhat net-blind since he's been there and I guess he'll remain so outside of 'net cafes... FOR THE NEXT 3 AND A HALF WEEKS.

The point being: "tethering am gude."

I guess I am done with T-mobile. I have waited over 2years for 3g and now that we get it, no decent pda phones. G1 tethering and bandwidth caps at 1gb? Can't switch between GSM carriers. This is why crap is so over priced. The greed grouping trying so hard to limit us with some kind of proprietary junk...

later T-mobile. 2.5 years and I can't wait any longer. You have hurt my business for the last time.

Recently donated another 2 years of my existence to german-owned t-mobile by buying ($179) a G1 android. been a customer since '99, so you'd think i was due some loyalty in exchange for my loyalty. Not so with the big boys.....Called cust. serv. well in advance of my trip to Canada to obtain an unlock code from t-m. but it never came. e-mailed and it never came. got to canada & had to pay roaming. tried again via cust. serv. by then, was really mad. I found out from CA that I had been a few days (like 5) overdue in paying my bill so they didn't bother telling me that, they just ignored my request. Also never got my $25, $50?? for having my sister sign up for their shoddy service....Seems they're just a crappy company that doesn't keep their promises or take their customers seriously. They used to be the best, but a change took place......another change last year with them! ! !

I m trying to unlock my G1 but I do not get to screen to enter my pin and unlock code. If y have any idea what might be the cause or have any suggestions plz let me know.


Hi there, I was facing the unlocking problem in this handset since I have just purchased it but thanks to your helpful suggestion that I could solve my problem in few seconds. Thanks once again.

Quote from "anonymous"

Whatever you do, DONT try as they are useless. Do a Google search and see all the unhappy people who have been cheated by them.

Use anyone else but them, personally after being burnt by them I found an unlocker on Ebay called e-unlock. He was also half the price AND emailed the code in under 2 hours.