Amidst all the disappointing news in T-Mobile's Q1 financial results was one lone bright spot--a milestone reached: the T-Mobile G1 had finally passed the 1 Million units sold in the USA. And though many may think that the G1 selling a million units since October isn't big a deal, realize the circumstances--T-Mobile is the smallest carrier in the US, its 3G network has just begun to rollout, and well, that's a lot to overcome.

We commend the G1 for selling a million units and we welcome all you brand new Android users out there! Once T-Mobile brings in more Android devices, there'll surely be more good news to pass around.

[via tmonews]

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Wayne says:

And keep in mind that the G1 didn't become available in all markets until early this year...before that it was only available in the 3G markets.

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