They haven't forgot about us yet. The T-Mobile G1 just got a minor software update that includes "permission and bug fixes" for developers, none of the fixes should affect regular users' usage. So what we're assuming is that this software update is the minor one before Android 2.0 Donut gets released and then we'll get another minor one after Donut to fix bugs on Android 2.0. That makes three updates to Android for the rest of the year, as previously rumored.

How many of you guys got the minor T-Mobile G1 software update?


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T-Mobile G1 Gets a Minor Update


my girlfriend went to NY for the weekend and she texted me and said she got an update and didnt know what it was for. so i read this post and now i know.

Received my update earlier today and waited for new performance and was dissapointed to be honest that there was nothing new added but having read your article, looking forward to receiving the Donut update in the near future. Thanks for the updates and keep them coming.

I got the update yesterday and I think it also gave me on-screen keyboard while typing SMS messages. At least, that functionality wasn't there previously and I've just noticed I now have it!

keyboard while SMS(ing) was there before. One major thing you will notice is that your phone doesn't freeze up like before. Runs much smoother now. Other stuff is for developers.

I'm not sure if this is new or not, but Maps now shows your direction of travel based on GPS. Is this new or have I not been paying attention

Received my minor update this morning surprisingly. The entire operation of the phone is much more bumpy interphase, and nice transitioning.. the G1 just can't be matched,,,it's a game changer and an iphone destroyer. Keep up the good work.

got mine today July 19th, the update... it says its Android 1.5? I decided to check here, thanks androidcentral. They should make it say 1.51 though, as it looks kind of sketchy since I already had 1.5.

I'm on Edge usually :/ and I got it near a major suburb if anyone is wanting feedback as to why they haven't got it yet...

It was waiting for me this morning when I woke. I think the build number is different, now says 'CRC1' But I could be wrong. Other than that it is 'snappier'... Cheers

Got my update a few minutes ago while on a casino floor in Las Vegas. Updated and now I get an error. Something about android.process.acore or it only happens when the phone reboots. Anyone have any ideas?

Just rebooted and the error says, "process android.process.acore is not responding" and then I have the choice of force close or wait. My guess is an app is the problem because my roommates phone is fine. Now I just have to figure out which app. Any ideas?

Noticed my phone had the update prompt when i first looked at my phone this morning. Installed and no errors on reboot.

Sadly, this update doesn't fix the bug that cupcake introduced with regards to properly detecting head phone insertion if you're using a combination 3.5mm audio jack / power / usb headset adaptor.

Someone posted a two line patch to the appropriate Android service to fix this a couple of months back. It's a pity that Google/T-Mobile didn't include it in this update.

I got my update today @ 11:25 A.M july 20 I thought there was jus an use less update because I haven't noticed anything but now I know since I've reed this post can someone tell me wats gonna be in the dounut update

I got the update and suddenly my gmail is not syncing & keeps needing to force close. It does nothing when opening the first time (just shows stagnant refresh arrows when I try to refresh.) But after a little while & another refresh attempt gets, "The process has stopped unexpectedly."

I've rebooted, incl taking out & replacing the card. no change.

when I had the 1.1 firmware everything was fine. Now with 1.5 whenever I send a new SMS it puts the "To" address in twice automatically ( you can't change it ) and it sends the message twice. This is not intermittent, happens every single time. I repeat, this did not occur in old firmware.