If you didn't cash in on the Amazon T-Mobile G1 deal, you're in luck. It's even cheaper at Costco. For only $79.99 you can get your hands on a T-Mobile G1! Yep, that's $100 off. Costco is offering the deal via the manufacturer's coupon shown above. That's just an amazing price to get your hand on a powerful, innovative smartphone.

We had originally believed that the Amazon could not be beat, but Costco proved us wrong. Do you guys think the price for the T-Mobile G1 can go any lower?

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T-Mobile G1 $79.99 at Costco, $100 OFF!


This is most certainly a case of "too goo to be true."

I had been looking at getting a G1 for a little while now, and this convinced me to take the plunge. My wife is at a Costco right now, and this is merely the same subsidized price you can get anywhere else. It costs $280, but if you sign up for a two-year contract, you get "$100 off," putting it at the $180 price point we're all familiar with. It's still a slightly better deal than going into a tMobile store or Best Buy or whatever, because they toss in a Bluetooth headset, case, and car charger, but it's a long shot from the amazing deal it looked like in the coupon book.

You know what the tipoff should have been? There's no barcode on the back of the coupon like most of Costco's coupons. With a deal as astounding as this looked to be, wouldn't you think they'd want tight controls on how many of the things they wanted floating around?

A friend of mine is raging and fuming right now because he ran into the same situation as described in the previous comment.

The mechanism is "Oh, this is not $100 off $180, it's $100 off the MSRP, which is $280".

Baid and switch, I say.

Yesterday, in SLC Utah, the total out the door price was $129.99 + taxes after the $100 off MSRP. They did throw in a free car charger and Bluetooth headset. They also waived the activation fee. The Walmart and Amazon version of this deal require a $39.99/month and above plan but I was able to get a basic $29.99/month plan.