Starting June 5th, T-Mobile is going to drop the price of the T-Mobile G1 to $149.99 with new activation. This is a $30 price drop from the $179.99 price point the G1 launched with. Could this be a sign of clearing out inventory for the next onslaught of Android devices?

And though it's a significant discount from T-Mobile, we still recommend any potential G1 customer to head towards Amazon: they're still offering the T-Mobile G1 for $97.99 with new activation.

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T-Mobile to Drop Price of T-Mobile G1 to $149.99


Its great that the price is dropping for the phone, hopefully (fingers crossed) this means new android devices are coming soon. As a T-Mobile employee I would shy away from the site recommending other places to purchase T-Mobile phones, although the deals are great they tend to not have a warranty. I see this day in and day out customers who are upset because they purchased there device from a 3rd party and it doesn't carry a warranty. I am not saying this is always true, just that it is a possiblity and I would much rather get a new device with a full warranty for $50 more then end up having to pay $400 for a brand new phone if my speaker blows out (not a common occurence just an example). Then again if you get PHP insurance who cares your covered no matter what.

Is it no wonder warranties are one of the biggest moneymakers for companies? From Best Buy to car dealerships. It's basically insurance. I'd rather just get a good deal on a phone, and go without warranty, esp it' if it's almost 1/3 or 1/4 of the cost of the whole device. Plus who knows what the fine print is about what is covered and not covered under warranty. As a consumer I say Amazon is a reputable dealer with good prices. Personally I'm waiting for a sleeker android device like the HTC Magic or Samsung i7500 to come to the U.S.

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