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Along with a complete restructuring to remove contracts with its 'Simple Choice' plans, T-Mobile is also consolidating its prepaid plans to fall into line. Previously a distinctly separate business for T-Mobile under the "Monthly 4G" branding, the magenta carrier's prepaid plans are now available at each of the same tiers as the Simple Choice plans. $50, $60 or $70 monthly will get you unlimited talk and text along with 500MB, 2.5GB or unlimited unthrottled data, respectively. Previously, the $60 plan offered 2GB of data and the $50 plan an awkwardly low 100MB of data.

One thing that hasn't changed in its prepaid offerings are the lower level of plans, of which there are still several options. T-Mobile still offers the somewhat-famous $30 prepaid plan with 100 minutes and 5GB of full-speed data, as well as the other $30 plan at 1500 minutes and 30MB of data. There are still "pay as you go" plans with rates between $10 and $100 for minute-only plans, as well as "pay by the day" plans at $3/day for unlimited talk, text and web or $2/day for the same restricted to 2G speeds.

It's actually unclear at this point what distinction -- if any -- will be made between its primary and prepaid plans going forward, and we wouldn't at all be surprised to see stand-alone prepaid plans go away for all but the lowest tiers. There's little to no reason for the current duplication of $50, $60 and $70 plans, and they're likely to slowly fade away as the two sets of plans integrate.

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T-Mobile consolidates prepaid plans, drops 'Monthly 4G' moniker


+1000 I sat here for like 15 minutes pouring through their whole site and couldn't find them. Thanks a ton for pointing that out!

Actually it's there but not obvious at all.
It's at the bottom right of tmobile.com and called "PAY IN ADVANCE" (magenta box).

Thanks for the link though!

I do like T-Mobiles Prepaid plans and IF T-Mobile actually had good coverage in my area of Massachusetts, I would jump to T-Mobile's Pay-as-you-go plan in a heart beat. Over time it would save me money. But coverage is the most important thing in picking a carrier and they simply have no coverage in my area right now. So I will have to stick with AT&T.

If your not in an AT&T contract you can look to getting with an MVNO (mobile virtual network operator) that uses AT&T SIM cards. Like say Net10 or H2O wireless. It really depends on what you use the phone plan for.

I am even more confused about T-Mobile carrier plans than ever before. I'll just not do anything yet until they actually make it simple like they are implying.

Were a partner of tmobile, we do make it simple, unlimited voice text and data for $49/month, no contract switch before the 11th of oct. Your first month is only $29 youz can use any gsm phone and port your number. Contact me for more info if interested

I do like the pay pre day as a Canadian, Go down for a Vacation for one week, swap in my Tmobile card into my nexus $3 gives me everything I need especially for navigation that high speed sure does help !

Thank You T-Mo..
For keeping the $30.00 100 min / unlimited txt / unlimited web.
My Unlocked Galaxy Note loves you for that.. And my wallet loves you even more.
$360.00 for 1 year worth of service.. Heaven :-) Need more calling minutes some months? That's what Google Voice is for! :-)
I can't believe I was paying AT&Ripoff $96.48 a Month for a lousy 450 min plan.. Well.. That's been over a half a year ago now... T-Mo your moving on up with this new system of yours and the rollout of your LTE Network.. Wow.. it is 2013.

Both my wife and I are on the $30 plan with Nexus 4 and I'm loving the savings. What's even better is that T-Mo is actually worlds better than Sprint in San Diego so I upgraded my service significantly while paying a lot less.

As for the 100 minute limit, there's always Google Voice and other VoIP alternatives (and Skype, Tango, etc...), but for those who don't want to bother setting it up, you can always add extra money into your prepaid account so that you'll automatically pay overage (@10 cents per minute) if you go beyond the 100 minute allotment. While T-Mo's new plans are decent, the $30 pre-paid plan is unbeatable for light callers or VoIP users.

I spoke with T-Mobile representatives about why someone would choose Postpaid vs Prepaid:

1. Post-paid plans can apply corporate discounts.
2. Post-paid plans have EIT (you can finance your phone purchase)

BTW, even if you bring your phone they still need to run a credit check if you want Postpaid. I guess they need to make sure you can pay since you are using the service prior to paying.

The credit check can only be run by telesales or in-store, no chat.

T-Mo $30 plan is great.. I just keep an extra $15 on the account in case I run over on minutes and it just deducts what I used at my next refill. I rarely go over 200 minutes so my monthly bill is usually between $30-$40 a month.

These new plans just don't make a lot of sense to me honestly. At the very least their pricing on the Nexus 4 is ridiculous. $507.99 Contract free, or $49.99+$17 ) for 24 months ($457.99 total. Why would you pay that when you can buy it for $349 unlocked, and be able to use a cheaper plan on pre-paid?

The Nexus 4 is different from most of the phones.. Google subsidizes the Nexus 4 when you purchase it on Google Play. T-Mobile doesn't subsidize it therefore it costs the customer more. Yes you are better off just buying it from google and then tossing your sim in it :)

Hi mrjedi, I just wanted to chime in and say we're a partner of tmobile and we offer something a bit easier, unlimited voice text and data for onky $49/month, no contract or credit check. No overage charges as its unlimited, no worries to put extra money into an account. If you're interested let me know

I'll ask here just in case someone who knows the answer is reading . . . I'm really attracted to these rates, but I'm in a pretty large "service partner" coverage area on their map; I can't find an explanation as to whether this means roaming or poor coverage or what. I'm guessing it means I'm out of luck and probably shouldn't try, I know I could call Tmo, but I just thought I'd ask. Thanks

Anyone planning to switch should do thier homework before jumping on the bandwagon. Everyplan but the unlimited has throttled service. Also account for the amount of phone insurance as it will be required, If you dont have insurance and u are taking the payment plan route the charge from the first phone will not come off until its paid for. Meaning you could end up with a extra 20/month for two years from dropping ur phone. Even if you no longer have it. The irony in the CEO saying to cut out the BS when its obvious they can nickle and dime much better with this method

Actually guys. This Is all wrong tmobile
Is doing away with unlimited data on prepaid

The link is an official T-Mobile page explaining plans

It sucks because old plans are not grandfathered in
And the $30 plan is dead. See for yourself

Looks like I'm back to virgin mobile this sucks

Just thought I'd post and let everyone know that this comment isn't true. I just signed up for the $30/month 100min + unlimited text + 5gb of 4g plan 2 days ago and it works flawlessly. The workers at the store and most of the phone reps have no idea about this plan though so best to order a micro sim kit and activate it yourself on a new handset :) The reps were so jealous when I told them about it.

Just go with tmobiles partner, we offer unlimited voice text and data for $49/month no contract. Simple! :) if interested, let me know